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Pharma & Managed Care:
Building Better Relations for Improved Patient Care
January 14-15, 2004 * Park Hyatt Philadelphia at the Bellevue * Philadelphia, PA

Mission Statement of this Program:
To educate the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Managed Care Industries on the benefits of improved and increased communications, and offer the best practices to facilitate such relationships for coverage, utilization and ultimately, improved patient care.

The current state of relations between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Managed Care is less than stellar. Both are extremely skeptical of one another and do not necessarily view each other as partners in public health. This absence of good faith stems from a lack of understanding why each entity operates as it does and the reluctance to recognize the value of information and resources that each can bring to the table. Strong Pharma-Managed Care relations could provide an avenue for better drug development, increased formulary acceptance and drug utilization. An even more important benefit to be derived from such a synergy is improved healthcare for the American public, resulting in an enhanced consumer perception of both industries – a clear win-win situation.

While the concept of cohesive partnerships between Pharma and Managed Care is ideal, there is no clear-cut method to facilitate such a relationship. Proprietary demands, data confidentiality and OIG regulations can thwart the attempts of both to integrate data and create complementary approaches. Therefore, a better understanding of how each side operates may serve as a conduit for creating new relationships.

Pharmaceutical Education Associates is proud to present Pharma & Managed Care: Building Better Relations for Improved Patient Care,the only conference of its kind.

This unique forum is dedicated to understanding:

  • The win-win benefits of a strong relationship between Pharma and Managed Care
  • Understanding the business of Managed Care
  • The employer’s role in the Managed Care mix
  • Utilizing health outcomes to create best practices in disease management programs
  • How the OIG Guidance and HIPAA affect manufacturer and PBM relationships
  • Challenges and opportunities in providing and communicating pharmacoeconomic information
  • “Carving-In”: A direct alternative for Managed Care and Pharma relations
  • Current trends in Biotech and Pharma Management: Designing and implementing product management
  • and much more

Plus! Don’t Miss the Pre-Conference Workshop:
Designing the Patient and Pharma Management Program: A Team Approach to Biotech and Genomic Medicine

Expert-Led by
Grant Lawless, MD, RPh
Medical Director, Medical Affairs
Gary M. Owens, MD
Vice President of Medical Management and Policy

For more information about registering for this conference, visit the conference site at www.pharmedassociates.com/business.asp#p144

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