I’ve often commented on the bees, beavers, moths, and other “critters” seen in direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA). Usually, like you, I wonder why pharma marketers use animated animals and icons rather than real people. Maybe it’s because bad things can happen to people who do not take their medication and it’s better to show that with icons.

Take, for example, the balloon people in Enablex ads who explode due to overactive bladders, which happened to this poor gal at a high school reunion:

Of course, all ends well for the balloon people who ask their doctors about Enablex and fill their prescriptions for the drug, which doctors will prescribe 80% of the time that they are asked about brand name drugs.

Here’s Mr. and Mrs. Balloon enjoying a quiet evening at home, where all seems well:

BUT, most DTC watchers would be surprised to see what’s happening upstairs behind the closed door of Ms. teenager Balloon who is entertaining her boy friends. Luckily, even balloons wear protection:

Hat tip to PharmaGossip for the “Squeaky” video.