Should Pharma Advertisers Use Redirect URLs in Search Engine Ads?

This survey asks your opinion about Pharma's use of redirect (aka 'vanity') URLS in paid search engine ads.

Use of Behavioral Targeting by Pharma Marketers Survey

This survey solicits your opinion on the appropriateness of using behavioral targeting techniques in online pharma marketing.

Evidence-based Marketing Survey

This survey asked respondents to evaluate the pros and cons of marketing based on clinical evidence.

Are FDA’s New Revised “Rules” for Distribution of Off-label Reprints Too Limiting?

Please take 2 minutes to answer a few short questions relating to the FDA's Revised Draft Guidance for Industry on Distributing Scientific and Medical Publications on Unapproved New Uses—Recommended Practices.

Should Pharma Hire Online “Patient Opinion Leaders”?

This survey asks YOUR opinion about best practices that you think should govern pharma's collaboration with online

Pharma Marketing Survey: Search Engine Marketing

This survey asks your opinion on whether or not paid inclusion should be used by pharmaceutical marketers and under what conditions.

Disease Mongering: Real or Fantasy?

Disease mongering is a term used to describe a perceived attempt by pharmaceutical companies to promote public awareness of (frequently harmless) conditions or diseases with the aim of increasing sales of medication.

Should Free Drug Samples Be Banned?

While the new PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals bans free pens and lunches, it doesn't apply to samples. Should free drug samples also be banned? Take our survey and give us your opinion.

What Do You Think of FDA’s Recent Regulatory Actions?

This survey asks you to express your opinion anonymously about FDA's letter to Novartis regarding its Tasigna Facebook Share button and other recent warnings sent to pharmaceutical companies, especially with regard to social media and search engine marketing.

What’s Your Social Media Implementation Plan?

Before you find yourself in a social media crisis, you should have a social media implementation plan. But what are the action items for implementing your plan? This survey presents a number of actions that may be appropriate and seeks your input on how important these or other items might be in developing a plan.
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