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Pharma Product Life Cycle Management
Winning Strategies for Effective Life Cycle Management to Extend, Promote and Gain a Stronger ROI on Your Product and Retain A Competitive Edge in The Market
September 18 – 19, 2008 * Philadelphia, PA

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The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly becoming a target for generics to take over. At a critical time in the industry, it is useful and effective to take a holistic approach to the product life cycle and integrate key communication among inter-dependent functions in the organization.

Factors such as advertising, marketing and branding can only do some much-and the importance of managing critical relationships with healthcare providers must be strengthened in order to extend the life of the product. Attending this conference will allow you to learn effective strategies to reach your consumer market more effectively, and also plan for the generic boom that can threaten your product. You will also learn strategic methods of reformulation, expanding new indications, and switch from Rx to OTC all in the desired timeframe to expand your product and extend the life cycle.

Key Topics

  • Manage the Product Life Cycle By Employing a Holistic Approach In Your Organization
  • Integrate an Internal Network of Communication and Resources to Strengthen and Build the Product Life Cycle Framework
  • Build Your Brand to Retain The Competitive Edge In The Market
  • Manage and Plan Around The Generics Threat Through Better Patent Protection Approaches
  • Expand the Indications of Your Product to Optimize Value and Extend Life On the Market

Event Contact

Keisha Babb – Life Sciences
CGI Tower, 3rd Floor
St. Michael, Barbados
Telephone: 1.246.417.5413
Fax: 1.888.844.4901
Email: pharma@marcusevansbb.com

For more information or to register, please please visit the conference website.

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