Pharma Cause Marketing How to Preserve the Power of Pharma-Non-Profit Cause Alliances

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A conversation with Fard Johnmar, Envision Solutions, LLC

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Research released today by Envision Solutions, LLC, a healthcare marketing communications consultancy, reveals that many are deeply skeptical of drug firms’ motivations for supporting non-profit organizations. According to a nationwide online survey, 43% of US adults believe that pharmaceutical companies fund groups like the American Heart Association and the National Kidney Foundation in order to get more people to buy their products or medicines. The poll is featured in a new Envision Solutions report titled “Preserving the Power of Pharma-Non-Profit Cause Alliances.”

“Americans’ mistrust of pharmaceutical companies coupled with increasing negative media coverage of their support of non-profits is a recipe for disaster,” said Fard Johnmar, founder of Envision Solutions. “Without proactive and transparent communication, the power of these cause alliances will diminish and we will be deprived of a valuable public resource.”


Some Questions/Topics Discussed

  • What are some examples of pharma cause marketing?
  • More details about the survey, including a look at negative media stories regarding disease mongering.
  • To what extent is bad press versus lack of transparency the cause of Americans’ distrust of pharma’s motives with regard to financial support of non-profit patient organizations?
  • What’s your view on the likelihood of Congress passing laws to regulate more closely educational grants and/or cause marketing by the pharmaceutical industry?

Guest Bio


Fard Johnmar
Fard Johnmar is the founder of Envision Solutions, LLC. The firm is a healthcare marketing communications consultancy specializing in analysis, strategy, content development and training. Envision Solutions helps not-for-profit and for-profit organizations to be more efficient and successful. In addition to writing the Envisioning 2.0 blog, Fard is aldo the author of Healthcare Vox, a blog focusing on healthcare marketing communications and related topics.


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