Q4 2010 Archived Tweets

    2010-12-31 13:23:35

  • @bryonythomas See my 2010 highlights re Pharma Industry: http://bit.ly/hayeai

    2010-12-31 13:21:11

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! Remember 2010 & look fwd to 2011 by joining the Pharma Marketing Yearbook LinkedIn Group: http://linkd.in/fi0H8c #fdasm

    2010-12-29 12:46:51

  • Check out this SlideShare presentation : Pharma Marketing Blog 2010: The Year in Images http://slidesha.re/i8kLJ6

    2010-12-23 18:42:29

  • THIS court action MAY be why FDA is stalling on releasing SM GLs: http://bit.ly/aLihM4 #fdasm #socpharm #hcsm

    2010-12-23 14:43:26

  • FDA approves marketing of Gardasil to prevent anal cancer. http://bit.ly/glAKzQ

    2010-12-23 14:41:21

  • I’ve done all my Christmas shopping! Here’s a gift for you: http://bit.ly/dN0Qb5

    2010-12-23 14:39:17

  • @skypen I know. Twitter doesn’t like me! Glad you can be a guest on Jan 12: The Coming Digital El Nino: http://bit.ly/egW7mJ

    2010-12-23 14:03:38

  • @swisshealth20 You DON’T want to be mayor there, do you?

    2010-12-22 20:26:14

  • @Alex__Butler I guess Twitter is having a bad day 🙁

    2010-12-22 20:15:52

  • @skypen Why does Twitter keep saying you don’t follow me?

    2010-12-22 15:12:46

  • @richmeyer Therefore, it would be waste of FDA time to issue GLs for pharma SM conversations. #hcsm #socpharm #fdasm

    2010-12-22 15:12:03

  • @richmeyer Even w SM guidelines from FDA, pharma will not likely open up 2-way discussions #hcsm #socpharm #fdasm

    2010-12-22 15:11:18

  • @richmeyer I keep saying that SEM & dealing w space limitations is MAIN issue for pharma right now. They need guidance 4 that.

    2010-12-22 14:42:47

  • @richmeyer Yes, & pharma companies don’t like it much! #hcsm #socpharm #fdasm

    2010-12-22 14:35:19

  • The Coming Digital El Nino: Traditional Interactive Agencies are Facing Extinction http://t.co/D5V13CD via @AddThis

    2010-12-22 14:23:39

  • @richmeyer Guidance by NOV letter is BAD idea. The lines shift with each new administration. #socialmediaandhealthcare #fdaandsocialmedia

    2010-12-22 13:23:28

  • @flutesUD I keep archives in Word and do word count audits every month.

    2010-12-21 20:59:18

  • @steinerm The ans is 1,333,529 words plus or minus a few thousand: http://yfrog.com/h328nrj What’s in the cards 4 pharma execs in 2011?

    2010-12-21 20:48:40

  • 2011 New Year’s Resolution 1: I will not mention social media or use a SM hashtag on Twitter for 1 whole week, TBD by you!

    2010-12-21 20:35:29

  • @skoko Thanks.

    2010-12-21 20:29:59

  • The correct answer is 1,333,529 words plus or minus a few thousand: http://yfrog.com/h328nrj

    2010-12-21 20:28:46

  • @skoko That’s a very significant number, but not correct 🙁

    2010-12-21 20:15:57

  • @sarahmorgan Somewhat more than that. If you want a lapel pin, send me ur mailing addr.

    2010-12-21 20:14:49

  • @MaverickNY Pretty close, but no cigar! But I will send you a lapel pin if you send me ur mailing address!

    2010-12-21 20:03:21

  • @flutesUD Less than that! But if u want a lapel pin anyway, send ur mailing addr to pharmaguy@pharma-mkting.com

    2010-12-21 19:08:44

  • Guess how many words I have written since 2005, Including newsletter, Twitter, & blog. Closest guess wins this: http://yfrog.com/66z0sj

    2010-12-21 19:03:09

  • Social Media Boutiques are Winning Deals Over Traditional Digital Agencies. Stay tuned 4 more abt this from me in 2011. http://bit.ly/hYM6wg

    2010-12-21 18:29:12

  • Pharmaguy™ SM Pioneer Daily has just been updated, and you can view it at http://bit.ly/i4iDRX

    2010-12-21 18:19:55

  • Pharma Marketing News Advertising Information: Email Ads http://t.co/Fw3cynG

    2010-12-21 15:00:15

  • RT @swoodruff: RT @impactiviti: Surprise! FDA guidance for Pharma Social Media unveiled! http://bit.ly/eja3Jk #fdasm @pharmaguy @eyeonfda

    2010-12-21 14:31:32

  • @MaverickNY Well, guidelines are needed for Push too. Issuing SEM Gls should b simple, the rest will be like “pulling teeth.” 🙂

    2010-12-21 14:23:19

  • @MaverickNY dont 4get SEM, which is a very important part of pharma’s online strategy. Remember those 14 FDA letters that started all ths.

    2010-12-21 14:21:09

  • @amcunningham THAT cat won’t fit in the dust bin! #uksnow

    2010-12-21 14:09:26

  • @MaverickNY Not true! A good baby step is dealing with space limitation prob which also affects SEM, 40% of pharma eMkting budget! #fdasm

    2010-12-21 13:39:31

  • @swoodruff Yeah, I heard the drug industry is still using that technology! Bazinga!

    2010-12-21 13:35:53

  • @shwen I’m developing an FDA SM guidelines “Whac-a-Mole” iPhone app!

    2010-12-21 13:32:27

  • @pharmagossip Need new countdown time for when new FDA commish will be named.

    2010-12-21 13:31:01

  • @MaverickNY Abrams agreed 2 take “baby steps”. So thr was hope sum GLs wld come sooner rather than l8r. http://bit.ly/aGYEc9 #fdasm

    2010-12-21 12:53:44

  • Scrooge FDA Delays Laying Social Media Guidelines Golden Egg: Why? http://bit.ly/eDlPzJ #fdasm #socpharm #hcsmeu #hcsm

    2010-12-21 12:31:35

  • Announcing ExL’s 3rd Annual Digital Pharma Europe at BI HQs http://conta.cc/gl6DMJ via #constantcontact

    2010-12-20 20:46:28

  • First FDA Warning Letter as a Result of Bad Ad Complaint: http://bit.ly/hVdl6r Maybe this will be the 2nd: http://bit.ly/fGBhwl

    2010-12-20 19:16:46

  • @shwen Yikes! get off the tracks!

    2010-12-20 18:52:24

  • getting ready to chat w @Alex__butler & @whydotpharma about #fdasm Call +1 347-996-5894 to listen or join in the discussion.
    2010-12-20 18:52:24 UTC
  • Join Pharma Social Media Experts presenting at SMi’s Social Media Conf. Quote ‘PMN’ and Receive a £150 Discount! http://conta.cc/dPlIWf
    2010-12-20 18:01:31 UTC
  • Join me @Alex__Butler @Whydotpharma mayb @GaryMonk 2 PM today: Is “Social Media” a Distinction Without Meaning? http://bit.ly/eqsBzE
    2010-12-20 16:29:56 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar Update – December 20, 2… http://conta.cc/hikHez via #constantcontact
    2010-12-20 15:21:31 UTC
  • Am I being played like a fiddle by a Novo Nordisk engineered PR campaign? listen to this Marketplace segment: http://bit.ly/fXphGs
    2010-12-20 13:57:31 UTC
  • @heldincontempt Cool. Where can I hear that? #fdasm
    2010-12-20 13:33:00 UTC
  • Medical Schools Don’t Ask & Faculty Don’t Tell If They Violate Ban on Paid Pharma Speaking Gigs. http://bit.ly/gRIhqH
    2010-12-20 13:32:47 UTC
  • @GaryMonk Twitter must have screwed up yesterday & given me misleading info.
    2010-12-20 11:41:06 UTC
  • @garymonk Cant dm u. U r not following me 🙁 if u can make it tomorrow, the number is +1 (347) 996-5894
    2010-12-20 01:14:25 UTC
  • I just became the admin of the Twub for #pharmamkting by registering it at http://twubs.com/registerhashtag
    2010-12-19 13:49:21 UTC
  • I just became a member of the Twub for #doctors20 at http://twubs.com/doctors20
    2010-12-18 19:03:06 UTC
  • A History of federal and state criminal and civil actions against pharma http://bit.ly/e1O39c
    2010-12-18 12:09:22 UTC
  • @wiltonbound You went to art school? Brooklyn? I didn’t know there was one in Brooklyn.
    2010-12-17 21:30:31 UTC
  • @PhilBaumann Maybe TSA will develop an iPhone app to show us what’s under her clothes?
    2010-12-17 20:54:57 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills Even in this SM world, there’s a lot about me you don’t know. I also like @drsketchy anti-art school. http://bit.ly/127fZ5
    2010-12-17 20:36:52 UTC
  • @PhilBaumann How about this: http://youtu.be/fLp63WBV-Ic
    2010-12-17 20:23:01 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills You must mean “dare.” See: http://bit.ly/15pTm
    2010-12-17 19:30:30 UTC
  • @Jeff_Greene TIME may have said it, but it won’t make it so. #FDASM #socpharm
    2010-12-17 19:25:39 UTC
  • I was just interviewed by reporter from NPR’s Marketplace about #fdasm. If you hear it broadcast, let me know. AMA next!
    2010-12-17 19:00:46 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills I also found myself ON TIME Magazine: http://yfrog.com/gzadksj
    2010-12-17 18:54:56 UTC
  • @SpitzStrategy If Congress can do last minute legislation b4 holiday, FDA can write guidance b4 leaving town. #socpharm #hcsm
    2010-12-17 18:27:27 UTC
  • Read Pharmaguy™ SM Pioneer Daily. I’m not quite up to speed on this yet… http://t.co/OnPNajP
    2010-12-17 18:24:28 UTC
  • Something’s up with #fdasm Getting several media inquiries for interviews re FDA’s GLs. Maybe 2day IS the day!
    2010-12-17 17:37:52 UTC
  • @PhilBaumann I have to do some outdoor XMAS decorating & shopping this weekend. very tardy this year!
    2010-12-17 16:50:16 UTC
  • Novo Nordisk leverages Charlie Kimball to expand its Levemir branded Indy racing franchise! http://bit.ly/h278HR
    2010-12-17 16:49:23 UTC
  • @PhilBaumann Ya think it has anything to do with population growth?
    2010-12-17 16:46:26 UTC
  • TIME & Pharmaguy™. Hey, it could happen! http://yfrog.com/gzadksj
    2010-12-17 16:41:42 UTC
  • @heldincontempt Sorry, I was beat by Facebook guy for this year’s TIME person of the year! #fdasm
    2010-12-17 15:46:28 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills Runge should also tell his readers about the $5.3 bn paid by pharma last year to DOJ for false claims in promos to docs!
    2010-12-17 15:45:15 UTC
  • OMG! Only 8 days til XMAS, but FDA still has 14 days to issue SM guidelines! Maybe 2day is the day? #fdasm
    2010-12-17 15:33:57 UTC
  • This media story is decidedly NOT anti-drug industry. See Pharma Marketing Blog post: http://bit.ly/etFyjM
    2010-12-17 15:27:36 UTC
  • TIME Mag story on how pharma is “cleverly navigating” SM – eg, Charlie Kimball & @racewithinsulin – quotes me: http://bit.ly/h6awuv #fdasm
    2010-12-17 14:53:20 UTC
  • http://www.pharma-mkting.com/talk/show121/ (@pharmaguy)http://yfrog.com/h0d9voj
    2010-12-16 20:30:15 UTC
  • Two good looking people you should meet. http://yfrog.com/h0d9voj Meet them on Moday: http://bit.ly/eqsBzE #fdasm #socpharm
    2010-12-16 20:28:45 UTC
  • New Media Privacy Issues & Online Health Marketing http://t.co/JCkCCHm
    2010-12-16 20:04:43 UTC
  • You too can survive a nuclear attack! “Duck Into Your Basement” is advice of Homeland Security guide (pdf): http://bit.ly/i3ruWD
    2010-12-16 14:06:45 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing News: Issue 9.10, DECEMBER, 2010: PART 1 http://conta.cc/hdiWy9 via #ftcpriv
    2010-12-16 13:50:37 UTC
  • @bradatpharma I think of you more as a Renfield. http://youtu.be/z18HJh_T7MM
    2010-12-15 22:21:06 UTC
  • @whydotpharma Thx 4 being my guest next Monday on BlogTalkRadio: http://bit.ly/hGxupD Every1 is welcome to call in or listen. #socpharm
    2010-12-15 21:36:40 UTC
  • @pharmakinnex Do you mean telesampling via this kind of teledetailing? Pharma calls it “new Media.” http://bit.ly/dwKRjE
    2010-12-15 20:54:23 UTC
  • @bradatpharma You never drink ….. wine? http://youtu.be/L-6XxF2Ul2g
    2010-12-15 19:51:18 UTC
  • Only 10 more days til XMAS. Will FDA deliver SM GLs in 2010? I’m not holding my breath. U can make a wish tho: http://bit.ly/dMcr5M #fdasm
    2010-12-15 19:49:00 UTC
  • Get eMarketing Answers at the 6th Annual eMarketing Summit http://conta.cc/g0sRXA via #constantcontact
    2010-12-15 19:31:32 UTC
  • I’m going to a Meetup with Bucks County Fine Artists! http://meetu.ps/5k3Z
    2010-12-15 18:52:07 UTC
  • @ellenhoenig I hope it eventually becomes a cure, but headlines like that provide false hope, which spreads rapidly on Net. #hope #pharma
    2010-12-15 18:19:59 UTC
  • @ddwebster That’s pharma’s POV. Look at it from docs’ POV: Do reps provide enuf value aside frm free samples? C http://bit.ly/gKBGA9
    2010-12-15 17:52:06 UTC
  • @pjmachado I’m not so sure that PCs (eg, “eSampling” + Internet) won’t replace ppl (drug sales force). C http://bit.ly/gt50GF #salesforce
    2010-12-15 15:19:22 UTC
  • Pledge $100 million to schools, become Time’s Person of the Year 2010! http://wapo.st/eaG07p Want to be MY POTY?
    2010-12-15 15:10:15 UTC
  • U.S. is facing an unprecedented drug shortage! IMHO, It’s profits b4 patients! But gd news 4 sum deathrow inmates! http://bit.ly/hZnUpK
    2010-12-15 14:56:28 UTC
  • Pfizer’s Sales Reps Have 48 Hours to Out Deliver eSampling Program. #FAIL http://bit.ly/gt50GF
    2010-12-15 14:07:14 UTC
  • @whydotpharma @zelliott @JNJBTW @GaryMonk I invite u to be guests on my BlogTalkRadio show next Monday. Details: http://bit.ly/hGxupD
    2010-12-15 12:25:11 UTC
  • Added “fewer law suits” & “increased pipeline” to pharma’s XMAS wish list. What’s ur favorite(s)? http://bit.ly/dMcr5M
    2010-12-15 11:37:41 UTC
  • Join Pharma Social Media Experts presenting at SMi’s Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry 2011: http://conta.cc/hhZGy7
    2010-12-15 11:01:33 UTC
  • Preview of the DECEMBER 2010 issue of Pharma Marketing News. http://bit.ly/hPcigM
    2010-12-14 20:47:07 UTC
  • @salilkallianpur Had to hang up cuz of tech difficulties. But I already know abt Sermo, so ans is “no”.
    2010-12-14 19:01:52 UTC
  • @ellenhoenig That headline was a bit hyperbolic, don’t you think? #hope #pharma
    2010-12-14 17:46:08 UTC
  • Whoops! Tehnology goes horribly awry during Deloitte webinar abt SM!
    2010-12-14 17:13:55 UTC
  • Novo Nordisk, Lilly, Grünenthal & Napp Pharmaceuticals Breach ABPI Code of Practice. http://bit.ly/gZfVFQ
    2010-12-14 17:08:54 UTC
  • Pharma’s 2010 Christmas Wish List for Santa. What’s on your list? http://bit.ly/dFzkY9 #fdasm
    2010-12-14 13:01:23 UTC
  • @swoodruff Yes, we should definitely do that! 🙂
    2010-12-13 21:11:28 UTC
  • @jackbilson3 Seems like a good reason NOT to avoid it! FDA warnings may increase sales! http://bit.ly/dijO9m
    2010-12-13 15:56:58 UTC
  • Join me, Alex Butler (Janssen) & Murat Tanoren (Pfizer, Turkey) Mon, Dec 20: Is SM a Distinction w/o Meaning? http://bit.ly/eqsBzE #fdasm
    2010-12-13 15:47:14 UTC
  • ‘Social Media Doesn’t Exist’ http://bit.ly/grWS8n My latest musings in this months UK Pharma Times #hcsmeu #hcsm #nhssm
    2010-12-13 14:36:53 UTC
  • Productivity is way down this time of year, even at FDA as EOY paperwork looms. So don’t expect any SM GLs in 2010! #fdasm
    2010-12-13 14:26:15 UTC
  • @richmeyer Interactive agency ppl get to work with all the new shiny toys! Who doesn’t want to do that!
    2010-12-13 14:17:08 UTC
  • Pharmaguy™ a la Milanese: I’ll be at this conference in Italy in January! Any Italian followers out there? http://bit.ly/i2z8EW #fdasm
    2010-12-13 13:56:06 UTC
  • @FranzWiesbauer C “Majority of Patients Object to Pharma Payments to Physicians” http://bit.ly/ifxyCX
    2010-12-11 13:43:30 UTC
  • @MedicalQuack I heard about, yes. Maybe it will help FDA use SM better? I heard oldsters don’t tweet. 🙂
    2010-12-10 20:49:35 UTC
  • An oldie Pharma Marketing Blog post, but a goodie: The Secret Lives of DTC Critters. http://bit.ly/hlZ3MX
    2010-12-10 20:48:22 UTC
  • Hey @kennytheclown is following me! Do you know any good pharma clowns?
    2010-12-10 20:41:09 UTC
  • Pharmaguy™ Alerts FDA About BadAd Technical “Glitch.” It’s deja vu all over again! http://bit.ly/ew8sIB
    2010-12-10 20:17:26 UTC
  • @francois_roy Who paid for it is what I want to know.
    2010-12-10 18:33:35 UTC
  • Pl help. I’m looking for survey of patients I’ve recently accessed abt attitude towards their docs receiving payments from pharma.
    2010-12-10 18:31:25 UTC
  • OK. It’s the end of the line for my Pfizer communication experiment. See the FOLLOWUp at end of this post: http://bit.ly/gFZYq7
    2010-12-10 18:01:38 UTC
  • Pharma’s letter to Santa will be sent soon. What’s should be on pharma’s wish list? http://bit.ly/dMcr5M
    2010-12-10 15:00:24 UTC
  • @shwen Great to see you again this week in NYC. I hv to come up to ur neck of the woods soon!
    2010-12-10 14:05:35 UTC
  • WOW. Pfizer PR ppl must be busy this week! WikiLeaks: Pfizer Hired Investigators to Smear Nigerian Prosecutor in Press. http://bit.ly/enkX61
    2010-12-10 13:46:43 UTC
  • Pfizer Responds, But Did I Get an Answer? http://bit.ly/gFZYq7
    2010-12-10 13:17:52 UTC
  • Thx, I was thinking of exactly this article. RT @drpenzesjanos: @pharmaguy Good question. http://bit.ly/gjxYcf #hcsmeu
    2010-12-10 12:44:09 UTC
  • Re #hcsmeu Q2: If I tweet that I had BBQ w @shwen & my doc & me follow each other, shuld he DM me to say watch my diet?
    2010-12-10 12:39:12 UTC
  • @drpenzesjanos Getting unbiased info from pharma is a real challenge, esp 4 “journalist” bloggers like me! #hcsmeu
    2010-12-10 12:24:21 UTC
  • @whydotpharma If u deem 2008 is “oldish” then I fear what you think of me! 🙂 #hcsmeu
    2010-12-10 12:22:44 UTC
  • @whydotpharma Similarly, majority of consumers think FDA APPROVES all DTC ads in US b4 they are aired/printed! #hcsmeu
    2010-12-10 12:21:16 UTC
  • @whydotpharma Where did you get that data? #hcsmeu
    2010-12-10 12:19:56 UTC
  • @rohal Wikipedia is especially of interest to marketers because it appears near top of natural search. Tempts them 2 edit. lists #hcsmeu
    2010-12-10 12:18:13 UTC
  • See my update at end of post re My Pharma Social Media Communication Experiment. http://bit.ly/hjnLwR
    2010-12-09 20:53:46 UTC
  • Ad Execs Not Viewed as Innovative By Americans Says AZ Survey. Indians & Chinese OTOH think they R! http://bit.ly/hgiZc1
    2010-12-09 20:16:49 UTC
  • Oh, oh! Anonymous is on a rant – won’t be coming back to my blog! Don’t let Blogger’s door hit u on the ass on way out! http://bit.ly/fGBhwl
    2010-12-09 19:30:22 UTC
  • eHealth privacy. Pharma Marketing Talk, NOW! callin: (347) 996-5894 listen: http://bit.ly/gIXycR #FTC
    2010-12-09 19:01:39 UTC
  • FDA beat Pfizer & returned my call re Lyrica “bad ad!” But just barely! Pfizer’s Chris Loder also just called. Says he has to research this.
    2010-12-09 18:19:09 UTC
  • Join me 2day 2 PM 4 convo w Jeff Chester re ehealth mkting & consumer profiling abuses. callin: (347) 996-5894 listen: http://bit.ly/gIXycR
    2010-12-09 18:15:16 UTC
  • @soulflsepulcher Let’s give Pfizer some time to respond before I go all out with FDA, WSJ & NYT!
    2010-12-09 17:27:16 UTC
  • Should I call Pfizer media ppl’s cell phone numbers next? Email them? Or just wait for them to call me back?
    2010-12-09 16:58:03 UTC
  • @dsgold @skoko Thanks for the links. #privacy #hcsm
    2010-12-09 16:56:57 UTC
  • Who do I call at the WSJ or NY Times for a possible story about a pharma “bad ad”?
    2010-12-09 16:55:20 UTC
  • Thanks @pfizer_news who just “forwarded [my] message to Victoria Davis” who is media contact for Chantix, etc but NOT Lyrica. Why?
    2010-12-09 16:39:59 UTC
  • Dear @pfizer_news I will going out shopping now – just thought I’d let you know in case you are trying to reach me. Lv msg
    2010-12-09 15:39:48 UTC
  • Be sure to listen & participate in today’s discussion abt Pharma SM & privacy at 2 PM: http://bit.ly/hbLLAT #fdasm #ftc
    2010-12-09 15:33:14 UTC
  • @MaverickNY Actually, I can access BMS website at this URL: http://bit.ly/cMXveg
    2010-12-09 15:30:01 UTC
  • Have you added your item to Pharma’s XMAS list? Hurry… the letter to Santa will going out soon! See http://bit.ly/dMcr5M
    2010-12-09 15:29:00 UTC
  • @MaverickNY Is this BMS problem an example of Cyber Warfare against pharma that I warned about? See http://bit.ly/gEepag
    2010-12-09 15:22:40 UTC
  • @caseyferrell I have a list yoiuy should follow: @pharmaguy/ePharma Pioneer Club Memb
    2010-12-09 15:15:56 UTC
  • @PR_in_Pink Thanks for the idea!
    2010-12-09 15:10:57 UTC
  • PLEASE RT: @pfizer_news please respond to @pharmaguy re Lyrica DTC ad that he says is a “bad ad”. C http://bit.ly/fGBhwl
    2010-12-09 15:10:43 UTC
  • Haven’t heard frm @pfizer_news so I just phoned Chris Loder & Kristen Neese. Both not answering. Left a message to call me back.
    2010-12-09 15:04:44 UTC
  • DIA’s Medical Communications Workshop 2011: Sharpen Your Medical Communication Skills! http://conta.cc/idMYiA
    2010-12-09 15:01:34 UTC
  • “Distributed Denial of Service “Attacks: Is Pharma Ready for Cyber Warfare? http://bit.ly/gEepag
    2010-12-09 14:54:34 UTC
  • OK @pfizer_news, I hv finished showering & am back at my desk. You can reach out to me now. Thx.
    2010-12-09 14:21:23 UTC
  • Got 2 shower now so I won’t miss that phone call from Pfizer! http://bit.ly/hjnLwR P.S. Pfizer, If u do call when I’m out, pls lv a msg!
    2010-12-09 13:01:37 UTC
  • @ChristianeTrue Yeah! Screw them Princeton yuppies! #commutinghell
    2010-12-09 12:52:01 UTC
  • My Pharma Social Media Communication Experiment: http://bit.ly/hjnLwR
    2010-12-09 12:51:17 UTC
  • @ChristianeTrue NJTransit seems 2 hv this prob often. I was also stuck once on a train becuz of that.
    2010-12-09 12:24:28 UTC
  • I hv bn urged by @grantbw 2 contact @Pfizer_news re this Lyrica print ad that I think FDA shld cite as misleading: http://bit.ly/fGBhwl
    2010-12-09 12:23:32 UTC
  • @richmeyer Did you see my comment to ur blog post?
    2010-12-08 16:11:54 UTC
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hospira, Allegan & more to speak at ExL’s Maximizing Relationships w NPPs http://conta.cc/hoseDn
    2010-12-08 14:31:29 UTC
  • consumers as influential on SM as HCPs (“parity”), says Dyer #smpharma
    2010-12-08 13:55:05 UTC
  • Paul Dyer , @NewMediAroused, now speaking at #smpharma abt SM key opinion leaders – some bkg on issue: http://bit.ly/eOOg6K
    2010-12-08 13:52:29 UTC
  • Met some new friends at #smpharma yesterday including @jilliantate and @Divatraveler
    2010-12-08 13:23:18 UTC
  • @jilliantate In olden days underscores & dashes were de rigeur. Thankfully, we now have redirects as in pharmamarketingnews.com
    2010-12-07 21:45:44 UTC
  • @chowmaester Thanks.
    2010-12-07 21:40:55 UTC
  • @jilliantate But @pfizer_news did OK – got a lot of followers quickly. I suspect they twisted employees’ arms 😉 #smpharma
    2010-12-07 21:40:20 UTC
  • @JoKennedy Vertex is a good case study of “Pharma Social Media behind the Curtain.” http://bit.ly/afP8wZ
    2010-12-07 21:21:30 UTC
  • What’s Doug Levy’s Twitter handle, BTW? #smpharma
    2010-12-07 21:18:38 UTC
  • Levy says get a FB page now — even if you don’t have a strategy for using it! Huh? #smpharma
    2010-12-07 21:17:39 UTC
  • Levy says “huge” % (I forgot actual %) are searching Twitter for product info. Did you search for prod info 2day? #smpharma
    2010-12-07 21:15:03 UTC
  • Doug Levy: “SM is not optional 4 pharma.” I misread it: “SM is not OPTIMAL for pharma.” Freudian slip. #smpharma
    2010-12-07 21:13:17 UTC
  • Seems that Twitter can be an incentive to get out of Corp HQs & actually interact w real ppl so u hv something to tweet about! #smpharma
    2010-12-07 19:54:58 UTC
  • @shwen’s pharma Twitter timeline shows that EU-based pharmacos were way ahead of US companies. #smpharma
    2010-12-07 19:42:00 UTC
  • Is Twitter easier for med/legal ppl in pharma to deal with? #smpharma
    2010-12-07 19:40:38 UTC
  • Approval of a blog post may take weeks says Zach Barber, Vertex Corp Communs. Speaking at #smpharma
    2010-12-07 19:39:17 UTC
  • Soon we may learn what @shwen is doing in SM at Vertex. For some ideas c: http://bit.ly/afP8wZ He’s speaking at #smpharma
    2010-12-07 19:37:30 UTC
  • Court says FDA Can’t Regulate E-Cigarettes as Drug. http://bit.ly/eXbFZ9
    2010-12-07 19:03:20 UTC
  • Did Pfizer convince docs that “overactive nerves” cause fibromyalgia using evidence or hype? c comments: http://bit.ly/gJjB2p
    2010-12-07 17:02:29 UTC
  • CafePharma is the wikileaks of pharma, but “we should do nothing about it” says Marc. U really CAN’T do anything about it. #smpharma
    2010-12-07 16:51:03 UTC
  • @shwen Where’d you sign up for lunch?
    2010-12-07 16:44:03 UTC
  • @shwen Thanks. For others at #smpharma, give me ur contact info & I’ll send you a pin! Marc Monseau isn’t wearing his 🙁
    2010-12-07 16:41:28 UTC
  • I am at #smpharma Forgot my bus cards AND sm pioneer lapel pins! 🙁
    2010-12-07 16:32:17 UTC
  • Innovative DIA Workshop for Marketing and Promotional Review Team Members. http://conta.cc/ez3GTV
    2010-12-07 14:01:32 UTC
  • @HowellMarketing No, I am at Social Media for Pharma in NYC today and tomorrow.
    2010-12-07 12:54:32 UTC
  • IMHO, Pfizer’s Latest Lyrica DTC Ad Should Be Cited By FDA as Misleading. What do you think? http://bit.ly/fGBhwl
    2010-12-07 12:37:05 UTC
  • Senate Report on Investigation into Hundreds of Improper Cardiac Stent Implantations. http://bit.ly/gPGCpw
    2010-12-06 18:06:53 UTC
  • Does this secret document have anything to do with Pfizer CEO Kindler’s recent decision to retire? http://bit.ly/i7AJRt
    2010-12-06 16:25:06 UTC
  • C me at SM 4 Pharma conf in NYC ths week: http://bit.ly/c77jhk. I’ll have SM Pioneer lapel pins 2 hand out! http://yfrog.com/nbixrgj #hcsm
    2010-12-06 15:55:33 UTC
  • @mleland How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds: http://youtu.be/dZRd5ulBna4 My first experience with the wonders of YouTube!
    2010-12-06 15:29:38 UTC
  • Ha Ha! Balt Sun article won’t allow my comment with “ass” in it even tho I’m quoting its own article – profanity! http://bit.ly/frlNzd
    2010-12-06 15:21:24 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar Update – December 6, 20… http://conta.cc/eKcEGF via #constantcontact
    2010-12-06 15:16:32 UTC
  • @richmeyer Thank goodness for the 4 in 10 ppl who do NOT ignore Internet ads! Like these: http://bit.ly/Fqwqn
    2010-12-06 14:39:15 UTC
  • Abbott Fetes Barred Cardiologist with High Cholesterol Pig Roast. http://bit.ly/eiDfUP
    2010-12-06 12:20:41 UTC
  • @manguitartech Ah, yes, ED marketing that makes you feel inadequate 4 not having your own private plane! Brilliant!
    2010-12-03 21:50:52 UTC
  • @serious_skeptic I’m on 3 meds – high BP, gout, anti-chol – ALL are generic!
    2010-12-03 20:42:24 UTC
  • @AMBlass You should start a “worst ever diabetes scam” list.
    2010-12-03 20:40:20 UTC
  • @health20Paris OK. I will use it for a forum I will set up here: http://bit.ly/bie2Ae #doctors20
    2010-12-03 20:38:55 UTC
  • @AMBlass I bet a lot are selling all kinds of diabetes “cures”.
    2010-12-03 20:31:55 UTC
  • @AMBlass Isn’t it diabetes awareness month? Oh, that was last month!
    2010-12-03 20:31:04 UTC
  • @WriteWithStan Just thinking of an F16 Hornet elicits you know what!
    2010-12-03 20:30:12 UTC
  • @AMBlass What press releases do you mean?
    2010-12-03 20:19:48 UTC
  • I don’t suppose most blue-collar guys own private aircraft!
    2010-12-03 20:18:53 UTC
  • Study cited on viagra.com says blue-collar men & men w low education more likely to suffer from ED! http://bit.ly/gIFwoe
    2010-12-03 20:17:43 UTC
  • @health20Paris Bon apetit!
    2010-12-03 20:08:59 UTC
  • What’s the theoretically maximum height of a woman’s high heel? Maybe @pharmaguapa knows? See @sciencebabe’s ans: http://bit.ly/1GNooZ
    2010-12-03 20:00:46 UTC
  • What a world DTC marketers imagine we live in — as per images in the revamped Viagra product site: http://bit.ly/eigQst
    2010-12-03 19:52:07 UTC
  • As per @WendyBlackburn, I added “Much fewer ‘warning’ lttrs frm FDA in 2011” 2 Pharma’s XMAS wish list. Add yours here: http://bit.ly/dMcr5M
    2010-12-03 19:48:16 UTC
  • RT @serious_skeptic: McDonald’s plan 2 drop health coverage – FierceHealthFinance – http://bit.ly/fYd01w
    2010-12-03 19:30:32 UTC
  • @richmeyer maybe less!
    2010-12-03 19:28:33 UTC
  • @richmeyer BTW, what the US consumer knows about pharma regulations can fill a thimble!
    2010-12-03 19:28:00 UTC
  • @richmeyer U r looking at glass half empty – fewer consumers than in the past feel that pharma needs more regulation!
    2010-12-03 18:20:43 UTC
  • @EileenOBrien I would appreciate your input to my survey regarding the specific issues raised by CDD’s complaint: http://bit.ly/eVPhsL
    2010-12-03 18:19:21 UTC
  • @RitaRubin Got any more info where I can see what that’s about?
    2010-12-03 18:04:41 UTC
  • Was this Lovitz “PSA” free? How does a “PSA” differ from an ad? http://bit.ly/ghOhgN
    2010-12-03 16:50:36 UTC
  • @SeydaCASKURLU Reminds me a little of this Steve Martin skit: http://bit.ly/h1jZYp
    2010-12-03 16:45:12 UTC
  • @pharmaphorum Pharma warns FDA? that’s a twist.
    2010-12-03 16:40:23 UTC
  • @WendyBlackburn Sorry, this list is what others should do to help pharma w/o pharma hving to do anything itself! 🙂
    2010-12-03 15:47:02 UTC
  • What should pharma have on its wish list for Santa this year? http://bit.ly/dMcr5M
    2010-12-03 15:38:16 UTC
  • I am losing confidence that FDA will have draft guidance for Internet promo before this month is over. 🙁 #fdasm
    2010-12-03 15:14:13 UTC
  • @debbieweil I regret that the US seems to be surpassing China in its willingness & ability to shut down websites! Let the Cyber Wars begin!
    2010-12-03 13:45:20 UTC
  • @pjmachado I may want to PRIVATELY ask a pharmacist medical advice, but is the pharmacist’s Internet access secure enough? #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 13:43:30 UTC
  • WOW! Guardian.co.uk shuts down Q&A with Julian Assange! Will post his answers “as soon as we can” whasup??? http://bit.ly/hof2AH
    2010-12-03 13:40:23 UTC
  • @richmeyer I am hiding something, and I am not a man of good character either (according to some ppl, anyway).
    2010-12-03 13:35:34 UTC
  • @richmeyer Wanted by police doesn’t mean guilty as charged.
    2010-12-03 13:31:22 UTC
  • Viagra Website Goes Dark! Pharma Marketing Blog exclusive! http://bit.ly/eigQst
    2010-12-03 13:27:06 UTC
  • @richmeyer He released MUCH more damaging reports months ago, but hasn’t gotten the level of flak he’s getting now. Something’s diff now.
    2010-12-03 13:14:40 UTC
  • @stevenkrein Easier said than done! Especially by non-tech savvy pharmacists. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 13:04:28 UTC
  • @richmeyer Can you believe the charges? Isn’t he innocent anyway until proven guilty? Whatever happened to our American values!
    2010-12-03 13:03:14 UTC
  • It’s interesting that Pfizer hasn’t put its sidewiki comment on top of mine on Viagra.com! Not important enuf, I guess. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 13:01:59 UTC
  • @richmeyer How cn u say that abt Assange after saying “those of us who tell the truth oftn risk alienation from possible employers”?
    2010-12-03 12:59:34 UTC
  • @pharmaguapa How can HCP counsel pats online & not violate their privacy? #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:55:43 UTC
  • Retweet of Moritz Bappert (dustysnow)
    Julian Assange has my support.
    2010-12-03 12:55:04 UTC
  • @andrewspong And by combining that IP address with data from other sources, FBI can ID you! #privacy #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:54:46 UTC
  • @engagementstrat Programmers NEVER tear down something that is already built — they just comment out the code. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:51:40 UTC
  • @pharmagossip You r aiding & abetting a criminal, sir! US demands u turn him in for exercising his free speech.
    2010-12-03 12:50:32 UTC
  • @andrewspong My sidewiki comments were featured in pharma presentations about the dangers of SM! #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:49:27 UTC
  • @engagementstrat Google ignored my plea at FDA hearing: “Tear down the sidewiki wall!” http://bit.ly/fV4pwf #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:47:04 UTC
  • @richmeyer I’ve been unemployable for quite some time — ever since I began blogging!
    2010-12-03 12:45:35 UTC
  • @angel189 sidewiki has not been taken advantage of by any1 except @pharmagossip #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:44:27 UTC
  • @pharmaguapa That’s not totally true. There r no settings to limit some of the tracking technology currently being used. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:43:36 UTC
  • @drpenzesjanos I can’t get into details here, but u may want to read the full FTC report here: http://bit.ly/g3WIrh #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:41:44 UTC
  • @pharmaguapa @pharmagossip CafePharma is the wikileaks of pharma! #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:39:24 UTC
