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Life Sciences Sales Forum – Recruiting & Training
Recruiting and retaining world class sales talent utilizing blended learning techniques

October 26 – 27 , 2005 * Philadelphia, PA

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Key Topics

  • Recruiting for sales management:internal vs. external recruitment
  • Creating cost-effective and time saving solutions on recruitment initiatives
  • Assuring the right match between new hires and vacancy
  • Moving beyond sales competencies to establish a high performance sales force
  • Circulating and Promoting your best talent to mitigate customer disruption

Event Summary

Within the life science industry, sales teams play a very important role in the dissemination of information regarding the various products and product portfolios that companies provide. Because of their close contact with customers, sales reps have a direct impact on revenues.

To be successful, sales reps in the life science market must be selected, trained and organized in a way that reflects the needs and expectations of scientific customers. Unlike many other industries, the consumer of pharmaceutical products, for the most part, are not decided upon by the user. It is the physician that decides which products the consumer will ultimately utilize.

While DTC campaigns have slightly changed and influenced the decision making process for consumers, with many consumers now taking a more active role in their healthcare and therapy choices, the overall decision for what to prescribe is up to the attending physician.

Therefore, there are two driving forces that this program must take into account – the recruiting of high-level sales talent, and the training of these individuals.

The program will focus on the recruiting and training portions, addressing the issues of retention within these two streams as well as help the recruiters to find and match the best individual for that particular territory. Because of the impact on the company’s bottom line, selecting the right sales people is a critical area that requires a lot of attention as well as it is important to have more effectiveness in developing the talented sales people.

Event contact

Keisha Babb
CGI Tower, 3rd Floor
St. Michael, Barbados
Tel :1.246.417.5413
Fax :1.888.844.4901
EMail : pharma@marcusevansbb.com

Visit the conference website for more information and to register.

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