Vol. 10, Issue No. 2: 19 JANUARY 2011 – EXECUTIVE SUMMARYDeal with Lack of Regulations by Developing Best Practices Pharma’s interest in social media is a global phenomenon.

Confused SignsI’ve traveled to the UK and Germany in the past year to present at conferences about what’s happening on the pharmaceutical social media front here in the U.S. and its impact on pharmaceutical marketing elsewhere in the world.

My next trip to Europe will be to Milano, Italy, where I will speak at the 6th Annual Pharma Marketing & Branding Excellence conference on January 25.

The title of my presentation is “A Social Media Strategy: Deal with Regulations, Develop Best Practices.” When I came up with that title, I was pretty sure the FDA would have issued some guidance on social media regulations before I would make my presentation. Now, however, it appears that there will be nothing that pharma needs to deal with in terms of complying with FDA’s written regulatory guidance because there is none. So, the industry must continue to deal with a LACK of guidance. That’s fine, because guidance or no guidance, best practices in social media communications is still evolving and there will be plenty for me to talk about.

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Strategies for Marketing Compliance A Few Thoughts from a Physician’s Point of View

According to the analysts at Gartner, it is possible that a life science company will be fined $1 billion for marketing non-compliance this year.

All pharma companies face a communications crisis that rests on the changing role of the medical sales representative. This evolution has a direct impact on the obligations of the pharma marketing organizations to be both proactive and responsive in helping to protect their organizations from the threat of non-compliance.

What can marketing do? This article offers a few thoughts from a physician’s point of view, written by Jonathan Sackier, M.B., Ch.B., FRCS, FACS who is a regular blogger at www.goodpromotionalpractices.com.

Topics include:

  • Pharma Behaving Badly
  • Good Corporate Citizens All
  • A “Reasonable” $600 Million Fine
  • TABLE: Top 2010 pharmaceutical and medical device settlements relating to off-label marketing.
  • Will 2011 Be DOJ Fine Free?
  • 4 Strategies for Compliance
  • Close the Gap Caused by Downsizing

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Getting Market Research Right in India & China Emerging Trends

India-China CollageThis is the last in a series of three articles highlighting points made by Kantar Health executives in a recent webinar titled, “Getting It Right in the Emerging Markets: Identifying the opportunities and avoiding the pitfalls in conducting market research in new geographies.”

This article delves more deeply into the specifics of market research in India and China.

Topics include:

  • Focus on India
    • Shift to Patient-Centric Activity Urged
    • Shifting Disease Patterns Requires New Product Portfolios and New Skills
    • Heart Disease & Obesity Statistics for India
    • India’s Healthcare Infrastructure
    • India & Intellectual Property Issues
    • Health Insurance in India
    • India Market Research Case Studies

  • Focus on China
    • China’s Five-Pillar Framework
    • FIGURE: Key Drivers of China Healthcare in the Next 3 Years
    • TABLE: Differences in Attitudes & Beliefs of Sufferers in China and Japan

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