Yes, it’s FDA Intern! Strange visitor from an Ivy League school who came to FDA with powers and ability far beyond those of Janet Woodcock or even FDA commish Andy von Eschenbach!

FDA Intern! Who can change the course of mighty clinical trials, approve drug ads faster than a speeding bullet, jump through Congressional Subcommittee hoops of fire and ire, and who disguised as Emily Jameson (no relation to Jenna Jameson), mild-mannered intern for a great regulatory agency, fights a never ending battle for fast-track drug approvals, pharmaceutical company user fees, and the FDA way!


Like most FDA employees these days, FDA Intern has had problems with her paycheck and also with the direction that the FDA has taken in the dark years under the Bush administration. And like most Americans, she yearns for a change she can believe in!

One change that she may be able to help bring about is the selection of a new FDA commissioner. We join FDA Intern as she reviews past Congressional testimony for likely candidates to fill the role of commissioner.

*Creepy Andy: you might recall episode #3 when FDA Intern hinted of hanky-panky in von Eschenbach’s office (see “FDA Intern Gets Her Bonus!“).

Click on image to enlarge for better reading.

Click on image to enlarge for better reading.

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