  • @vj_CR Like I said, Web browsers r not REALLY giving us any choice, according to FTC. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:37:49 UTC
  • @health20Paris In US ppl r worried bout the day when washing machines r on the net & everyone will know abt our dirty laundry! #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:36:25 UTC
  • @andrewspong You mean that comment I made about being voted off the island? 🙂 #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:35:13 UTC
  • @health20Paris Hah ha, you read my mind! #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:33:35 UTC
  • @pharmaguapa Yes, privacy is dead, get over it. What billionaire said that? #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:32:52 UTC
  • I mean how many ppl DONT know they have cancer & would like to know — my analogy re consumers unaware of privacy issues. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:31:51 UTC
  • @pharmaguapa How many people know they hv cancer but would like to know? What u don’t know can hurt u. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:30:56 UTC
  • @andrewspong FTC says browser developers r not doing a good enuf job giving us the tools to make a choice. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:30:00 UTC
  • FTC seems to say that laws & regs limited to PII are not as relevant today, because data from diff sources r being combined. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:29:05 UTC
  • By “PII” I mean personally identifiable information. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:28:07 UTC
  • @pharmaguapa What EU priv regs deal with non-PII info used for tracking? #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:27:42 UTC
  • @health20Paris What probs? & What’s the EU doing abt them? #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:26:04 UTC
  • Re privacy & SM issues in the US vs EU. I’m assuming you’ve seen this? http://bit.ly/fUIiIT #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:25:00 UTC
  • @andrewspong If it’s a convo then I need 2 limit my tweets 2 let others get a tweet in edgewise. 🙂 #itsaconversation #facepalm
    2010-12-03 12:19:08 UTC
  • I think pharmacists r also very interested in drug side effect info so they can help patients who hv probs. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:16:30 UTC
  • @MaverickNY It’s hard NOT to generalize when conforming to tweeting character limitations. 🙂 #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:12:05 UTC
  • It’s sad that pharma ignores pharmacists here in US – they r best source for pat educ but pharma mostly interested in new Rx. #hcsmeu
    2010-12-03 12:07:51 UTC
  • Retweet of pharmagossip (pharmagossip)
    RT @wikileaks: Utterly surreal: Pravda justifiably criticising US for trying to stifle a free press bit.ly/hD2zst How times change.
    2010-12-03 11:42:55 UTC
  • New survey: 74% of U.S. Physicians Said They Will Retire or Work Part-time Due to Healthcare Reform. Idle threat? http://bit.ly/gtExNg
    2010-12-03 11:15:25 UTC
  • Sharpen Your Medical Communication Skills at DIA’s Medical Communications Workshop 2011 * March 7 & 8 http://conta.cc/fLUnTM
    2010-12-02 14:01:32 UTC
  • Are You Serious? A Good Example of Why Pharma Brand Managers “Love Its” TV. http://bit.ly/epoxwY
    2010-12-02 12:46:53 UTC
  • FTC Issues Privacy Report Recommending “Do Not Track” Option. Find it here + WSJ coverage. http://bit.ly/hBMl4E #FTCPriv #hcsm
    2010-12-02 12:07:36 UTC
  • R u going to SM 4 Pharma Conf in NYC nxt wk? http://bit.ly/c77jhk If so, want to be video-interviewed by Pharmaguy™?
    2010-12-01 20:30:18 UTC
  • @richmeyer I haven’t played with it much yet to find any downsides.
    2010-12-01 20:27:43 UTC
  • Just got my MacBook Air 13″. It’s a beautiful thing! Really awesome!
    2010-12-01 20:10:35 UTC
  • “Deep packet inspection” — a new term for me. #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 18:19:21 UTC
  • R u creating barriers to entry? No, says FTC, we hv no regulatory authority! Oh, well. Time 4 me 2 hang up! #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 18:16:45 UTC
  • FTC says: “What are you for? You cannot possibly b 4 privacy status quo.” #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 18:15:00 UTC
  • I invite all of u at #FTCPriv to respond 2 New Media Privacy Issues & Online Health Marketing survey: http://bit.ly/eVPhsL
    2010-12-01 16:34:29 UTC
  • What ever happened to “Privacy is dead. Get over it!”? #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 16:30:12 UTC
  • Retweet of Randy Picker (randypicker)
    FTC seems to be having problem posting its Internet privacy report. Am I the only who finds that less than confidence inspiring? #FTCpriv
    2010-12-01 16:20:32 UTC
  • Retweet of Privacy Camp (PrivacyCamp)
    RT @Ghostery: RT @PrivacyCamp: Suggest using #DNTrack for “Do Not Track” hearings this week. Pls rt. #privacy #FTC #FTCPriv #privchat
    2010-12-01 16:20:12 UTC
  • @BerinSzoka And I thought it was my problem why I couldn’t find it! #FTC #FTCPriv #privacy
    2010-12-01 16:19:24 UTC
  • Where can I find that FTC privacy report released at 11 AM? #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 16:17:24 UTC
  • Privacy wonks at Wash Press Club don’t seem to have much respect for gov’t privacy initiatives. Very “snarky” comments. #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 16:13:46 UTC
  • Jeff Chester thinks eDetailing is not only invading physicians’ privacy but is hugely effective! Pharma wishes it were so. #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 16:07:19 UTC
  • @BerinSzoka I have an “off the air” button. 🙂 #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 16:05:45 UTC
  • Wow! Jeff Chester really has a “rant” style of speaking! Going 2 B tough guest 2 interview on my PMT show! #FTCPriv http://bit.ly/hbLLAT
    2010-12-01 16:00:36 UTC
  • Is healthcare advertising as “beneficial” and “educational” as CGC advertising? http://bit.ly/9bPdD4
    2010-12-01 15:57:07 UTC
  • FTC report on “do not track” to be released at 11 AM today. #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 15:54:50 UTC
  • Jeff Chester we can have a win-win — robust online health mkting & consumer privacy. #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 15:53:52 UTC
  • I answered @OFAKOGLOU’s question on @Listorious: Read The Changing Pharma Commercial Model in 2010 and Beyond… http://listorio.us/fSwEmz
    2010-12-01 15:49:20 UTC
  • Listen to, participate in my discussion w Jeff Chester, CDD, Thurs Dec 9, 2 PM. http://bit.ly/hbLLAT #FTCpriv
    2010-12-01 15:31:56 UTC
  • “Cookies are a Joke.” So is “Do Not Track” mechanism. Online Ad Tech is 1 Step Ahead of Law & Regs http://bit.ly/fUIiIT #FTCPriv
    2010-12-01 15:10:47 UTC
  • Get eMarketing Answers at the 6th Annual eMarketing Summit http://conta.cc/h9JUbp via #constantcontact
    2010-12-01 15:09:50 UTC
  • Aside from riding in the Cash Cab in NYC, my dream is to be captured by the Google van as I stroll thru my hometown!
    2010-12-01 15:00:56 UTC
  • I answered @OFAKOGLOU’s question on @Listorious: Yes. In fact I hope to do a podcast interview on that topic. http://listorio.us/f2Giwx
    2010-12-01 14:59:15 UTC
  • I’m listening to Consumer Watchdog’s policy conference on the future of online consumer protections. http://bit.ly/gjJWF1
    2010-12-01 14:05:33 UTC
  • New Media, New Ways to Track You. Online Ad Technology is One Step Ahead of Lawmakers and Regulators. http://bit.ly/fUIiIT
    2010-12-01 13:14:56 UTC
  • @paulgrant How can I see that BBC show here in US? #hcsmeudata
    2010-12-01 11:30:31 UTC
  • iPads for Sales: Take Action or Watchful Waiting? http://bit.ly/eY06BU
    2010-12-01 11:20:29 UTC
  • Tracking ‘Cookies’ are a Joke: How to ‘Fingerprint’ a Computer: http://bit.ly/fi3MPp
    2010-12-01 11:19:00 UTC
  • What’s ur opinion about issues raised by CDD in its brief to FTC? Pls take my survey: http://bit.ly/e9Dcrq
    2010-12-01 11:06:28 UTC
  • WikiPharmaLeaks: TALES OF A PHARMA CEO. http://bit.ly/hdNs4R
    2010-11-30 21:06:08 UTC
  • @lauratoogood Thanks!
    2010-11-30 18:32:46 UTC
  • Coming soon?: wikileaks publication of internal pharma memos regarding opinions of FDA. that would be juicy! Got any? Send em 2 me.
    2010-11-30 18:01:41 UTC
  • @WebMD what r ur opinions of issues raised by CDD? See my online survey: http://bit.ly/eVPhsL
    2010-11-30 17:57:58 UTC
  • Please take the survey titled “New Media Privacy Issues & Online Health Marketing”. Your feedback is important! http://bit.ly/eVPhsL
    2010-11-30 17:53:00 UTC
  • @QualityHealth what’s ur opinion about issues raised by CDD in its brief to FTC? Pls take my survey: http://bit.ly/e9Dcrq
    2010-11-30 17:43:49 UTC
  • Need Help Demonstrating Your Products? http://conta.cc/cYpVTv via #constantcontact
    2010-11-30 13:46:29 UTC
  • @rohal I see paper! #hcsmeu
    2010-11-29 18:11:12 UTC
  • @richmeyer Thanks!
    2010-11-29 17:51:23 UTC
  • For me, Twitter is surpassing e-mail for reaching my audience. See http://bit.ly/fz9VMA
    2010-11-29 17:50:14 UTC
  • @richmeyer Do you have a link where I can find that mention?
    2010-11-29 17:48:27 UTC
  • @healthythinker You & I are thinking alike re drug discovery is Jackson Pollock, although could be like Monet when he was blind.
    2010-11-29 17:02:23 UTC
  • @serious_skeptic Maybe he envisions Jackson Pollock lab researchers throwing chems against a wall & seeing what sticks? http://bit.ly/fLY4CJ
    2010-11-29 16:13:18 UTC
  • What Qs should I ask during my “Inside ePharma Pioneer Studio” session next week? http://bit.ly/eXUPjR #fdasm #socpharm
    2010-11-29 15:59:47 UTC
  • Drug discovery is as much an art as a “process” (aka science )says GSK’s CEO: http://bit.ly/hs9wwC (pdf)
    2010-11-29 15:57:34 UTC
  • Just got a tip that FTC soon — maybe this week — will release a report addressing pharma online mkting privacy issues.
    2010-11-29 14:35:20 UTC
  • @lenstarnes Likes this depiction of Pharma-Doctor SM engagement. http://yfrog.com/j7w53pj See his revu of MD SM http://ht.ly/3gGHJ #hcsm
    2010-11-29 14:30:20 UTC
  • @HealthUnlocked How so? #hcsmeucamp #hcsmeucamp
    2010-11-29 13:40:53 UTC
  • @whydotpharma Is Pharmaceutical Marketing BS? http://bit.ly/1azyIZ #hcsmeucamp #hcsmeu
    2010-11-29 12:44:12 UTC
  • CDD’s FTC brief is a treasure trove of “innovative” online marketing solutions! Find list & review here: http://bit.ly/ehAmIS
    2010-11-29 12:08:24 UTC
  • Is Your Digital Marketing Solution Mentioned in the CDD Brief? It Should Be! http://bit.ly/ehAmIS
    2010-11-28 20:00:47 UTC
  • FDA has 34 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes, 30 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-27 14:31:11 UTC
  • Just purchased MacBook Air!
    2010-11-26 20:13:51 UTC
  • @ddwebster It’s is not as simple as that. Gifts help cement relationship w pharmaco, which is a ONE factor swaying decisions. #socpharm
    2010-11-26 16:05:14 UTC
  • Happy Thanksgiving. Spending my day cooking & reading this critique of online pharma mrkting: http://bit.ly/gsvFaJ
    2010-11-25 15:28:03 UTC
  • Looks like rain/sleet 2morrow will put kibosh on my plan to deep-fry my turkey for TG 🙁
    2010-11-24 15:57:37 UTC
  • Thanks @PhRMA for following me! Does PhRMA Intern have a Twitter Acct?
    2010-11-24 15:54:41 UTC
  • Online health mkting is “unfair and deceptive” says Center for Digital Democracy. http://bit.ly/gsvFaJ #fdasm #socpharm #hcsm
    2010-11-24 13:02:49 UTC
  • @PJ_medigital Google has been pretty much relegated to the sidelines of social media. 🙂
    2010-11-24 11:31:47 UTC
  • @El_Bor OK. Point taken.
    2010-11-23 22:18:03 UTC
  • Center for Digital Democracy Challenges FTC to Reign In Online Pharma Marketing. http://bit.ly/gsvFaJ #fdasm #socpharm #hcsm
    2010-11-23 22:16:48 UTC
  • @El_Bor Clue me in to what u r talking about. 🙂
    2010-11-23 21:56:37 UTC
  • @ChristianeTrue FTC filing frm Ctr 4 Digital Democracy re online pharma mkting & privacy cites EVERY1! I’m on page 102. http://ow.ly/3evwf
    2010-11-23 21:20:29 UTC
  • Thx 4 clarification on telephone detailing RT @richmeyer: Detailing by phone: What do physicians think ? http://goo.gl/fb/ZCg29
    2010-11-23 18:57:16 UTC
  • @richmeyer They don’t think they can — they r doing it. Data is based on physician interviews, not projections.
    2010-11-23 18:28:27 UTC
  • @richmeyer That’s the same study that includes TELEPHONE details in the “new media” category! See my post: http://bit.ly/dwKRjE
    2010-11-23 18:08:41 UTC
  • @shwen Yes, both sons are home. Have a great Holiday!
    2010-11-23 16:45:25 UTC
  • @shwen We’re having 2/3 of a turduckin – turkey plus duck, but not stuffed in each other! Hoping to deep fry turkey tho!
    2010-11-23 16:35:53 UTC
  • @shwen I’ll be sitting at home, avoiding crowds on #blackfriday
    2010-11-23 16:16:32 UTC
  • FDA has 38 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes, 30 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-23 14:31:13 UTC
  • @WriteWithStan Actually, it was 3 tin cans. I’m not that old!
    2010-11-22 16:56:39 UTC
  • Memory Lane: The Internet in 1995 – I was There BEFORE Google! http://bit.ly/bH4enl
    2010-11-22 16:52:42 UTC
  • Detailing by Telephone Accounts for Nearly Half of “New Media” Promotion to Physicians: http://bit.ly/dwKRjE
    2010-11-22 16:02:04 UTC
