How the Drug Industry Can Earn Back the Public’s Trust

Results of a 2008 Harris Interactive poll of American attitudes toward corporate America revealed that only 26 percent of Americans view the pharmaceutical industry industry favorably. 52 percent are firmly negative, which places pharma slightly below big oil, and above tobacco. Is the drug industry's bad reputation is deserved? What are the specific reasons why the public has such low esteem for the industry? Take our survey and tell us what you think the industry should do to improve its public image.

Social Media Pharma Marketing Readiness Survey/Tool

By filling out the Pharma Marketing News Rate Your Social Media Marketing Readiness online questionnaire, you will discover where you may need to augment your knowledge about social media and what internal regulatory and cultural hurdles you may need to overcome to implement a social media marketing program.

Should Pharma Hire Online “Patient Opinion Leaders”?

This survey asks YOUR opinion about best practices that you think should govern pharma's collaboration with online

What’s the Future of DTC Advertising?

Please take a few minutes to tell us your opinion of the future of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) advertising of prescription medications under a new Democratic Administration.

What’s the Best Way for Pharma to Support CME?

This survey attempts to get feedback from the Pharma Marketing Network community on several questions relating to the drug industry's sponsorship of FREE, ACCME accredited continuing medical education (CME) for physicians.

Moderation of Pharma Social Media Discussions Survey

As more and more pharmaceutical companies launch social networking platforms associated with their brands, some will allow users (consumers, patients, and physicians) to post comments as part of ongoing discussions about drugs and/or the conditions they treat. Recent pharma experience with social media discussions demonstrate how important it is to properly manage online communities. Perhaps the most important management tool is moderation.

Distribution of Off-Label Drug Information by Pharmaceutical Companies Survey

Please take 2 minutes to answer this survey, which asks your opinion specifically of the FDA's proposed rule and of off-label drug promotion in general.

Pharma Use of Rx Data Survey

This surevy solicits your opinion on the benefits of pharma access to prescribing information, physicians ability to opt-out, and appropriate uses of Rx data by pharmaceutical companies.

How Should Pharma Edit Wikipedia Drug Articles?

This survey asks your opinion about pharma companies appointing employees as 'spokespersons' to perform all edits to write wikipedia drug information articles or correct 'misinformation' in such articles about their drugs.

New Media Privacy Issues & Online Health Marketing Survey

This survey asks YOUR opinion about the privacy issues raised in a brief filed with the FTC regarding the online marketing practices of pharmaceutical and other health-related companies.
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