A Drug By Any Other Name

In this 5-minute audio snippet Pharmaguy discusses the absurdity of Rx drug names.

Pharmaguy™ Interviews John LaMattina: Devalued and Distrusted

In this 4-minute snippet, recorded 28 May 2013, John LaMattina, former Pfizer president of Research and Development, reveals what inspired him to write the book "Devalued and Distrusted: Can the Pharmaceutical Industry restore Its Broken Image?"

John Mack and Pharmaguy Are No Longer Joined at the Hip

In this 2-minute audio snippet, Pharmaguy talks about his decision to 'break away' from John Mack in order to focus his efforts on speaking at live events and webinars and to more fully engage with his many followers via social networks such as Twitter, Pharma Marketing Blog, Tumblr, Facebook, and Google+.

The Two Faces of FDA Regarding the Opioid Epidemic

The FDA has a lot of hurdles to overcome in its effort to stem the current opioid addiction epidemic it helped to create.

Anne C. Beal, M.D., MPH: Sanofi’s Definition of Patient Centricity

In this 2-minute audio snippet, Anne C. Beal, M.D., MPH, Sanofi, talks about patient centricity and Sanofi's commitment to engaging patients and improving outcomes.

Pharmaguy™ Interviews Dyan Byson: Patient-Centric Marketing: Measure Differently for Healthier Returns

In this 2-minute snippet Dyan Byson, Managing Director, Inspired Health Strategies, LLC, urges pharma marketers to 'measure differently' by going beyond IMS NRx (new prescription) data and following what happens AFTER the prescription is filled to better understand the patient and implement 'patient-centric' marketing.

Reports of the Demise of Medical Journal Ads Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

In this 2.5-minute audio snippet, Pharmaguy presents data from Kantar Media that shows that the death of professional print pharma advertising has been greatly exaggerated. He gets into which companies and drugs have spent the most on journal advertising and summarizes a study of physician attitudes regarding these ads.

The Benefits and Risks of Limiting Pharma Sales Rep Access to Physicians

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are faced with increasingly limited access to physicians as many academic medical centers and other healthcare centers adopt conflict of interest policies restricting detailing. This is another benefit versus risk challenge for physicians who need quick access to the latest information about novel drugs.

Warren Goes After Gottlieb Regarding Drug Safety

At his April 5, 2017, Senate Hearing, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, President Trump's nominee for FDA Commissioner, responded to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren's concern about his commitment to FDA's basic safety mission.

Arsalan Arif: Content Curation vs. Content Marketing. Is It All Crap?

In this 3-minute audio snippet, Arsalan Arif, Publisher of ENDPOINTS, talks about the benefits versus the drawbacks of content curation versus content marketing for pharmaceutical marketers.
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