Pharma Marketing Network’s 2006 Pharma Trend Survey Results
Survey began 9 January 2006 | Survey ended 21 January 2006


The Pharma Marketing Network 2006 Pharma Trend Survey asked respondents how likely or unlikely were a number of possible pharmaceutical industry trends to unfold in 2006. Respondents could answer highly unlikely, somewhat unlikely, somewhat likely, or highly likely.

Survey Results:

  • Interactive Summary of Results (de-identified, excludes open-ended responses and comments that may identify the respondent). Allows you to use filters to examine results from different subsets of respondents (e.g., pharma company employees vs. non-pharma people, etc.)
  • See a Summary Chart.
  • For a complete in-depth analysis with comments from Pharma Marketing Roundtable participants, see the article “Pharma Trends to Watch in 2006” published in the January, 2006 issue of Pharma Marketing News (subscription or reprint fee required to access the full text of this article).

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