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Strategic Partnerships & Alliances with CROs
Implementing Best Practices Towards Successful Outsourcing

September 19 – 20 , 2005 * Chicago, IL

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Key Speakers

Kathryn E. Smith, Executive Director, Business Development, PFIZER.
Roger J. Garceau, VP, Clinical Operations & Strategic Alignment, SANOFI-AVENTIS.
Ira C. Spector, VP, Clinical Trials Operations & Vice Chief, Operations, WYETH RESEARCH.
Arnaud Partiot, SVP, Clinical Research & Development, SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS.
Dr. Jan A. de Witt, VP, Strategic Relationship Management, QUINTILES TRANSNATIONAL.

Key Topics

  • Exploration of the Most Effective Methods to Improving Communications
  • Effective Relationship Building for Better, Longer-Lasting Relationships
  • Directing Contract Negotiation Towards Successful Partnerships & Alliances
  • Utilizing EDC & Alternative Technologies to Enhance Partnerships & Alliances
  • Investigating Offshoring and eSourcing Opportunities

Event Summary

Contract Research Organizations, or CROs, serve the healthcare industry by assisting pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to bring new medical products to market. They have evolved from providing limited outsourcing services in preclinical and clinical trials, and have become a full service industry that covers the entire drug development process. Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Companies seeking to outsource services look for specific qualities within their prospective partners: quality of service, flexibility, responsiveness, project management capabilities, ability to deliver patients, therapeutic area expertise, strong reputation and last, but not least, effective pricing.

As with any outsourcing relationship, there are many challenges that must be addressed in creating, negotiating, executing and managing these partnerships and alliances. Many companies find it increasingly difficult to get maximum value from their key partnerships and alliances, and others find that these relationships altogether. Despite the apparent challenges, data suggests that more and more companies- large and small- are implementing outsourcing programs as a part of a strategy to accelerate the discovery process, control development costs, exploit profitable niche markets and minimize time to market. This conference program will address the challenges that Sponsors and CROs are currently facing, and the best practices in managing these challenges through greater communication, relationship building through transparency, and shared risk.

Event contact

Keisha Babb
CGI Tower, 3rd Floor
St. Michael, Barbados
Tel :1.246.417.5413
Fax :1.888.844.4901
EMail : pharma@marcusevansbb.com

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