There’s more and more information coming my way about Obama’s and McCain’s views on healthcare and other issues of importance to the pharmaceutical industry.

I have been keeping track of this and posting information to a special discussion forum devoted to the presidential campaign: 2008 Presidential Election News & Views.

If you register at the site — choose a username and password, you can subscribe to the forum (click on “Forum Tools” to view dropdown box of options) and get notified by email daily or weekly to keep track of new posts made to the forum. Other registered users or site visitors will not see your email address. You control all the information that is in your public profile.

But you do not have to register on the site to post your opinions. You can make posts to this forum as a guest WITHOUT registering. That way, nobody will know who you are.

So, please post your own stories, sources of information, and opinions to this forum. Just keep it relevant to the political issues of importance to the pharmaceutical industry.

P.S. You can also participate in my McCain vs. Obama Survey and give me your opinions anonymously. Just one simple question: Who do you intend to vote for? After completing this survey, you can see the aggregated, de-identified results. If you were undecided before and now have made up you mind, you can go back and change your answer!