Cialis/Levitra/Viagra: Which Ad Campaign Has the Greatest Staying Power?

Survey began 1 Feb 2004.
Survey Ended 3 Mar 2004.

Give us your thoughts about the DTC campaigns of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, two of which went head-to-head during the Superbowl game. Are these ads effective? Was the Superbowl the right venue for these ads? WIll Cialis grab market share quickly?

Questions asked:

  1. In your opinion, how would your rate the DTC ads of each of these products as seen during the Superbowl game or elsewhere on TV?
  2. Make a prediction: Six months from now, what will be the market share (in terms of percent of total $ sales in the U.S.) for each of these ED drugs?
  3. In your opinion, is it wise for pharma companies to spend an average of $2.3 million to advertise erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs during the Superbowl?

Survey Results:

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