No, I’m not agreeing with Rich Meyer (@richmeyer) that Twitter is only good for PR. PR people may be the “dogs” in “dog and pony” shows, but they are not really dogs.

I’m wondering if Twitter can be used to inform dog owners about medications for their pets and how that may be regulated by the FDA.

Why do I wonder about this? For one thing, I see that Imran Haque, Director eBusiness Strategy and Inside Sales, Pfizer Animal Health, will be the last speaker at eyeforpharma’s 4th Annual eCommunications & Online Marketing Summit in November, 2009. [I’ll be a panel member at this conference and Pharma Marketing News is a Media Partner.]

Mr. Haque’s topic: “Developing a digital strategy for direct and indirect customers”

Very interesting. My little cartoon shows what a hypothetical “Pfizer_Dogs” Tweet might look like directed to and received by an “indirect customer.” I suppose FDA would think this Tweet violated its regulations, even if it’s a dog-to-dog communication.

All seriousness aside (as comedian Steve Allen would say), I am curious about what Mr. Haque has to say on the subject. Perhaps he will be a guest on my planned Pharma Marketing Talk show scheduled for October 13. More on that later.