From Nalty to “Nalts” The Transformation of a Pharma Marketing Director into a “Viral Video Genius”

Nalts LogoWhile Kevin Nalty worked during the day as Con-sumer Product Director at Merck, where he marketed Propecia, at night and on weekends he was making videos in and around his hometown of Doylestown, PA. No one seemed to be the wiser until he was “outed” in a May 3, 2009, MediaWeek article about YouTube’s “placement police.”

This is a story of one man’s experience that gives us some insight into whether or not a traditional pharmaceutical company can tolerate the creative thinking required for it to engage in social media marketing.

Topic headings include:

  • Serious Marketing Director by Day
  • “Sophomoric” YouTube Star by Night
  • The Fart Heard Round the Merck World!
  • ADHD Boy
  • Colleague Sucked Away His Will to Live
  • Kevin Nalty Appointed Chief Strategy Officer, HITVIEWS
  • Spoof of Brand Name Drug Ads
  • Nalt’s ADHD Affects His Work at J&J
  • Suppression of Creativity
  • Enlightened Stupid Marketer

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 5: May 2009
Word Count: 3080

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