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A conversation with Kevin Adkisson (see bio), Director of Sales, Crown Partners, LLC.

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Maintaining multiple websites is a must for pharmaceutical companies. Operational efficiency, reduced cost and time to deploy are critical drivers.

Crown Partners, LLC. is a leading provider of enterprise content solutions. Its SiteBuilder Web Content Management (WCM) solution for multi-site and complex site management utilizes wizard-based interfaces that allow technical and non-technical users alike the ability to create compelling websites with minimum need for custom programming.

This podcast will present a case study that illustrates how a large Pharmaceutical company built a web machine that allows quick deployment of multiple, highly targeted, customer-centric sites and added $1.5 million to their top line while slashing costs $7.0 million, all in the first year of using Crown’s Solutions.

Questions/Topics To Be Discussed

  • What were some of the challenges facing this company?
  • What were some of their goals/objectives?
  • Give us a little of their history from a WCM perspective.
  • Describe the solution you provided
  • Share some of their results with us.

Guest Bio

Kevin Adkisson is Director of Sales for Crown Partners Web Content Management division, and has been instrumental in shaping the success of Crown’s software and services offerings in the WCM space. Kevin Has been involved in the Enterprise Content Management and Web content Management market space for approximately 7 years. Prior to working at Crown Partners, he spent 5 years in the Data warehousing/Business Intelligence arena.

He was instrumental in shepherding the subject of today’s case study through their business transformation process. He and his team of consultants helped drive the project to meet the executive team’s objectives. He is well recognized for his understanding of Multi-Site Marketing as a tool in today’s Pharmaceutical market place.

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