Is Pharma Marketing a Lot of BS? The Marketer as Bullshit Artist
BS Chart After watching a “60 Minutes” show that featured a story on a book titled “On Bullshit,” I just had to go out and get the last copy in my local bookstore, especially since the commentary also noted some of the notorious sources of bullshit, including marketing.

The book, which is a bit tongue-in-cheek, is written by a Princeton University professor of philosophy and is only 67 pages long. The author, who is well-known in academic philosophy circles but probably unknown to you, makes a distinction between liars and bullshitters. In which category are marketers? What are some noteworthy examples of pharmaceutical marketing bullshit? How does marketing bullshit hurt the industry?

Topic headings include:

  • Carefully Wrought Bullshit
  • The Essence of Bullshit
  • All Brands are Bullshit
  • The Marketer as Bullshit Artist
  • Why Is There So Much Bullshit?

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 5: May 2005
Word Count: 1166

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