Patient-Centric Marketing: Measure Differently for Healthier Returns Dyan BrysonIn this 2-minute snippet, recorded 17 May 2013, Dyan Byson VP, Patient Enablement Services at Indegene Lifesystems Pvt. Ltd. and Managing Director, Inspired Health Strategies, LLC, urges pharma marketers to “measure differently” by going beyond IMS NRx (new prescription) data and following what happens AFTER the prescription is filled to better understand the patient and implement “patient-centric” marketing.

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“Over the last few years I have been evangelizing about the life sciences industry becoming patient-centric,” says Dyan Bryson. “There have been times when I simply thought no one was listening and that maybe the simple solutions we proposed were just that.. too simple. Innovation seems to mean just doing digital stuff. As innovative as this is digital is only a channel and does not address the entire continuum of possibilities.”

“The real innovation is in our own thinking; that our customer, not our brand, guides solid business decision-making. That is the leap for our industry but most other industries already know this and work with their end-user in mind.”

“To me, this is simple. So simple that frustration sets in as I continue to see people looking for the holy grail in yet another tactic. I thoroughly understand the need to produce ROI, I just see another longer-term path to ROI through patient-centered, user-guided means — not brand-led or brand-guided.”

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