  • FDA has 39 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes, 30 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-22 14:31:41 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar Update – get your conference listed. http://conta.cc/atS0As
    2010-11-22 13:46:30 UTC
  • Pharma Companies Lobby Against Healthcare Reform Price Control Panel http://bit.ly/dobyKF
    2010-11-22 12:06:55 UTC
  • FDA has 40 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes, 30 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-21 14:31:15 UTC
  • @drkoop more like a prediction, I’d say.
    2010-11-20 13:44:37 UTC
  • FDA has 41 days, 15 hours, 28 minutes, 40 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-20 13:31:17 UTC
  • @DTC_Insights Pharma desperately needs GLs related 2 space limitations bcuz that affects SEM. Great impact. C http://bit.ly/aFpTJw #fdasm
    2010-11-19 21:03:21 UTC
  • @DTC_Insights Oh, those DTC people are such cut ups! They love their TV ads so much, they dis anything digital, even FDA GLs! #fdasm
    2010-11-19 20:33:49 UTC
  • EU to Release Data in December That Could Put Alli Diet Pill Sales in the Toilet! http://bit.ly/cmqMiv
    2010-11-19 20:31:33 UTC
  • @skypen Well, I told my wife (of 25 yrs, BTW) that I won’t be tattooing her name on me, so she doesn’t have to worry. 🙂
    2010-11-19 19:06:59 UTC
  • @skypen Dude, looking at ur gr8 wedding photos on FB. Where’d Kim get her shoulder tat? I’m thinking of getting 1 when I lose 20 more lbs.
    2010-11-19 18:53:04 UTC
  • @pharmagossip Then I should fear TSA scanners as much as I fear terrorists! And I do!
    2010-11-19 18:48:36 UTC
  • @dsgold But I hate it when Google takes over everything on the phone just because I have a gmail acct!
    2010-11-19 18:47:22 UTC
  • @Alex__Butler Hope you can take my survey re: paid POLs — even if anon: http://bit.ly/a2vD4V
    2010-11-19 15:54:11 UTC
  • Some DROID app screwed up my text msging & I had to spend 1 hr w Verizonwireless tech support! reboot, backup, wipe! royal waste of time!
    2010-11-19 15:39:50 UTC
  • I’m finished w my DROIDy “smart”phone! Going out to buy iPhone today even tho it means ATT!
    2010-11-19 15:36:10 UTC
  • @kgapo See an influential patient here: http://bit.ly/9rivTZ Roche thinks so! #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 13:48:26 UTC
  • @pharmaguy: FDA has 42 days 2 keep its promise … else I start drafting a 2011 version of this post: http://bit.ly/bkey #fdasm
    2010-11-19 13:38:15 UTC
  • FDA has 42 days, 15 hours, 28 minutes, 40 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-19 13:31:55 UTC
  • Check out the Good Promotion Practices Alliance PMN Forum: http://bit.ly/aFZd0V
    2010-11-19 13:29:34 UTC
  • @lenstarnes Those boots would need sharp spikes for enforcement to prevent slips 🙂
    2010-11-19 13:24:16 UTC
  • I’d like to see “A Day in the Life of an ePatient” documentary, SM style that is (“Socialmentary”?). #hcsmeu #ehealth #socentchat
    2010-11-19 13:23:27 UTC
  • @health20Paris Will me wearing #hawaiianshirt stand out in Paris?
    2010-11-19 13:18:18 UTC
  • @lenstarnes Is the slope slippery w code of ethics or w/o? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 13:17:13 UTC
  • @sammielw I agree 100%. Regs or lack thereof are just scapegoat for no being a Pharma SM Pioneer! #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 13:16:09 UTC
  • No matter how u define influential patients, they exist & pharma will employ them to aid their SM efforts. http://bit.ly/aS2oWr #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:59:44 UTC
  • @kgapo Both in real life & esp on Internet can POLs be found, says pharmayodoguy. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:46:44 UTC
  • @andrewspong We r specifically talking about PATIENT opinion leaders, no? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:45:42 UTC
  • @Dominic_Tyer See, always blame the regulators! 🙂 #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:44:40 UTC
  • @sammielw I hate geotargeting, esp when I am in EU! Whatever happened to Internet breaking down geo boundaries? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:39:48 UTC
  • @andrewspong There is no box! SM exploded it. #hcsmeu http://yfrog.com/ndo8gvj
    2010-11-19 12:35:17 UTC
  • @CamiloErazoL Ha Ha, re pharma getting rid of lawyers. good luck with that! #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:20:01 UTC
  • @blogaceutics Interfering w doctor-pat rel may be one reason y pharma reluctant to engage directly w pats. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:17:03 UTC
  • @xbrochart Website r no prob 4 pharma. SM is a problem. Why? Is most of the probs due to regs? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:15:42 UTC
  • @andrewspong I am interested in who’s/what’s to blame 4 pharma’s poor use of SM to date. How much blame goes to lack of clear regs? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:13:29 UTC
  • @arbeiza They may say, call this 1-800 number, as if that would help. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:10:42 UTC
  • @andrewspong I agree, but I often hear how FDA & other regulatory authorities r holding back what pharma can do in SM. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:09:28 UTC
  • @drpenzesjanos Usefulness to marketer means brand info, but to patient means much more – they define it. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:08:19 UTC
  • @whydotpharma Some1 joked that lack of GLs from FDA meant all phrama could say on Twttr was “goodbye” I mean to dispel that notion. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:07:10 UTC
  • pharma blames LACK of clear regs 4 not doing more in SM. Is that a valid excuse? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-19 12:04:56 UTC
  • @cmeadvocate I’ll have a much better XMAS present for y’all than a collection of my tweets!
    2010-11-19 11:55:08 UTC
  • Sorry, Twournal! That wasn’t a very satisfying publishing experience!
    2010-11-19 11:54:10 UTC
  • Just made a book out of my tweets. Everybody seems to be republishing other ppl’s stuff, I publish my own! at http://twournal.com
    2010-11-19 11:51:38 UTC
  • @jonmrich I can’t wait to read it.
    2010-11-19 01:08:55 UTC
  • @skypen like many patients, I don’t spend much time on fb 🙁
    2010-11-18 22:53:32 UTC
  • @skypen Married! Congrats!
    2010-11-18 22:20:31 UTC
  • Q4: SM entrepreneurs (eg, FB) can help ensure patient empowerment by assuring patient privacy! #socentchat
    2010-11-18 21:13:50 UTC
  • @MedSavingsDoc That’s a problem, no doubt.
    2010-11-18 21:05:46 UTC
  • @MedSavingsDoc That’s why we pay big bucks for young docs! 🙂
    2010-11-18 20:47:08 UTC
  • @jackbilson3 Ha, ha! I know lack of #FDASM regs added to my net worth as a “pundit” #pharma #nofail
    2010-11-18 20:44:51 UTC
  • @shwen We’re just going to have to have a #pharmBBQ twitter chat to discuss it!
    2010-11-18 20:40:39 UTC
  • @richmeyer Found & approved it. Thanks!
    2010-11-18 20:36:40 UTC
  • Q2: In the US at least one barrier to true patient empowerment is a universal electronic medical record. #socentchat
    2010-11-18 20:35:50 UTC
  • @EmilyTav Self-diagnosis is a side effect of patient empowerment! Could be worse outcome than some med side effects! #socentchat
    2010-11-18 20:29:31 UTC
  • @JohnCTownsend I agree, but but u shld say “sometimes” pharmacos invent diseases. But often empowered pats help them! #socentchat
    2010-11-18 20:27:02 UTC
  • @heymelody I agree that the line is not always sharp between marketing & non-mkting info frm pharma. But sometimes it is! #socentchat
    2010-11-18 20:25:17 UTC
  • @Nidhi_C Seems empowerment breaks down trust between physician & patient. It’s not just a control issue. #socentchat
    2010-11-18 20:24:11 UTC
  • @heymelody What u says implies empowered pats make decisions that non-empowered pats do not. What kind of decisions? #socentchat
    2010-11-18 20:22:50 UTC
  • Sorry @Hitika I meant that last Q for @patdeegan but any1 is welcome to answer.
    2010-11-18 20:20:37 UTC
  • @Hitika So empowered patients r not interested in ANY info frm pharma even if it’s not “marketing”? (ie, unbranded disease info) #socentchat
    2010-11-18 20:19:29 UTC
  • Why don’t some doctors want empowered patients? Do they define it differently? #socentchat
    2010-11-18 20:16:13 UTC
  • @patdeegan Outside US pats don’t hv easy access to drug brand info. Does that make them less empowered? #SocEntChat
    2010-11-18 20:14:11 UTC
  • The Empowered Patient. What It Means for Pharma Marketers. http://bit.ly/dpHhkB Use code ‘TWT653’ 2 download free. #SocEntChat
    2010-11-18 20:12:33 UTC
  • Can some1 define “empowered patient” for me? #SocEntChat
    2010-11-18 20:07:47 UTC
  • Seems SM sites like FB r not where empowered patients go: http://bit.ly/9sWsGt #SocEntChat
    2010-11-18 20:06:00 UTC
  • @shwen re cook-off; we need to combine it with a improv comedy show at some appropriate conference venue. Trying to generate interest in it.
    2010-11-18 20:03:05 UTC
  • @shwen Keep BBQ’ing it up & pretty soon u’ll look like me in an xtra large Hawaiian shirt! #sxsw
    2010-11-18 19:20:13 UTC
  • Retweet of SusannahFox (SusannahFox)
    Facebook is *not* where most people are getting health info – @pharmaguy post & my comment: http://bit.ly/9sWsGt #hcsm
    2010-11-18 19:15:57 UTC
  • @pharmagossip Ha, ha! I’m always telling my son he shld tweet his crazy comments & l8r I’d collate them in2 a book: “$%#@&^ My Son Says”
    2010-11-18 19:14:15 UTC
  • @health20Paris Nice eye-popping avatar! #ideagoras
    2010-11-18 15:36:38 UTC
  • @PR_in_Pink Ha, Ha. Let’s put their feet to the fire! #fdasm
    2010-11-18 15:36:14 UTC
  • @PR_in_Pink We should all email FDA at InternetPublicMeeting@fda.hhs.gov & tell them 2 look at my “Ticker” 🙂 #socialmedia #fdasm
    2010-11-18 15:20:16 UTC
  • @bpollard Frequency is more important than reach when it comes 2 convos. But reach sells more ads.
    2010-11-18 15:17:50 UTC
  • “Will patients ever comply?” This is the wrong question. http://lnkd.in/XPnwhJ
    2010-11-18 15:12:22 UTC
  • @skypen Don’t u luv me anymore? We haven’t had much dialogue via Twttr lately. R u not following me? 🙁
    2010-11-18 15:07:23 UTC
  • @DUrbaniak R u still planning to be on my Inside the ePharma Pioneer Studio Panel on Dec 8? http://conta.cc/bDnggr
    2010-11-18 15:06:23 UTC
  • @gfry FB privacy be damned said this woman who besieged S-A’s FB page: http://bit.ly/cymi0s
    2010-11-18 15:02:07 UTC
  • @bpollard Yes, but these surveys & marketers hv specific criteria 4 labeling some1 an “online health info seeker.” I am bowing 2 that defn.
    2010-11-18 15:00:26 UTC
  • @gfry Ah, yes! Good point abt FB privacy issues blocking its use for health convos.
    2010-11-18 14:52:00 UTC
  • Experimental Merck Cholesterol Drug Succeeds Where Pfizer’s Failed. http://bit.ly/a6DH3U
    2010-11-18 14:51:21 UTC
  • @gfry I think it means that ppl r not conversing on FB 4 some reason & this leads to poor freq of use, not other way around. Why?
    2010-11-18 14:45:53 UTC
  • WSJ survey finds health execs among highest earning CEOs! That shouldn’t be the case IMHO. http://on.wsj.com/cmkDJD
    2010-11-18 14:40:06 UTC
  • @skypen FB seems to hv gr8 “reach” for health info seekers but poor “frequency” of use. What’s more important? #hcsm
    2010-11-18 14:37:39 UTC
  • 2/3 of pharma survey respondents agree that pharma shuld b able 2 hire Patient Opinion Leaders. What’s ur vu? http://bit.ly/a2vD4V #socpharm
    2010-11-18 13:56:42 UTC
  • Inside The ePharma Pioneer Studio – With Pharmaguy™. Dec 8, NYC. $400 Discount. http://conta.cc/bDnggr #fdasm #socpharm
    2010-11-18 13:40:56 UTC
  • FDA has 43 days, 15 hours, 28 minutes, 40 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-18 13:31:35 UTC
  • @SusannahFox Hello Susannah. Thanks for favoring my tweet!
    2010-11-18 13:24:28 UTC
  • @motiondigital Actually, many pharma tweets alert consumers to useful info & disease awareness campaigns that r NOT regulated. #fdasm #hcsm
    2010-11-18 13:19:07 UTC
  • Guess What Site Online Health Info Seekers are NOT Visiting So Much. Ans may surprise u. http://bit.ly/9sWsGt #socpharm #hcsm
    2010-11-18 13:17:02 UTC
  • @motiondigital @pfizer is a phony Pfizer Twitter acct. The real Pfizer, @Pfizer_news, wuld hv said “Goodbye” #fdasm
    2010-11-18 11:57:02 UTC
  • Canadians Need More Pharmaceutical Safeguards, Says Report. http://bit.ly/a2nvKA #drugsafety
    2010-11-17 13:51:55 UTC
  • FDA has 44 days, 15 hours, 28 minutes, 40 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-17 13:31:34 UTC
  • Searching for Answers on Search Engine Marketing? FREE Pharma Marketing News article: http://bit.ly/9DOWKE
    2010-11-17 13:12:26 UTC
  • Only 1 in 10 Online Health Info Seekers Regularly Visit Pharma Sites: http://bit.ly/d8L4ME #socpharm #health
    2010-11-17 12:49:51 UTC
  • Today is World #COPD Day! http://bit.ly/ca3QaV Great time for a BI-sponsored #COPDChat: http://bit.ly/9tcWtr
    2010-11-17 11:35:00 UTC
  • Retweet of Andrew Spong (andrewspong)
    September 2010: print book sales slump 21%, ebook sales up 158% vs prior year http://ow.ly/3amgv | The Scholarly Kitchen
    2010-11-16 21:15:46 UTC
  • @polln8 Yes, but Medscape is a controlled environment and is not Twitter. #healthinnovations
    2010-11-16 20:13:15 UTC
  • Podcast available: Media Consumption Habits of Physicians: Size (of Practice) DOES Matter! Listen: http://bit.ly/bKXshj
    2010-11-16 19:31:45 UTC
