Questioning Conventional Pharma Marketing Wisdom How Disruption Can Lead to Game-changing Ideas.
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A conversation with Anne Devereux, CEO; LyonHeart and TBWAWorldHealth

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“Shrinking marketing teams and budgets, monumental sales expectations and increasingly competitive therapeutic categories necessitate that we approach marketing in provocative ways,” said Anne Devereux, Chief Executive Officer of LyonHeart and TBWAWorldHealth. “By turning TBWAs award-winning Disruption process on ourselves, were ‘walking the walk.’ We’ve developed processes for building brand superiority and driving profitability in a way that addresses the new realities of the marketplace, and we’re attracting talent that gets ‘jazzed’ by thinking outside of traditional marketing parameters.”

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • How is pharmaceutical marketing changing and why do we need to challenge convential wisdom?
  • What does the Disruption process entail?
  • Can you describe how you applied this process to your agency and how that relates to your clients and their brands?

Guest Bio

A leader and visionary in healthcare marketing, Anne is responsible for the continued evolution of LyonHeart — previously LLNS (Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift), a top-ten healthcare communications firm and part of TBWA/WorldHealth — as it continuously strives to help clients build world-class brands.

Prior to joining LLNS (now LyonHeart), Anne was BBDO’s Chief Integration Officer as well as Managing Director of all health-related assignments within BBDO New York. While at BBDO, she built one of the fastest growing healthcare units of a major advertising network.

Before joining BBDO, Anne was President and Founder of Consumer Healthworks, which then became Merkley Newman Harty Healthworks, one of the first agencies to specialize in direct-to-consumer advertising for healthcare brands. A Wellesley College graduate, Anne is the proud mother of two girls, Lauren and Ciara. In her spare time she can be found at the gym, in the garden, or at her kitchen table designing jewelry.

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