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Pharma Marketing & Promotion: Reinforcing the Culture of Compliance
March 13 – 14, 2006 * Baltimore, MD

The number of regulations and guidances that now impact pharmaceutical companies is daunting. Judging whether a company is behaving in a compliant manner depends on the regulations themselves and the people being asked. New industry guidances, complex rules and regulations, increased regulatory scrutiny, and heightened competition are impacting marketing strategies on a number of levels. In addition, time, money, and resource prioritization coupled with multiple stakeholders who have different, and often conflicting, needs are the barriers the industry faces in terms of becoming more compliant.There has to be a balance between allowing industry to do what it does best-treating and curing disease – and ensuring responsible practice in communicating the results.

Key Topics:

  • Revising Corporate Compliance Programs To Meet Ever-Changing Pharma Marketing & Promotion Compliance
  • CME vs Promotion: Merging The Gray Areas Towards A Defined Boundary
  • Streamlining Ethical Marketing & Promotion Through Tactical Auditing & Monitoring Processes
  • Establishing Dynamic Support Groups For Pharma Marketing & Promotion Compliance
  • Creating Impactful Direct-To-Consumer Advertising in Compliance With Marketing & Promotion Regulations

Event Speakers:

  • Ann Beasley Bacon, Compliance Counsel, BOEHRINGER-INGELHEIM.
  • Asher Rubin, SVP, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Affairs & Chief Compliance Officer, GUILFORD PHARMACEUTICALS.
  • William C. Bertrand Jr., VP, General Counsel & Corporate Compliance Officer, MEDIMMUNE, INC.
  • Kelly Freeman, PhD, Director, Compliance & Ethics for Sales, ELI LILLY & COMPANY.
  • Scott Lassman, Assistant General Counsel, PHRMA.
  • William Waller, Corporate Counsel, CHIRON CORPORATION.
  • Karen Anderson, Chief Compliance Officer, CUBIST PHARMACEUTICALS.
  • Scott Applebaum, SVP & Assistant General Counsel, SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS.
  • Debra Bromson, SVP & Chief Privacy Officer, ASTRAZENECA.
  • Roger Louis, Chief Compliance Officer, GENZYME.
  • Sondra Moylan, MS, RN, Founder & President, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF CME.
  • Dr. Victor Marrow, Executive Director, Office of Funded Programs/CME, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY.

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