The following are a few of the FREE online networking activities provided by Pharma Marketing Network.

These activities provide the following benefits, which can help you advance your career:

  • Participate in an exciting and educational exchange of ideas,
  • Develop a network of pharma marketing colleagues that may help you find business opportunities, and
  • Be quoted in follow-up Pharma Marketing News articles, which can give you further credibility in the field of pharmaceutical marketing.
  1. The Forums at Pharma Marketing Network — The Leading Online Community of Pharmaceutical Marketing Experts.
    • Social networking/discussion forums for marketing executives; includes daily news briefs, event calendar, etc.
    • Received over 350,000 unique visitors in 2007, the first year of operation!
    • Currently has about 800 registered members worldwide
    • URL:
  2. Pharma Marketing Roundtable — an EXCLUSIVE, members-only Web-based forum/discussion group within the Forums site
    • A password-protected trusted community of colleagues who discuss various issues of importance to the pharmaceutical industry
    • Currently has about 100 registered members
    • URL:
  3. Pharma Marketing Vendor Directory — gain higher visibility on the Web and among the more than 1.25 million yearly visitors to the Pharma Marketing Network portal
    • 35 different vendor categories
    • an astounding 26% of Vendor Listings in the online Vendor Directory achieve the #1 position in a Google search on their corporate names!
    • Received over 70,000 unique visitors in 2007
    • URL: Information here.
  4. Pharma Marketing Talk — a series of podcast talk shows that features interviews with leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing
    • Approximately 35 LIVE shows per year!
    • Approximately 400-700 listeners per show in 2007 (includes live and archive listeners)
    • Includes audience participation via live online chat and phone callin
    • URL:
  5. Pharma Marketing Blog — the opinions of John Mack, the Publisher of Pharma Marketing News
    • Over 260 topics posted per year offering critical insights into pharma marketing issues
    • Over 175,000 unique visits and 288,000 pageviews in 2007!
    • Approximately 550 comments from readers
    • URL: