UCB’s State ScoreCards: Helping Epilepsy Patients Lobby Lawmakers for Better Access to Innovative Drugs

Cindie Dilley, Head of New Patient Value Focus at UCB, talks about UCB's State ScoreCards program, which won the 2016 eyeforpharma #efpphilly award for Most Valuable Patient Initiative.

Curation vs. Content Marketing: Which is Best for Pharma Marketers?

Pharmaguy interviews Arsalan Arif, Publisher of ENDPOINTS, about the benefits versus the drawbacks of content curation versus content marketing for pharmaceutical marketers in a social media world.

How Secure is Pharma Data? Web Sites, Mobile Apps, Wearables Can Be Hacked!

Pharmaguy interviews Jeff Greene, digital strategy lead at New Solutions Factory. Jeff discusses the the impact on pharma marketing to physicians and consumers of the recent Ashley Madison hack and gives some advice on how to mitigate the risks.

Before You Take that Pill: A “Fair and Balanced” Critique?

Bremner will discuss the risks of some of the most commonly prescribed drugs and why he thinks the drug industry doesn't want consumers to know about them.

Pharma Marketing Talk Gateway

Interviews of leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing.

Rep Access Programs

Open Physician Doors with Targeted Medical Information

Evaluating Rx & OTC DTC TV Ads: Few Are Outright False But Many May...

A conversation with Adrienne E. Faerber, PhD, and David H. Kreling, PhD, talk about the results of their recently published study on the content analysis of claims made in TV direct-to-consumer (DTC) OTC and Rx drug ads.
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