Recently, Kevin Nalty — a Merck dermatology marketing executive — was “outed” as “Nalts,” the prolific YouTube videographer who sometimes spoofs medical conditions like Adult ADHD (see “Kevin Nalty, Merck Marketing Director, Exposed as ‘ADHD Boy!’“).

I’ve subscribed to Nalts’ YouTube page and have been seeking out other videos he produced that might be relevant to the pharma world. Nalts’ wildly popular “farting in public” video doesn’t qualify as phrama related unless there is a drug for that; and for a drug to be developed for farting in public, some physician would have to give it a serious-sounding medical name like “Public Flatulence Syndrome” or PFS.

But enough about farting!

Today, I found a Nalts video in which he stepped out of his YouTube “Nalts” persona and spoke as the real Kevin Nalty employed by a fortune 100 company, which he does not name. In the video he speaks about a recent job review in which he was criticized for saying something derogatory about a co-worker (ie, another Merck employee, I assume).

“My boss quoted me in my review, which was otherwise very positive,” said Nalts/Nalty, “and said that what didn’t reflect well about my leadership was the following quote. I said about somebody we work with that he sucked away my will to live!”

“I agree that I probably shouldn’t have said that about somebody I work with,” admitted Nalty. “I kind of dig the guy now, but at that point [in time] he did suck away my will to live. Sometimes, you got to call it like it is.”

“For the most part, people I work with are indifferent or oblivious of my video thing,” Nalts admits in the video. “Hopefully, this video won’t make it around the office.” Whoops! Sorry, Kevin! As you said to me in a comment to the above cited post, “That’s not me. That’s my evil twin. … I think this drama will roll over unless Mack gets a hold of it.”

In closing, Nalts asks: “Who sucks away YOUR will to live?”

P.S. Nalty is scheduled to present at ExL Pharma’s 4th Pharmaceutical Relationship Marketing & Sales Congress in Princeton, NJ, on Wednesday, May 20, 2009, at 2:15 PM. His topic is “How to Efficiently Acquire Qualified Consumer Leads For RM Programs.” I hope to be there and have a chat with him.