“Hey y’all, I’m Paula Deen and these are my sons Bobby and Jamie,” says Paula Deen, Novo Nordisk’s Victoza diabetes drug spokesperson, in a new video designed to solicit personal stories for a chance to “walk in Paula’s footsteps this year.” It’s the launch of the Seeing Diabetes in a New Light® contest. Here’s a screen shot from the video (I couldn’t find a way to embed it — too bad; y’all go find it here):

There are so many similar contests soliciting diabetes stories from patients that you can hardly swing a cat on the Internet without hitting one, if y’all get my drift.

Here’s a contest for you:

How many times do Paula Deen and her sons say “y’all” in the Seeing Diabetes in a New Light contest video?
Only 1 time
About 3 to 5 times
More than 5 times but less than 10
10 times or more
I didn’t bother to count
I didn’t bother to view the video


The winner will be invited to spend a day with Pharmaguy™ in his home office in Newtown, PA. No expenses will be paid.

And these contests must be VERY popular! My podcast interview of Bruce Braughton, Vice President, Insulin Franchise for Sanofi U.S., about the “Diabetes Co-stars Casting Call” contest (here) has been listened to over 21,000 times since December 6, 2012. It gleaned more listens than any of my other 200 or so podcast interviews (see here).

It seems that y’all don’t have to be too creative or worry too much about targeting and such when marketing in the diabetes arena. Just find a celebrity with diabetes, pay her (and her children or spouse) well, launch a contest where the winner can schmooze with the celebrity, and voila! Y’all got ROI! By which I mean lots of responses, page views, video views, etc. Sales? I dunno…