  • I discuss Media Consumption Habits of Physicians with publisher of Little Blue Book, 2 PM LIVE: Callin 347-996-5894 or: http://bit.ly/apORSq
    2010-11-16 18:51:01 UTC
  • Will a Pharma Company Ever “Host” a Chat on Twitter? http://bit.ly/9tcWtr #fdasm #socpharm #hcsmeu #hcsm
    2010-11-16 15:45:30 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing News: Issue 9.9, Part 2 — NOVEMBER, 2010 http://conta.cc/bWznLE Mkt Research in Middle East
    2010-11-16 13:45:56 UTC
  • FDA has 45 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-16 12:01:44 UTC
  • @richmeyer Yes, including my wife. 🙂
    2010-11-15 21:38:39 UTC
  • @richmeyer I was on a trail bike on a “trail” in the Poconos outside Jim Thorpe, PA. It was downhill though!
    2010-11-15 19:26:33 UTC
  • @soulflsepulcher Sure. I humbly submit Osso Whaaaat? Mack’s Osso Bucco recipe: http://youtu.be/IHfxUE3_rvI
    2010-11-15 19:07:19 UTC
  • @richmeyer That’s fantastic! I did a 15 miles bike ride & it took me 4 hours! Great exercise.
    2010-11-15 19:03:27 UTC
  • New Study Finds GSK’s Lovaza Not Any More Effective Than Placebo: http://bit.ly/ckgf0A
    2010-11-15 18:36:45 UTC
  • @pharmagossip PI data supporting Lovaza effectiveness was questionable. http://bit.ly/d5HdhK No-one was fooled except FDA who approved it!
    2010-11-15 18:29:27 UTC
  • I’m back from a 2-day plus weekend vacation — it will take me 2 days plus weekend b4 I’m totally up to speed again!
    2010-11-15 17:52:01 UTC
  • Media Consumption Habits of Physicians. A live podcast/interview, Tues Nov 16, 2 PM US ET: http://bit.ly/bKXshj
    2010-11-15 12:33:41 UTC
  • FDA has 46 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-15 12:01:37 UTC
  • FDA has 47 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-14 12:01:24 UTC
  • http://yfrog.com/2c22bgjj This is the view from where I am sitting. I could learn to like this!
    2010-11-13 16:36:23 UTC
  • I’m sitting poolside on the beach at Naples Beach & Golf Resort, Florida! Sorry, no pics. Maybe later.
    2010-11-13 16:19:24 UTC
  • FDA has 48 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-13 12:01:54 UTC
  • @DiabetesMine Pls take my survey about PHARMA hiring patient opinion leaders. http://bit.ly/aS2oWr I value ur opinion.
    2010-11-12 15:23:55 UTC
  • @DiabetesMine Interesting that Chris did not discount possibility of Animas paying patients. Who complained last year about Roche? #fdasm
    2010-11-12 14:23:08 UTC
  • FDA has 49 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-12 12:01:35 UTC
  • @BilmarMarketing Yes, I’m in Miami 🙂
    2010-11-11 16:03:24 UTC
  • Hello from Florida where the temp is 80 degrees!
    2010-11-11 15:25:32 UTC
  • FDA has 50 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-11 12:01:59 UTC
  • Rich media in a complex pharma reg world. Give us ur DAM Qs! Join discussion now: http://bit.ly/9wt9qi Call-in Number: (347) 996-5894
    2010-11-10 19:04:40 UTC
  • @cadelarge There should be an app for that. #ipad
    2010-11-10 15:43:15 UTC
  • Rich media in a complex pharma regulatory world. Answers 2 ur DAM Questions! TODAY, 2 PM live podcast/discussion: http://bit.ly/b2EOTA
    2010-11-10 15:07:25 UTC
  • Fraud & Abuse in Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing: Current laws & tips on compliance. 30% discount on CD purchase. http://conta.cc/aDBQhz
    2010-11-10 14:46:33 UTC
  • Retweet of Gary Schwitzer (garyschwitzer)
    USC grad student writes “Pfizer subsidized seminars raise red flags” http://bit.ly/a8T6gK – quotes me, @gooznews, @pharmaguy
    2010-11-10 14:42:52 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing News: Issue 9.9, Part 1 — NOVEMBER, 2010 http://conta.cc/bCcubg via #constantcontact
    2010-11-10 13:31:32 UTC
  • AMA Policy on Use of Social Media Sees the Glass Half Empty. http://bit.ly/bCc9r7 #hcsm #hcsmeu
    2010-11-10 12:57:22 UTC
  • FDA has 51 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-10 12:01:45 UTC
  • Nearly 1,000 ppl have used this self-assessment to determine their “social media marketing readiness” score: http://bit.ly/cbzA4q #socPharm
    2010-11-10 11:47:30 UTC
  • @health20Paris I welcome ur your comments in English or French!
    2010-11-09 20:15:54 UTC
  • Rich media in a complex pharma regulatory world. Answers 2 ur DAM Questions! Wednesday, 2 PM live podcast/discussion: http://bit.ly/b2EOTA
    2010-11-09 14:06:28 UTC
  • Was it “sunshine” that killed pharma-physician relations “beast” or something else? Pharma Mkting Blog: http://bit.ly/cOY2lB
    2010-11-09 13:31:12 UTC
  • @healthblawg I know that @shwen did a good job explaining what Pharmaguy™ Social Media Pioneer pin is about — him et al! #eye4pharmup
    2010-11-09 13:11:33 UTC
  • FDA has 52 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-09 12:01:39 UTC
  • @goulnik But I also like KOI. Sounds like a Japanese fish, though.
    2010-11-08 22:09:58 UTC
  • @goulnik So many acronyms, so little time!
    2010-11-08 22:08:58 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills The Social Media Revolution Will Not Be “Televised” http://bit.ly/13EUwD #efp
    2010-11-08 22:07:12 UTC
  • @CandyEfH You do realize I am on a diet & have lost 25 lbs! I don’t think a bacon sarnie is in my future 🙁
    2010-11-08 22:05:47 UTC
  • @CandyEfH What’s bacon “sarnies”?
    2010-11-08 21:42:35 UTC
  • @CandyEfH Don’t get me started on parallels between the making of foi gras & pharma marketing! #epf
    2010-11-08 21:36:13 UTC
  • @CandyEfH If pharma sold sushi, it would be marketed like this: http://yfrog.com/jjo3nj #efp
    2010-11-08 21:19:03 UTC
  • @GwenvanSolingen Good point – M&As lead to better KOL productivity! ie, doing more with less physician payments.
    2010-11-08 21:16:27 UTC
  • Certain Physician-Industry Relationships Have Declined Dramatically Over the Past 6 Years. Why? http://pharmamkting.blogspot.com/
    2010-11-08 21:07:49 UTC
  • @RickStoner Let me b ur remote regulatory sounding board. #efp
    2010-11-08 20:06:50 UTC
  • Wasn’t a point made at #efp that FB pages are “dark” w respect to SEs? How then is FB crucial 4 ur SM init? Just asking.
    2010-11-08 19:38:08 UTC
  • Retweet of Elizabeth Georgescu (LizzieGeorgescu)
    What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing http://on.mash.to/aSVgeD
    2010-11-08 19:34:10 UTC
  • @PharmaVOICE Hmmm… Citi. I seem to recall something about that company that happened in 2008. Let me search SM. #efp
    2010-11-08 19:32:50 UTC
  • @sirollerblader I suspect MySpace is dead as a SM site because of this “King of the Hill” episode: http://bit.ly/rg8Qj #efp
    2010-11-08 19:29:39 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills U need 2 catch those “floating” iPads b4 they float out the window. Also, look & c if ur refrigerator is running. #efp
    2010-11-08 19:24:29 UTC
  • @shwen I hope you are wearing the pin. #efp
    2010-11-08 19:21:58 UTC
  • Is there anyone in #efp audience wearing my Pharmaguy™ SM Pioneer pin? Or who should be? http://yfrog.com/66z0sj
    2010-11-08 19:18:19 UTC
  • @pharmagossip Seems lk more than 1 doc on ur side of the pond lk 2 giv prisoners near death diagnoses so they cn get out of jail free.
    2010-11-08 19:15:34 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills Get an iPad! Better for those among us who are small-button challenged. #efp
    2010-11-08 19:13:21 UTC
  • @pharmagossip Ha! Good one! Whoops, I just developed ALZ! What were we talking about? When does a “senior moment” become ALZ? #CureALZ
    2010-11-08 19:10:18 UTC
  • @ePatientDave Sadly, I am not in Boston in person, only in spirit! Can’t DM u cuz u r not following me 🙁
    2010-11-08 19:07:20 UTC
  • @ePatientDave I don’t know if I quoted any specific % & I’m not talking just about FB. There are many pwd-protected BBs ou there. #efp
    2010-11-08 19:04:27 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills @ePatientDave Yes, see the “Data Minding in the Deep, Dark Social Networks of Patients”: http://bit.ly/cWmt10 #efp
    2010-11-08 18:56:12 UTC
  • @PhRMA You mean every 70 seconds a doctor diagnoses Alzheimers, don’t you? #CureALZ
    2010-11-08 18:53:35 UTC
  • @venson Can anyone ans this Q: What % of PHYSICIANS use social media as a source of medical information? #efp
    2010-11-08 17:56:21 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar Update: http://conta.cc/cDEayF via #constantcontact
    2010-11-08 16:36:47 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills Sounds good!
    2010-11-08 16:30:54 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills I’ve reached out to @nalts but have not heard back from him yet.
    2010-11-08 15:53:24 UTC
  • @wiltonbound @meducate @nalts @wiltonbound Can we develop a pharma comedy improv event? See http://bit.ly/dv1Ufr
    2010-11-08 15:17:42 UTC
  • Should pharma hire e-patients as online Patient Opinion Leaders? Take my NEW survey: http://bit.ly/a2vD4V #efp
    2010-11-08 15:13:39 UTC
  • PhRMA Intern’s Secret identity Revealed! http://bit.ly/aCjAUG
    2010-11-08 15:11:22 UTC
  • @atumIT I need a web site that is social media enabled for sharing content, automatic publishing to Twitter, FB, etc.
    2010-11-08 14:45:39 UTC
  • Do FDA regs apply to pharma-paid Patient Opinion Leaders? One Q in this survey: http://bit.ly/a2vD4V #fdasm #socpharm
    2010-11-08 12:59:31 UTC
  • @kevfrost Good idea: Paid patient opinion leaders could use #iworkforpharma in tweets. Isn’t there precedence? http://bit.ly/a2vD4V
    2010-11-08 12:57:59 UTC
  • Preview of the November 2010 issue of Pharma Marketing News: http://bit.ly/b8uP3c
    2010-11-08 12:43:52 UTC
  • I have more Pharmaguy™ Social Media Pioneer lapel pins to give away & will consider agency ppl as well. Nominate here: http://bit.ly/aFKcmc
    2010-11-08 12:40:30 UTC
  • @cardiobrief republished my Lipitor Ad post on CardioBrief.org blog: http://bit.ly/cLKhKO Maybe cardiologists will comment.
    2010-11-08 12:15:40 UTC
  • New SURVEY: Should Pharma Hire Online “Patient Opinion Leaders”? What R best practices? http://bit.ly/a2vD4V
    2010-11-08 12:09:57 UTC
  • FDA has 53 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-08 12:02:05 UTC
  • Curbing Nice will bring ‘chaos’: http://bit.ly/9n6T7q See GSK Onc view of value-based pricing: http://bit.ly/95IcI3 Use code ‘VAL444’
    2010-11-08 12:00:45 UTC
  • Do new Lipitor ads dis exercise & encourage men to ignore advice of their physicians? http://bit.ly/c0WwYb
    2010-11-08 11:50:18 UTC
  • @callimudge I think FDA will do its best to close its books before new GOPers take control of next Congress. #fdasm
    2010-11-07 15:48:21 UTC
  • @ShaelJeremy It’s very hard to feel as strongly as I do about this stuff! 🙂 But thanks 4 the RT.
    2010-11-07 15:45:17 UTC
  • @pharmagossip OK, I’ll give it a shot even though I’m not a physician.
    2010-11-07 15:44:15 UTC
  • @GwenvanSolingen Where can I find the comic?
    2010-11-07 13:59:10 UTC
  • @atumIT My hosting issue has been resolved, but only for now. It goes beyond hosting.
    2010-11-07 13:57:38 UTC
  • New Lipitor Ads Dis Exercise & Healthy Diet. Are You Kidding Me? http://bit.ly/c0WwYb @phrma should take a look at these ads.
    2010-11-07 13:56:04 UTC
  • FDA has 54 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-07 12:02:04 UTC
  • FDA has 55 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-06 12:02:05 UTC
  • FDA Reporter – Drug recalls and safety alerts from FDA: http://bit.ly/eKKY4
    2010-11-06 11:43:23 UTC
  • Articles planned for the November 2010 issue of Pharma Marketing News: http://bit.ly/b8uP3c Free subscription: http://conta.cc/MAvt
    2010-11-05 17:41:09 UTC
  • FDA Approves Cymbalta to be Marketed for Chronic Lower Back Pain. http://bit.ly/aSM7B7 Can’t wait to see the TV ads!
    2010-11-05 16:25:13 UTC
  • @laikas Lots of ppl trusted their docs until they saw how much they were paid by pharmacos. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 13:17:02 UTC
  • @laikas I cited bloggers who disclosed, but who didn’t? GSK shld hv identified each blogger invited – not just posted their photos. #hscmeu
    2010-11-05 13:15:37 UTC
  • @itato I’m not talking abt laws, regs. Laws only work if you obey them. Disclosure works when you announce it for all to see. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 13:12:03 UTC
  • @laikas Not only pats need 2 realize that transparency is good, comm’l backers (eg Pharma) also must realize it & announce it. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 13:09:51 UTC
  • @andrewspong Who asks? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 13:07:58 UTC
  • Thought #hcsmeu began quietly today. But I got juiced by the Patient Opinion Leader discussion. Thanks. Must shower now.
    2010-11-05 13:07:26 UTC
  • @neovoca I met a few POLs at a recent conf: http://bit.ly/9rivTZ #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 13:04:01 UTC
  • @andrewspong Y bring up the red tape argument? Simply call for disclosure in SM profiles will suffice, no? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 13:03:03 UTC
  • @laikas HONcode, please! Who looks beyond the badge? Blioggers need to reveal any COIs in their profiles. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 13:01:55 UTC
  • @andrewspong New Yorker Cartoon:”Nobody knows you are a paid patient opinion leader on SM” #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 13:00:50 UTC
  • @BreukieSays Rules, regulations, whatever. If you do not discuss the issue, there will b abuses & stories in WSJ! #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:59:17 UTC
