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Best Practices for Medical Science Liaisons
A Comprehensive and Practical One-Day Training Seminar
January 30, 2004 * Princeton, NJ

Mission Statement of this Program:
To educate new and early-stage Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), MSL team managers and those interested in exploring the field, on best practices of the profession and how to achieve a successful and ethical tenure.

Field-based medical science liaisons (MSLs) play a vital role within pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. The variety of responsibilities they have directly affects the success of a therapeutic agent, as MSLs engage Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for their products, help develop company marketing and educational programs, and communicate vital information to sales teams, health practitioners and clinical investigators. Therefore, it is imperative that your company’s MSLs are armed with current and pertinent scientific information and fully comprehend how to properly execute their jobs in an efficient, ethical and effective manner.

This comprehensive one-day training offers MSLs, their managers and those interested in a better understanding of the profession, an overview of what the job entails, best practices and realistic ways to incorporate them into your own job. The training will focus on the components of a successful career as a MSL, as opposed to educating on individual therapeutic types.

Pharmaceutical Education Associates is proud to present Best Practices for Medical Science Liaisons, the only training seminar of its kind.

Course Outline:

  • “The Organization Chart”
    Overview of a Pharmaceutical Organization and Clinical R&D
  • The Role of the MSL
    Breaks down the MSL’s various relationships and responsibilities regarding: commercial strategy, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), investigators, sales force training and support, etc
  • Objectives
    Highlights the goals of a strong MSL: Developing and managing KOL relationships, representing company at various meetings, scientific presentations, development of IIT programs, educate on competitive landscape, etc.
  • MSL Skill Set Overview
    Presents important skills necessary to be a successful MSL, such as scientific disease state knowledge, collaboration, administrative and communication. Additional topics covered include regulatory issues regarding off-label promotion, utilizing medical literature and the recent OIG Guidance.
  • Continuing Education
    Discusses how attendance at scientific meetings and seminars and membership in relevant professional societies enhance a MSL’s career.
  • Administrative / Operational Skills
    Outlines strong skills necessary to best organize a MSL’s daily practice
  • Personal Issues
    Explores many ways a MSL can manage the many challenges of this lifestyle, such as work/life balance and career planning.

Seminar Instructors:
W. David Dawson, PhD, Director of Medical Information and Science Liaisons, EMD PHARMACEUTICALS
Walter Tatarowicz, PhD, Medical Information Science Liaison, EMD PHARMACEUTICALS
Mary Ann Watson, PharmD, Medical Information Science Liaison, EMD PHARMACEUTICALS
Jane Chin, PhD, CIP, Medical Science Liaison and Pre-Clinical Program Coordinator, Oncology, AVENTIS

For more information about registering for this conference, visit the conference site at www.pharmedassociates.com/training.asp#p145

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