What’s the Future of DTC Advertising?

Please take a few minutes to tell us your opinion of the future of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) advertising of prescription medications under a new Democratic Administration. In this survey, please focus on the near future: ie, 2009 and 2010.

2004 HOT ISSUE Survey

What are the hot issues for pharma in 2004?

Should Pharma Hire Online “Patient Opinion Leaders”?

This survey asks YOUR opinion about best practices that you think should govern pharma's collaboration with online

DTC Straight Talk Survey

This survey asked respondents to comment on Johnson & Johnson's a new approach to TV and print campaigns that deals head-on with safety, putting drug risks on more-equal footing with drug benefits.

Drug Risk Notification Survey

This survey asked respondents to evaluate the FDA's proposed Drug Watch program as well as the proposal for a Drug Risk Advisory System.

Should Free Drug Samples Be Banned?

While the new PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals bans free pens and lunches, it doesn't apply to samples. Should free drug samples also be banned? Take our survey and give us your opinion.

Should Pharma’s Use of #MedConf Hashtags Be Curbed?

The authors of a #MICEproject research report propose six activities that medical conference organizers should consider in order to draft appropriate future guidelines for third party activities in Twitter backchannels. Tell us YOUR opinion regarding these activities.

Pharma Marketing Survey: Is Pfizer Crazy or What? (What will be the fate...

Is this a gamble for Pfizer or it's only option to protect the market for Celebrex?

Distribution of Off-Label Drug Information by Pharmaceutical Companies Survey

Please take 2 minutes to answer this survey, which asks your opinion specifically of the FDA's proposed rule and of off-label drug promotion in general.

Pharma Mobile Health App Best Practices Survey

This survey asks your opinion regarding several issues faced by pharma companies when developing mobile applications (apps) for physicians and consumers. Issues include impact of regulation by FDA, privacy, trust, accuracy, and 3rd-party certification as well as industry self-regulatory guidelines.
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