A Call to Action A Mea Non Culpa by Big Pharma
A review of the book “A Call to Action” by Pfizer CEO Dr. Hank McKinnell. This review focuses on the 10 action items McKinnell promulgates. Notwithstanding an Amazon.com review of the book written by Peter Rost — Pfizer’s whistleblowing head of endocrine care marketing unit — in which McKinnell is described as making “an impressive mea culpa,” this book is actually a mea non culpa! Find out why..

Topics covered include:

  • Important Questions Answered
  • One Refreshing Departure from the Party Line
  • Defending DTC
  • A Call to Action Starts Here

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 7: July/August 2005
Word Count: 1553

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