Kevin Nalts (aka Kevin Nalty, former Merck Marketing Director), self-proclaimed YouTube comedian and “viral video genius,” revealed to me a video piece he did about a year ago that remained private (restricted access) until just recently.

The video, entitled “Enlightened Stupid Marketer,” was “inspired by some comments from someone that spoke at a Florida conference, but some of my colleagues took offense of it,” said Nalts.

In his video notes, Nalts says “This educational video helps you understand the mind of a marketer, and what shapes our decision making, workplace behavior and marketing mix. Can you become a marketer, or are they born? Find the answer you’ve long sought.”

“A non-marketer might be looking at this and saying, ‘Stupid Marketer…isn’t that an oxymoron,” says Nalts in the video.

“I say no, because there are stupid marketers and there are enlightened stupid marketers. Enlightened stupid marketers are at a fork in the road. Keep being stupid or be stupid but conceal that fact. I have several proven strategies for this.” He then goes on to share those strategies, which are hilarious. You might just be a enlightened stupid marketer if you employ one or more of these strategies.

Here’s the video:

Some of the 274 comments to this video (made a year ago, before the video was pulled) include:

“I too am an enlightened stupid marketer- and this seriously made my day- because I work with way too many people who say and do these things all the time!”

“ooh.. i am getting my business management degree in 3 months.. you discourage me from being a marketer “

“nalts.. your job wears you down.. you need a psychiatrist. damn. marketers are dumb.. all theory and shit.. too much theory “

“Something akin to cultivating ubiquitous methodologies with relation to extending interactive portals – so to speak, scaling killer convergence while proactively seizing viral markets and, with all things being equal, generating revolutionary mindshare. Five out of five!”

“A traveling salesman can always say, “At least I didn’t have to live my life in the dreary shadows and quiet desperation of ‘marketing’ and of attending meetings with ‘enlightened’ marketeers speaking with the voice of the customer to drive customer value to the dashboard of executive insight.””

“Nalts, my friend, you have the Wallenda Factor of Powerful punditry for growing the product with your ideas of solid benchmarking to achieve best practices. Your core competences will declutter the bottom line.”

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Nalts is the John Cleese of Marketing!
Nalts is on his way to becoming the John Cleese (former member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus) of marketing. I see his career as a motivational marketing speaker blossoming. He should be hired by Merck and J&J and every other big pharma company to come in and give marketing teams a dose of reality via humor, just like John Cleese does in his business training videos!

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