Is Pfizer Crazy or What? (What will be the fate of Celebrex?)

Survey began 18 October 2004.
Survey ended 23 November 2004.

Vioxx, a Merck COX-2 inhibitor, was recently pulled from the market after one of Merck’s own studies showed an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks seen in patients after three years on the drug (see
Vioxx Withdrawal and the “Me-Too Drug Domino Effect”). On October 15, 2004, Pfizer announced that one of its COX-2 inhibitors — Bextra — was also associated with an increase in heart attacks and strokes. Almost simultaneously with the Bextra announcement, Pfizer—according to the Wall Street Journal—plans to sponsor a clinical trial to test Celebrex — another COX-2 inhibitor — to see if it is able to prevent heart attacks and strokes in patients with serious cardiovascular disease.

Is this a gamble for Pfizer or it’s only option to protect the market for Celebrex?

What will be the fate of Celebrex?

Survey Results:

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  • Pharma Marketing News Summary, which presents more detailed results plus data on physician prescribing of COX-2 inhibitors before and after the Vioxx withdrawl. (REPRINT available).
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