Article Summaries

The Expanding Pharma Blogosphere

Although the pharmaceutical industry is slow to adopt blogging for PR purposes or otherwise, its critics and supporters alike are flocking to the blogosphere to make their voices heard. Currently, about 30 blogs are listed as honorary members of the Pharma Blogosphere. This article introduces you to several of these blogs, what motivates their authors, and what the pharmaceutical industry response, if any, should be.

Topics covered include:

  • First Ever Pharma Blogosphere Survey
  • All Things Pharma Considered
  • Men Reign in the Pharma Blogoaphere
  • Journalist Bloggers
  • Beating the Journalist Bloggers
  • Anonymous Bloggers and Censorship
  • Too Many Bloggers Covering the Same Issues?
  • Pharma Industry Response
  • How Not To Do a Pharma Blog

Surfing the eMarketing Big One!

For Pharma marketers, the “Big One” is the Boomer population curve with the economic potential that it represents. A key question is: “Are we ready for it?”

Topics covered include:

  • The Big Boom
  • Pharma Restraint
  • Throw Out the Plans
  • User-Generated Wisdom
  • eRecruitment
  • ComScore Study
  • Web 2.0 Video Prospects
  • Tell Powerful Stories

Social Network Marketing: The Wisdom of the Crowd

Highlights from the first ever live podcast from a pharmaceutical industry conference. The podcast was one of the biweekly Pharma Marketing Talk shows hosted by John Mack, publisher and editor of Pharma Marketing News. Each show features interviews with leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing.

Experts Interviewed:

  • Mark Bard, CEO of Manhattan Research
  • Fard Johnmar, blogger and Founder of Envision Solutions, LLC

What’s Next vs. What’s Best

Harry Sweeney reports on the recent Pharmaceutical Brand Leadership conference held in Chicago. The article covers presentations on branding, marketing “Negative Goods,” the Boomer Wave, unrefuted industry criticism, and other issues impacting the future of the pharmaceutical industry.


  • The Compliance Thicket
  • Leadership Matters
  • Brands as Emotional Properties
  • Marketing “Negative Goods”
  • The Boomer Wave
  • New Media Enters the Mix
  • Unrefuted Criticism Causes Distrust of Industry
  • Science is a Target Too
  • Post Election Issues: Pharma Will Be the New Halliburton
  • Defensive Advertising
  • Tell Product Stories

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