Allergan is beginning an aggressive sales blitz for Kybella, the first injectable treatment for what the medical industry terms “submental fat.”

The first stage of the “blitz” is focused on dermatologists, the specialist physicians most likely to profit greatly from the use of Kybella by focusing on women.

If you do an image search on “Kybella” you’ll find many images like the ones shown here currently being used by dermatologists in their online marketing (click on the collage for an enlarged view).

The images are undoubtedly supplied by Allergen to its physician clients. All are of about the same size and format.

“We own the face,” said Philippe Schaison, President US Medical at Allergan (click “Read more” below). Recall that Allergan also markets Botox using happy faces of woman (see, for example, “Botox BS Piled Higher and Deeper“). Imagine if the merger deal between Allergen and Pfizer went through! What would the Viagra ads have looked like?