  • @healthUnlocked I like that: Patient Opinion Leader Code of Ethics! Who will take on the task? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:57:22 UTC
  • @andrewspong So u think no GLs are nevessary? Patient self-regulation will weed out COIs? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:56:23 UTC
  • @BenWagenaar I try to think long-term & anticipate age of Patient Opinion Leader & pharma tendency to influence same. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:55:21 UTC
  • @andrewspong $$$$$ is the incentive to do otherwise for some ppl. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:54:26 UTC
  • @HealthUnlocked Docs R obliged to be transparent due to laws & prof’l GLs. Where’s equiv for pats? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:53:20 UTC
  • @BenWagenaar Yes, no diff, yet Congress had to pass Sunshine laws to bring these payments to light of day. Will same be nec 4 pats? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:52:23 UTC
  • I thought the “transparent as docs” remark was said tongue in cheek! #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:51:05 UTC
  • @andrewspong “patients are just as transparent as doctors” – some day WSJ may expose COIs – how 2 avoid that? #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:49:57 UTC
  • @andrewspong Some patients are upfront about wanting to be hired by pharma to manage SM for them: http://bit.ly/9rivTZ #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:48:29 UTC
  • Fabio Gratton (@skypen) says “think differently about the metrics that constitute SM success” http://bit.ly/4h9LDZ #hcsmeu
    2010-11-05 12:34:26 UTC
  • Jeez! Why am I always in “You reached Twitter API connection limit” mode these days?
    2010-11-05 11:37:00 UTC
  • @andrewspong Yes, we are tardy.. I guess EU already has set back its clocks.
    2010-11-05 11:10:26 UTC
  • @andrewspong Does #hcsmeu start now in in 1 hour?
    2010-11-05 11:06:25 UTC
  • FDA has 56 days, 18 hours, 11 minutes, 20 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-05 10:48:38 UTC
  • @richmeyer u mean world of dtc marketing? I have no problem accessing it.
    2010-11-04 20:21:12 UTC
  • @richmeyer Whoops, I mean Philly!
    2010-11-04 19:49:09 UTC
  • @richmeyer Yes, I live 30 minutes BMW drive-time from Phillie. 🙂
    2010-11-04 19:48:45 UTC
  • @drpenzesjanos My lawyer will be contacting you!
    2010-11-04 19:02:59 UTC
  • World’s Dumbest Editor thinks all content on Web is in public domain! http://bit.ly/c9tbPG (c) John Mack. 2010. All rights inc RT reserved.
    2010-11-04 18:34:55 UTC
  • @Jim_Edwards Pfizer had that Jet listed 4 $35.5 M last year – http://bit.ly/14kAU0 – now it wants $37 M? Wha?!!!
    2010-11-04 17:10:44 UTC
  • Meet pharma meeting planners on Nov 15 at ExL’s 6th Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners’ Summit in NJ: http://bit.ly/MTG617
    2010-11-04 13:31:24 UTC
  • @shwen Just my small way of keepin’ FDA’s feet to the fire. #fdasm
    2010-11-04 13:28:30 UTC
  • FDA has 57 days, 16 hours, 17 minutes, 10 seconds to keep its promise 2 issue draft GLs b4 end of 2010. #fdasm
    2010-11-04 12:42:57 UTC
  • @skoko Yeah, very nice. Thanks for wearing the Pharmaguy™ SM Pioneer lapel pin!
    2010-11-04 10:58:58 UTC
  • @shwen But why did the person send it to you?
    2010-11-03 22:00:38 UTC
  • @serious_skeptic huh? Did I say that?
    2010-11-03 21:53:12 UTC
  • Cleveland Clinic pat focus grp: if doc gets $10-15K frm pharmaco, pat thinks doc is a “player”, if >$100K, pat gets “suspicious” #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 21:23:02 UTC
  • @serious_skeptic #kolmtg is CBI’s conference on pharma interactions with key opinion leaders, in Princeton, NJ.
    2010-11-03 20:48:05 UTC
  • Major prob with public disclosure of payments 2 physicians is non uniformity of reports, says Chisolm. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 20:41:32 UTC
  • @serious_skeptic Reporters r stalking docs who received bundles of $ from Pharma, regardless if earned 4 “right” or “wrong” reasons. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 20:25:22 UTC
  • As more payments 2 docs become public, docs will re-evaluate ties to drug industry, says Chisolm. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 20:15:54 UTC
  • @pharmagossip @ThinkingFox Guys, I am not part of this tweet flame war. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 20:10:50 UTC
  • @pharmagossip that’s certainly a baby boomer KOL. Later, I’ll photoshop how PHARMA will view genX KOLs in 2011. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 19:14:29 UTC
  • Retweet of pharmagossip (pharmagossip)
    As opposed to pills or injections? RT @BioPharmaRob: Tablets will be more boardly adopted in industry. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 19:10:33 UTC
  • @pharmagossip I’ll be “ligging” it up here during the cocktail hour! #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 18:56:29 UTC
  • @pharmagossip need to translate Brit -> American re “Ligging” 🙂
    2010-11-03 18:51:21 UTC
  • As baby boomer docs “die off,” KOLs will come from gen X, which is more concerned about $ than ideals, says Zuffoletti #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 18:43:25 UTC
  • Zuffoletti say iPad will play a key role in interacting with KOLs in 2011. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 18:37:43 UTC
  • Zuffoletti says KOL is neither “key” nor “opinion” nor “leader” any longer. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 18:35:04 UTC
  • Jim Zuffoletti, president openQ, predicts patient social media opinion leaders will receive “significant scrutiny” by OIG in 2011. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 18:22:56 UTC
  • @DiabetesMine I’m not an expert on insulin or biosimilars, but all synthetic insulins should be identical, not “similar,” no?
    2010-11-03 18:11:40 UTC
  • Nicholls has been “thrown under the bus” by the blogosphere, at least some part of it, that is. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 17:56:31 UTC
  • Nicholls: “Even when u r not receiving money (frm pharma), public impression is that u R receiving money.” #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 17:53:07 UTC
  • Nicholls does NOT include patients in list of stakeholders to which pharma is accountable. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 17:49:05 UTC
  • Nicholls: “the days of free lunch are over” — at Cleveland Clinic, that is. “not everywhere” said person next to me. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 17:43:13 UTC
  • Nicholls says influence is a major factor/objective of PHARMA advisory boards. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 17:33:50 UTC
  • Retweet of Robert Nauman (BioPharmaRob)
    Dr. Nicholls suggest that cardiovascular risk is on the rise, lifestyle adjustment alone will not eradicate the disease #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 17:28:24 UTC
  • Nicolls says greatest innovation opportunities arise when industry interacts with academia. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 17:27:46 UTC
  • Which is most important of the 3 i’s that relate to KOLs? Influence, Ideas, or Insights? #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 17:17:12 UTC
  • Hope 2 learn more about HCP-drug industry collab at CBI con today. #kolmtg
    2010-11-03 17:15:46 UTC
  • Find ALL drug-related FDA newsfeeds (including MedWatch, even b4 u c it from @FDAMedWatch) here: http://bit.ly/eKKY4 #hcsm
    2010-11-03 15:28:30 UTC
  • Is Google the New FDA? http://bit.ly/2HXuQJ RT @LizzieGeorgescu: Will Google Health reinvent Pharma Mkting? http://bit.ly/alRQ0T #hcsm
    2010-11-03 14:42:34 UTC
  • Visit Good Promotional Practices Alliance forum 4 resources re balanced approach to sales, marketing & compliance. http://bit.ly/dkE10C
    2010-11-03 14:31:07 UTC
  • Implement a Successful Social Media Strategy for Pharma * Jan 13-14, 2011 * DC http://conta.cc/bcgZTL #fdasm #hcsm
    2010-11-03 13:31:35 UTC
  • @AdulapuramAroon Lots of OTC ads are MUCH worse than Rx Ads! See http://bit.ly/9uAgHh
    2010-11-03 12:04:12 UTC
  • @AdulapuramAroon Internet Mkting – good or bad? Like ALL mkting, there’s the good, the bad, & the ugly. How can I make a sweeping judgment?
    2010-11-03 11:08:36 UTC
  • FDA has 58 days, 17 hours, 56 minutes, 10 seconds to fulfill its “promise” to publish f=draft Internet GLs b4 end of year. #fdasm
    2010-11-03 11:03:46 UTC
  • @blueeyepath’s Mobile app Amozo seems pretty cool on first use; hope full-screen iPad version soon. http://bit.ly/9jEWTK #hcmktg
    2010-11-02 18:49:24 UTC
  • @pharmagossip ABPI seems 2 b synching w new US hc reform law re “sunshine”; when GOP rescinds that law, ABPI can back peddle too. #hcsmeu
    2010-11-02 18:28:10 UTC
  • @AdulapuramAroon If you want to know “what” I voted for and not for “whom,” I voted for my sons’ future.
    2010-11-02 18:10:43 UTC
  • OK, time to vote.
    2010-11-02 17:31:08 UTC
  • FDA has 59 days, 14 hours, 38 minutes, 12 seconds for FDA to keep its promise. C countdown widget: http://bit.ly/15pTm #fdasm
    2010-11-02 14:21:45 UTC
  • @andrewspong KOL conf 2morrow – fixed link: http://bit.ly/aO6xUv I’ll be there with my lapel pin & extras!
    2010-11-02 12:23:02 UTC
  • Anybody attending ths KOL Conf 2morrow? http://bit.ly/bKJQ7Q the hash tag? Hope they hv wifi!
    2010-11-02 12:15:14 UTC
  • Retweet of Manny Hernandez (askmanny)
    Pls RT, @gfry: RT @diabetesHF Watch this video + a child w #diabetes gets life-saving insulin: http://tud4.us/BBTvid #bigbluetest
    2010-11-01 20:49:45 UTC
  • Docs already communicate via SM W/O being paid! RT @Doctor_V: 33 charts: Should We Pay Doctors to Communicate? http://bit.ly/cIAn5r
    2010-11-01 18:40:32 UTC
  • Lilly Patient Assistance Programs Recognized. Uninsured family of 4 under $67,000 per year income may qualify. http://bit.ly/crPsb0
    2010-11-01 18:02:12 UTC
  • RT @pharmaguy: First Internet Guidelines from FDA Likely to Address Space Limitation Issue. http://bit.ly/aNAxo2 #fdasm #hcsm
    2010-11-01 15:14:13 UTC
  • First Internet Guidelines from FDA Likely to Address Space Limitation Issue. http://bit.ly/aNAxo2 What do u think?
    2010-11-01 14:50:24 UTC
  • I plan to attend 10th ePharma Summit. Brochure is now available http://conta.cc/cUOUm9 #fdasm #epharma #hcsm
    2010-11-01 13:31:30 UTC
  • @Alex__Butler Safe trip. If you meet other pharma SM pioneers in ur travels. let me know. I have about 70 limited edition pins left!
    2010-11-01 11:41:30 UTC
  • @richmeyer Of course. But productivity limits apply to pursuits of passion as well as work. 🙂
    2010-10-31 14:54:16 UTC
  • @GaryMonk Dude, u r in violation of my branding guidelines; re: photo of pin MUST B legible! 😉
    2010-10-31 14:46:15 UTC
  • @richmeyer Rich, how many blogs do you write? What’s ur productivity secret? #management
    2010-10-31 14:42:07 UTC
  • @serious_skeptic Better quest wuld b 2 find blogs that DO hv transparency policies; prolly FEWER of those 🙂
    2010-10-31 14:41:15 UTC
  • @GaryMonk u r welcome. It was a pleasure mtg u, hope to c u again soon.
    2010-10-31 14:36:38 UTC
  • @salilkallianpur BRIC Mkt Res will appear in a series of articles, starting with this one: http://bit.ly/9km1WS Use discount code ‘KAN983’
    2010-10-31 14:35:57 UTC
  • A Call for Pharma Social Media Transparency Guidelines for Patient Bloggers. http://bit.ly/cBFjX2
    2010-10-31 14:30:34 UTC
  • @salilkallianpur Have I published what?
    2010-10-31 12:37:40 UTC
  • Be a Macho Man! Ask Your Doctor for Viagra! Pharma Marketing Blog post: http://bit.ly/btH8Hu
    2010-10-30 12:25:01 UTC
  • Several graduate degree journalism students hv contacted me last 2-3 days to interview me abt pharma industry. What’s up w that?
    2010-10-29 20:32:56 UTC
  • @skypen That domain was registered by Communispace, same co that did alli “communities” 4 GSK. Later abandoned. http://bit.ly/93tGqI
    2010-10-29 20:29:45 UTC
  • Y after a long lunch break does Twitter say I’ve reached my hourly limit? Fail!
    2010-10-29 16:05:33 UTC
  • @pgsimoes The students who chose e textbooks will B able 2 run 2 class faster than paper book carriers & survive 2 generate more offspring!
    2010-10-29 13:53:35 UTC
  • #FF @GPPnews For best pharma collaborative practice 4 sales, marketing & reg compliance. Also C http://goo.gl/X3kO
    2010-10-29 13:48:50 UTC
  • Is @shwen pharma’s “wizard” doing SM magic “behind the curtain?” @JaeSelle lists the many ways it could happen. http://bit.ly/afP8wZ
    2010-10-29 13:36:33 UTC
  • Retweet of happtic (happtic)
    Upcoming iPhone app release for Pharma/Regulatory Affairs professionals on Tuesday 2nd November. Looking for early adopters/reviewers.
    2010-10-29 13:06:51 UTC
  • J&J’s Marc Monseau (@JNJCOMM) guest blogger on @shwen’s Med2.0 Blog: http://bit.ly/bnLAjQ What will Marc blog about when not on JNJ’s dime?
    2010-10-29 12:57:39 UTC
  • @Alex__Butler Really? Cool! I think you are just the person to do Depp doing Thompson!
    2010-10-29 11:34:44 UTC
  • Rand Paul blue shirt rabble: http://youtu.be/SbnEy_U9pYk
    2010-10-29 11:23:13 UTC
  • I’ll miss my Hunter S Thompson Hawaiian shirt this Halloween! Maybe @Alex__Butler will try it out at his party? http://bit.ly/btqK8X
    2010-10-29 11:20:08 UTC
