3rd Annual
Networking Dinner Reception

Sorry! This event is SOLD OUT!

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Attendee List

Pharma Marketing Network Monday, April 3, 2006
6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

La Fontana Ristorante
120 Albany St., New Brunswick, NJ

Join dozens of pharmaceutical marketing professionals for an evening of networking, food, and information sharing. Meet and mingle with your peers from the Northeast’s top pharmaceutical and marketing companies. It’s a once-a-year opportunity.


What last year’s attendees said:

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for putting together Wednesday night’s event. I did enjoy myself and left feeling energized. Which, as I’m sure you can appreciate, is a huge positive for those of us whose small businesses can use everything they can get to maintain constant forward momentum.” — Bob Busker

“I enjoyed the dinner last night – apart from the noise level. I made at least two good contacts, one of which might even have a job lead for me.” — Lisa Berger

“I enjoyed the event last night. First class!” — Dave Ferenchik

“Thanks for letting me know about your networking session. “A good time was had by all!” — Richard Shapiro

“Hi John – good to see you at the networking dinner tonite…..it was a great event and I enjoyed meeting/reacquainting with people.” — Marie Smith

“This is the first event like this I have attended where the food was actually served hot!” — Anonymous

“Just wanted to thank you for putting together the event on Wednesday. Everything was great–I made some contacts and met some really nice and knowledgeable people.” — Irene Durham

“I echo the comments of the other attendees at the dinner. The atmosphere and the food were great. I also made several good contacts at the event and learned a lot. Looking forward to the next one.” — Glenn Birnbaum

This year we will have an even better networking event that includes a full buffet that includes 3 appetizers, 4 entrees, coffee and dessert, and wine, beer, or beverage included.


Benefits of Attending

  1. Meet potential business partners — Whether you are a small consultancy, a large agency, or a pharmaceutical product manager, you will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and may meet potential business partners who can help you achieve your business goals.

  2. Be enlightened by an expert! — Hear a presentation on a topic of interest by an expert in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. (Topic and speaker to be determined.)

  3. Promote your business — You can promote your business one-on-one with attendees or sponsor a “Topic Table.” Topic Tables seat people interested in specific topics or who are interested in meeting experts in these topics for possible business relationships. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, click here.

  4. Get leads for new clients — This is a great opportunity to meet new clients and obtain leads to new clients in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere.

  5. Learn how to sell to the pharmaceutical industry — If your company is trying to develop new business in the pharmaceutical sector, you will meet many seasoned veterans happy to share their knowledge; as long as you are not a competitor, of course!.

  6. Network for a new job! — If you are looking for a new position or if your company is looking for new talent, this is a perfect opportunity for you to scout around.

  7. Meet your online colleagues — This is a chance to meet some of the experts whose comments you see every week posted to the PHARMA-MKTING discussion list. You never know when you may run into each other again.

  8. Find out what your competitors are doing — Let’s face it! Your competitors will most likely be there. Find out who they are. While we encourage candor, you don’t have to tip your hand!

  9. Have a good time!


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