Pharmaceutical Market Access 2010 Strategic Developments Impacting the US, EU, and Emerging Markets

Map ManIt’s no secret that the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are confronting significant short-term and long-term financial challenges that range from generic competition, upcoming patent expirations, and pending healthcare legislation and reforms in both the US and EU. These challenges are forcing the industry to “rethink” everything from R&D to Marketing.

“Future revenue growth in the US and EU will be limited,” said Stephen Potts, KantarHealth Regional Director, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, during a recent webinar entitled Pharmaceutical Market Access 2010. “Pharma and biotech companies are looking to emerging market opportunities in Brazil, Russia, India, and China (i.e., BRIC) to drive future business,” said Potts. “The EU is wrestling with the cost effectiveness of treatments and working through key changes in important regulatory processes. In addition, US healthcare reforms and pending legislation are pointing to universal coverage or the emergence of a ‘national plan’.”

What does this all mean for patients, physicians, payers, and pharmaceutical/biotech manufacturers especially as payer actions and priorities converge across borders? Potts and his co-speakers — Lee Blansett, KantarHealth Senior Vice President, Oncology Market Access and Susanne Michel MD, KantarHealth Head of Global Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement — addressed those questions during the webinar. This article presents a summary of the webinar.

Topic headings include:

  • The Shifting Center of World Markets
  • Access to Emerging Markets
  • Defining Ghostwriting
  • Trouble and Turmoil in the US Market
  • A Rise in Cost Consciousness
  • The UK Side of the Pond

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 9: October 2009
Word Count: 2755

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