Current Issues and Future Prospects for Sales Force Effectiveness Training to Adapt

SFEThere is no doubt that the face of pharmaceutical sales is going to change in the next five years. With more than one rep per physician, the industry has seen a 25% drop in call productivity over the past 5 years, down a whopping 23% in 2004 alone. Although difficult to give precise numbers, many authorities estimate that the total number of medical sales professionals will drop from a peak of 110,000 in recent years to about 70-80,000 in the next five years. Gone are the days of throwing large numbers of sales professionals at physicians trying to sell the newest product and achieve the needed new scripts and market share.

The industry will have to adapt its sales model to meet the new challenges ahead. This article offers insights on the new sales model and how to achieve it from pharma experts who presented at a recent eyeforpharma Sales Force Effectiveness Summit.

Topics include:

  • Sales Force Reduction is in Progress
  • Adapt to the New Reality
  • Role of Technology and Sales Training
  • The New Sales Model
  • TNS Healthcare Survey of What Physicians Value
  • Low Morale Leads to Low Productivity
  • Need to Counteract Negative Public Opinion
  • A New Value Proposition
  • Sales Professional Still Best Way to Deliver Value
  • Focus on the Right Success Metrics

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Issue: Vol. 7, No. 7: September 2008
Word Count: 2550

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