PharmaGuy (aka John Mack, me) will present at the Roche “Digital Academy” in June, 2013. The Digital Academy is a project that has enrolled over 80 Roche employees who will participate in a 6-month Master Course of study created in collaboration with the School of Communication IULM in Milan, Italy. Here’s my pitch:

Davide Bottalico, MD, Marketing Manager Digital Area, Roche Italy, heads the Roche Digital Academy team shown in the photo on left (Davide, center).

“One of the most common mistakes,” says the Roche Digital team, “is to believe that anyone within
a company can take care of digital communication. This is a particularly bad mistake for pharmaceutical companies that operate under specific legal and regulatory restrictions.”

“Aware of the strategic role as well as of the delicate processes behind digital marketing, Roche has kicked off the ‘Digital Academy’ in Milan, Italy. The Academy aims to provide the skills needed to translate the ‘revolutionary logic of network relations into business opportunities.'”

The course includes more than 100 hours of classroom lessons, project works and case studies. It also provides lessons on the main tools, dynamics of the web and skills needed to manage digital communications and marketing.

“The initiative welcomes the presence and experience of various companies, external partners, agencies, and individuals such as PharmaGuy, who will share their expertise and case studies of excellence.”

The Master Course ends with “Graduation Day” at the IULM University, Milan.

“Study and analysis of the world of web and social media are prerequisites to pave the way for the potential that the new media represent for companies who know how to seize opportunities,” says the Roche team. “With this important investment in the education of its employees, Roche wants to be a pioneer in the digital marketing space.”

Roche Digital Academy – Key Numbers:

  • 81 Learners
  • 11 Lecturers (among Academics and Professionals) 
  • 15 Partners: Educom – Axenso – Vidiemme – Synesis-Mccann – Argon –
    Cegedim-zanox – AboutPharma – AdnKronos-Altran – ZS – Elsevier-Energy
  • 1 University of excellence partner: School of Communication IULM, Milan
  • 1 Prestige consultant: the Digital Strategist Paola Peretti, author of the book
  • 127 hours: 60 hours of classroom lessons + 9 hours of Project Work (for 5 groups) + 22 hours of case study
  • and…

One Pharmaguy 🙂

Disclosure: I have received a fee from the organizers to make a presentation as part of the Roche Digital Academy.