I am getting excited about presenting at the upcoming DigiPharm Europe 2010 conference in London at the end of September mostly because I will be meeting several pharma people who are doing digital marketing in Europe! One of these people is Alex Butler who is Digital Strategy and Social Media Manager at Janssen-Cilag.

You can tell that Alex is immersed in communication and social media just be looking at his email signature, which I reproduce below (without revealing his personal phone and email address):

I need to update my sig file to look more like this!

I first learned about Alex when I asked people to nominate candidates for the Pharmaguy Social Media Award (learn more about that here).

Alex’s signature says it all, or ALMOST all. There is a lot more to learn about Alex and what he is doing over there in the UK! To learn more about Alex and the other speakers at the DigiPharm Europe 2010 conference, I invited them to participate in my Pharma Marketing BlogTalkRadio show on September 8, 2010. See “DigiPharm’s EU ePharma Pioneers: Doing More with Less” for more information about listening to and participating in that show.

My presentation, entitled “New Rules for New Media: A Funny Think Happened While Waiting for FDA Guidance”, will be on Thursday, September 30 (see here).

My newsletter — Pharma Marketing News — is a Media Partner for this conference.