“A reporter in Times Square gathered over 200 random people and allowed them to try Thera Max™ Cold and Flu right on the spot. The results provided would give a non-biased, random and unscripted evaluation of the product and the results it provided. The overall consensus was, ‘It really works.'”

According to the press release (read it here) this was the result of “A Social Media Strategy in Times Square [that] Boasts Great Results for TheraMax Cold and Flu.”

What’s the social media component? Videos from the TheraMax “No Cold Here — Times Square, NYC” promotion have been uploaded to the Thera Max Facebook and YouTube pages.

Luckily, this social media “strategy” hasn’t garnered very many views on YouTube (see video here). There have been only 148 views so far and half of them were by me!

I say “luckily” for a couple of reasons:

  1. The claims of efficacy made in the video for this “homeopathic remedy of ingredients pre-approved by the FDA” are shameful. “Awesome”, “no nasal congestion here.” etc. No wonder Rx drug marketers have social media envy! 
  2. The “random people” trip all over themselves trying to promote the product as if they were auditioning for a TV ad spot! Wait! They ARE auditioning! “On February 1, 2012, one Grand Prize Winner will be selected at random to receive a TheraMax customized iPad2,” says the press release!

I don’t have the stomach to see what’s happening on the Facebook page!

The following montage of frames from the video demonstrate the depths to which some people will stoop for a chance to star on YouTube and win a lousy iPad2!