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John Mack

Over 100 pharmaceutical marketing professionals attended the last event in April, 2006.

2006 Event Photo Album

Comments from Attendees of Previous Events

“It was an enjoyable event, I also always learn something and most of all any networking event is what you the individual make of it and how comfortable you are at the art of networking.” -Bill Amberg

“The evening was great, the food was wonderful, and it was well organized. We received a lot of positive response and requests to contact individuals for projects. It’s gotten better every year and I’m sure next year will be no exception.” -Jerry Mauder

“We enjoyed the dinner and sponsorship and look forward to more opportunities to participate.” -Stephen M. Carnevale

“Thanks again for putting on a great party! We definitely met some very nice people and a few interesting contacts that may lead to future business.” -Richard Shapiro

“I got a chance to meet some interesting people and talk about social media technology in healthcare.” -Fard Johnmar

Be sure to join us in 2008!

4th Annual (2008)
Networking Dinner Reception

Register Now!

Tools and Tips for Achieving Your Networking Goals

“You’re read about all the recent layoffs in our industry,” says Steve Woodruff of Impactiviti. “You’ve heard about, or been part of, one or more of the many mergers in recent years. There is simply no more certainty in corporate America. Your future is in your hands, and you need to be prepared to take the reins at any time. In fact, even if you are gainfully employed, you need to take the reins right now. Let me suggest one simple word for each of us:


I can’t agree more. That’s why Pharma Marketing Network is going all out this year to provide our clients, subscribers, and other friends with the tools they need to improve their networking skills and make as many contacts as possible with potential clients and business partners.

Tools for Attendees
Here are a couple of tools being offered to registered attendees of the June 4 4th Annual Pharma Marketing Networking Dinner Reception. The sooner you register, the sooner you’ll be able to use these tools to help you get the most out of the event.

  1. To keep up with all the news about this Networking Event, subscribe to the Networking Dinner News Feed and/or visit the Networking Opportunities Forum.

  2. Registered attendees can participate in the “2008 Networking Reception Attendee Forum.” THIS IS A PRIVATE FORUM ACCESSIBLE ONLY TO REGISTERED ATTENDEES OF THE JUNE 4th EVENT (password required). Through this online forum, registered attendees will get updates about who is attending, including complete contact information. Also, registered attendees are able to add other attendees to their “buddy lists” and send them private messages through this forum.

    Registered attendees can also post information to this forum about themselves and what their networking goals are so that other attendees with similar of matching interests can respond.

    When you log in to this forum you can do several other things to enhance your networking experience:

    • update your user profile to include your photo, short bio, interests, signature, detailed contact information, etc.
    • subscribe to the forum and get daily or weekly email notifications about new posts to the forum (ie, new attendees added, etc.).

    When properly used, this forum is a great way to “pre-introduce” yourself to other attendees you wish to hook up with at the event. It’s also a fallback in case something comes up at the last minure that prevenrts you from attending (which would be a shame considering the great food and industry speakers that will be there!).

  3. All registered attendees are encouraged to prepare for the planned Pharma Vendor Video Showcase shoot that will be going on at the meeting. We plan to give all attendees the opportunity to have their 60-second “elevator pitch” videotaped digitally at the event. If you are a registered attendee, take some time to practice your pitch before the meeting so that you know what you will say when the camera is running! Remember, try to keep the length to 60 seconds or less.

    After the event, the videos will be uploaded to YouTube where attendees can review them and decide if they wish to have their video included in a DVD that will be given away FREE to pharma product managers. The DVD will be promoted via Pharma Marketing Network.

    Showcase videos can be embedded in a Preferred Vendor Listing on the Pharma Marketing Network portal site (addtional charge). Showcase videos can also be embed edyour video in your Web pages. There is an extra charge for including your video on the DVD and uploaded to YouTube with embedding turned on. Call or e-mail me for details.

Hope to see you in Princeton on June 4th!


John Mack, Editor & Publisher
Pharma Marketing News/Pharma Marketing Blog
Phone: 215-504-4164

P.S. Tips for Everyone
Here are a few tips from my blogger friend Steve Woodruff (see here for others and more details):

  1. Embrace networking as a high priority, and determine to do it – Spend a few bucks, register today for the 4th Annual Pharma Marketing Networking Dinner Reception, and put it on your calendar!
  2. Help others – As Steve says “The best way to build a network marked by mutual help and sympathy is to help others.” That’s what Pharma Marketing Network is all about!
  3. Attend meetings – You can attend industry conferences and spend thousands of dollars, but for less than 10% of what it costs to attend such conferences, you can attend the 4th Annual Pharma Marketing Networking Dinner Reception.
  4. Cultivate healthy vendor relationships – Steve says: “Vendors and consultants often know ‘what’s going on’ outside your four walls, and may be able to facilitate new contacts for you.” You’ll find plenty of people who know “what’s going on” at the 4th Annual Pharma Marketing Networking Dinner Reception!
  5. Cultivate a limited circle of influential, wise, discreet professional colleagues – ditto
  6. Take advantage of the web-based networking platforms – see Pharma Marketing Network Forums.

See “Ensuring Your Business Cards Mean Business” for some more relevant tips

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