e-Inertia Plagues the Pharma Industry Pharma Marketing Roundtable Members Discuss ePharma Marketing
eMarketer, which aggregates and analyzes data from over 2,000 sources, reports that the auto industry-the largest advertiser in the world-spent 2.5% of its advertising budget online in 2005 (excluding search). In comparison, the top 13 pharmaceutical advertisers in the US spent only about 1.2% of their ad budgets online according to Advertising Age.

To make sense of all these numbers and understand where pharma online spending may be heading in the future, Pharma Marketing News recently hosted a Pharma Marketing Roundtable discussion of the issues.

Topics covered include:

  • Tipping Point or Slump?
  • The Importance of Search Advertising
  • Leading ePharma Companies
  • Regulation Causes Inertia
  • Spending on Magazine Ads Increases
  • Innovative ePharma Marketing
  • Online Consumer Education Not Measured
  • Experts Divided On Internet Ad Spending
  • New Technologies: Blogs and Podcasts
  • Podcasts Gaining Traction
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Social Networking vs. Market Research
  • The Future: Final Words

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Issue: Vol. 5, No. 9: October 2006
Word Count: 4601

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