  • Is @shwen of Vertex Pharmaceuticals working on a Hepatitis C SM project right now? C note at end of this post: http://bit.ly/9bILTV #hcsm
    2010-10-29 11:13:24 UTC
  • @jainsudhir Thx for web hosting recoms
    2010-10-29 10:57:57 UTC
  • Tom Corbette, Republican candidate 4 gov in pa, says he protected seniors frm pharma ind that wants to hurt them. Huh?
    2010-10-28 22:58:11 UTC
  • Happy Pharma Social Media Halloween! A homage to my friend @shwen, a SM pioneer! http://bit.ly/9bILTV
    2010-10-28 21:06:03 UTC
  • Finally, PMN website back up & running. Sorry for any inconvenience! Thanks for following. http://bit.ly/KvaMV Ready for upgrade.
    2010-10-28 18:09:27 UTC
  • Multiple contact pts., diff licensing T&Cs r top probs in use of clinical eReprints by pharma says ReprintsDesk survey: http://goo.gl/tb94
    2010-10-28 14:30:25 UTC
  • Answers That Won’t Matter: Critique of Lilly’s Defense of DTC Advertising. Pharma Marketing Blog: http://bit.ly/a4luAp Sorry @richmeyer
    2010-10-28 14:26:59 UTC
  • Webinar: Managing FDA Device Recalls; Best Practices/Expert Tips http://conta.cc/bFSWHy 20% discount available.
    2010-10-28 14:16:36 UTC
  • Panel at Meeting Planners’ Summit: Impact of the Recession on Budgets and Conduct: What Worked and What Didn’t: http://bit.ly/MTG617
    2010-10-28 13:31:13 UTC
  • @ThinkingFox According to Bugs Bunny, the correct term is “maroon” as in: http://youtu.be/C_Kh7nLplWo
    2010-10-28 12:46:47 UTC
  • @KevinKruse 13 yrs ago I asked myself “should I buy Apple stock at $15?” I answered “no.” What a maroon I am!
    2010-10-28 12:00:00 UTC
  • Well-deserved. Bunch more “lapel pins” going out 2day. RT @richmeyer: @pharmaguy Got my pharmaguy shirt pin. I shall wear it with pride
    2010-10-28 11:36:01 UTC
  • 1and1 still hasn’t restored my web service! Time for a change: I need 2 find new hosting svc & revamp my website. Any recommendations?
    2010-10-28 11:33:13 UTC
  • NICE ! RT @richmeyer: … a great resource to add to the enjoyment of wine : richswineblog.com #wine
    2010-10-27 19:40:15 UTC
  • @WriteWithStan Yes, if by “Low-T” you mean low technology!
    2010-10-27 18:34:02 UTC
  • SM may not help patients decide which drug is best but cn help them deal w side effect & efficacy issues. C: http://bit.ly/aF7ZzB
    2010-10-27 18:17:31 UTC
  • WOW! 1and1 still cannot get it up! Web servers that is… my business at a standstill, except 4 Twitter. 🙂
    2010-10-27 18:07:06 UTC
  • @FDALawyers But the science is the basis for a FOX TV series! How can you call it “junk”?
    2010-10-27 17:18:25 UTC
  • Top 2 uses for eReprints 4 physicians according to ReprintsDesk survey are Websites & portals; slide 5: http://goo.gl/tb94 #epharma
    2010-10-27 14:31:14 UTC
  • Negative Facial Coding Hamstrings Patient Testimonials in DTC Ads. Pharma Marketing Blog post. http://bit.ly/99SmRI
    2010-10-27 13:09:35 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing Network site – http://bit.ly/KvaMV — is experiencing technical difficulties. Don’t panic!
    2010-10-27 11:31:23 UTC
  • @SukiFuller Ha ha! Not if we don’t tell her about foursquare!
    2010-10-26 18:11:42 UTC
  • @SandyAdam Right. When you say “push,” I also think of “spam,” which a lot of peeps think is not applicable to Twitter.
    2010-10-26 18:10:15 UTC
  • @shwen I putting my house on foursquare so I finally can be the king of the castle (wifey is not so much into SM)!
    2010-10-26 18:02:13 UTC
  • My goal: To have an equal number of tweets & followers. Seems more personal that way. Gonna need a few more followers though!
    2010-10-26 17:59:48 UTC
  • Listen to my convo w Dan Hill about “facial coding” & pharma ads. What’s FOX got to do with it? http://soc.li/cgJckAc
    2010-10-26 17:31:14 UTC
  • Live convo w Dan Hill, Pres Sensory Logic, abt Emotionally Effective Marketing. Callin +1 (347) 996-5894 at 1 PM or http://bit.ly/agWSbE
    2010-10-26 16:56:04 UTC
  • A Breast Cancer Patient’s Painful, Difficult Therapy Choice: Generic vs. Brand? http://bit.ly/ajMG9P
    2010-10-26 15:39:15 UTC
  • Don’t Lie to Me! Interesting discussion 2day at 1 PM: http://bit.ly/agWSbE
    2010-10-26 14:26:09 UTC
  • LOL @shwen You mean Vertex Pharma corporate HQs is on foursquare? What kind of coupons do you offer visitors?
    2010-10-26 13:36:24 UTC
  • @KayWesley Got a link to that news?
    2010-10-26 13:34:54 UTC
  • Roche Diagnostics to discuss how meeting planners should be utilizing Social Networks to optimize exposure: http://bit.ly/MTG617
    2010-10-26 13:30:30 UTC
  • @salilkallianpur I will be publishing a series of articles on BRIC pharma market research beginning this Thursday. See http://bit.ly/cMksJD
    2010-10-26 13:13:57 UTC
  • @jfkhealth re: http://cut.gd/LoYK Not the No. 1 position the drug industry would care to crow about!
    2010-10-26 13:06:30 UTC
  • New Communication Channels & Technologies are Forcing Pharma Mkting to Evolve: Webinar http://conta.cc/doRUdz via #constantcontact
    2010-10-26 12:31:32 UTC
  • I need some inspiration today. Got any pharma news you think I should blog about?
    2010-10-26 12:25:47 UTC
  • #pgimprov A pharma mktr walks into a digital pharma conference & sees @richmeyer … u finish after reading this: http://bit.ly/dBt5n2
    2010-10-25 19:52:37 UTC
  • @richmeyer Thank you for including me on ur list of ppl to follow. http://bit.ly/cjmBqq Student nurses also like me! http://bit.ly/dodMV3
    2010-10-25 19:43:30 UTC
  • Check out the aggregate results of the ePrints Medical Marketing Survey commissioned by Reprints Desk: http://goo.gl/tb94
    2010-10-25 14:32:09 UTC
  • StarCite Webinar on New Government Regulations & Their Effect on Life Sciences. http://bit.ly/cpbl2X
    2010-10-25 14:20:45 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar Update – October 25, 2010 http://conta.cc/dytHuj via #constantcontact
    2010-10-25 13:01:32 UTC
  • @wiltonbound “off-label”, “off-color” whatever, as long as it is funny! Maybe a roast would be good. #pgimprov
    2010-10-25 12:11:45 UTC
  • @amberportercox Not so much 🙁
    2010-10-22 17:51:47 UTC
  • @amberportercox Sorry, but only a FEW “lucky” ppl get to see a full Pharmaguy™ monty! 🙂
    2010-10-22 16:46:56 UTC
  • @jonmrich Luved ur #ePatCon pecha kucha. You have to be a member of the Pharmaguy™’s Comdey Improv(e) Club: http://bit.ly/dv1Ufr
    2010-10-22 16:06:08 UTC
  • RT @KevinKruse: Gr8 @jonmrich talk, “We Hate Your Dot Com” (in pecha kucha!) at e-Patient Connections http://ow.ly/2XOMy #ePatCon
    2010-10-22 16:03:29 UTC
  • @shwen Did you get ur SM Pioneer lapel pin (http://yfrog.com/nbixrgj)? If not , please email ur address to pharmaguy@epharmapioneers.com
    2010-10-22 15:11:44 UTC
  • Complying Sunshine Act re meetings-related HC professional payment reporting. Webinar, October 25, 2010, 2 PM ET. http://bit.ly/MTG667
    2010-10-22 15:07:20 UTC
  • @mpetescia Good luck with that.
    2010-10-22 13:53:59 UTC
  • @mpetescia Pharma will always lag behind pundits because that is what defines a pundit in this space.
    2010-10-22 13:47:17 UTC
  • Meet pharma meeting planners on Nov 15 at ExL’s 6th Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners’ Summit in NJ: http://bit.ly/MTG617
    2010-10-22 13:30:49 UTC
  • Social Media’s OK Corral: Docs vs. Patients. Pharma is arming both sides of this divide. Pharma Marketing Blog. http://bit.ly/akZjj7
    2010-10-22 13:25:50 UTC
  • Commercialization and Market Access Congress – Exclusive Opportunity: See promo code, save $400. http://conta.cc/bi7m6W
    2010-10-22 12:46:32 UTC
  • @chibbie I can tell u r not a marketer, which is OK by me. Realize, however, I am speaking a marketer might. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 12:15:37 UTC
  • @andrewspong There’s nothing wrong w being European, but in US it’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” 🙂 #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 12:13:37 UTC
  • @Colleen_Young 140 chars fails to allow elaboration. Stay turned to my blog post abt pat-doc SM conflict in a few minutes. #hcsmca #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 12:12:40 UTC
  • @WriteWithStan OK, maybe it’s a bit one-sided, but at least I am making the effort, which sometimes leads to real convo.
    2010-10-22 12:11:42 UTC
  • @gfry I agree with you & the issue of hired POLs needs to be further discussed. #hcsmeu #digpharm
    2010-10-22 12:08:10 UTC
  • @andrewspong You r an idealist, I think. At least in the U.S. money talks, everybody else walks. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 12:06:50 UTC
  • @laikas See “Some Social Media Patient Opinion Leaders Want to be Paid Pharma Professionals” http://bit.ly/9rivTZ #hcsmeu #digpharm
    2010-10-22 12:05:36 UTC
  • @andrewspong If I get paid, my voice is more equal than yours because I have ability to dominate the discussion! #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 12:03:33 UTC
  • @FrancisNamouk Transparency doesn’t solve all probs re paying docs or pats to be opinion leaders/consultants. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 12:01:50 UTC
  • @drpenzesjanos But POLs will be the new marketing via SM. Semantics again, I admit. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:59:25 UTC
  • @chibbie re: stakeholder connex: I foresee conflict between pats & physicians online. #hcsmca #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:58:25 UTC
  • @whydotpharma The pats I heard frm wanted to be hired FULL TIME as well. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:57:13 UTC
  • @Colleen_Young But moderators here at #hcsmeu are also opinion leaders! And I am happy they are, BTW 🙂
    2010-10-22 11:56:33 UTC
  • @Zorg20 It’s my experience that pat leaders WANT to be paid. Heard that at #digpharm direct frm pat mouths. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:55:16 UTC
  • @andrewspong Aha! If pats r paid to direct others to “key” info, who defines “key”? #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:54:04 UTC
  • @Zorg20 U can get pat perspectives w/o paying them by “mining” discussions. I’m talking about paid patient consultants aka KOLs. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:52:24 UTC
  • @andrewspong There will ALWAYS be mkting. It will constantly be re-invented however in a new guise. We r witnessing transform now. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:49:28 UTC
  • @andrewspong You just killed my whole business model! 🙁 #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:45:09 UTC
  • @kgapo I know. That’s why Twitter is faulty as SM. Not enough characters for real characters/ppl. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:42:50 UTC
  • @MaverickNY Keep in mind that SM is all about real people hving discussions – therefore, we hv to recognize real ppl/pioneers #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:39:54 UTC
  • @kgapo Thanks, but my spelling no so good – “Trial and Errorists” #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:38:35 UTC
  • @kgapo OK, my next SM award goes to “trail and errorists”, #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:36:59 UTC
  • @thibaudguymard It all really does come down to semantics, as the French like to say. 🙂 #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:35:38 UTC
  • @chibbie Sounds like u r in a bad mood today… 🙂 #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:34:33 UTC
  • @kgapo You mean #hcsmeu can’t handle big discussions?
    2010-10-22 11:32:16 UTC
  • @whydotpharma Whoa! Mass mkting obituary not yet ready to be published on FB. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:30:37 UTC
  • @whydotpharma Yes, if you r talking about SM gurus, we need to define what a guru is. Personally, I think “pioneer” is better term. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:29:04 UTC
  • @gaborgy In that case, ALL marketing is faulty because it can’t rely solely on ROE. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:26:30 UTC
  • @whydotpharma Ha Ha! good one! But there’s only 1 shirt — but many Lapel Pins! http://yfrog.com/nbixrgj #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:25:16 UTC
  • @kgapo Twitter is also “faulty” in that it allows only 140 characters and that is not enough for pharma or anybody else to get … #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:23:16 UTC
  • @drpenzesjanos “gurus” — another term needing definition. #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:20:59 UTC
  • @andrewspong All can listen to my pre #digpharm convo with @dsearls here: http://bit.ly/cQRT3A #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:19:52 UTC
  • @Lodewijkjes Define “faulty SM”? You mean FB? 🙂 #hcsmeu
    2010-10-22 11:16:23 UTC
  • @pharmagossip Hv u noticed that it’s mostly you and I who are engaging w pharma online?
    2010-10-22 11:15:01 UTC
  • I notice that many pharma SM pundits advise pharma to hv open discussions via SM but few pundits actually engage with pharma this way.
    2010-10-22 10:42:16 UTC
  • I’m having a convo with Tony Jewel (@AstraZenecaUS) via comments to AZ Health Connections blog: http://bit.ly/99ruYI
    2010-10-22 10:39:17 UTC
  • @meducate We’ll have a Pharma Improv(e) meetup at the next big conference to make plans.
    2010-10-21 21:40:42 UTC
  • @buckshappening Ha! Having been a blogger for 5-6 years, I should be able to handle some heckling!
    2010-10-21 21:39:03 UTC
  • @buckshappening What we need is ComedyClubCamp. Maybe my Pharmaguy™ Comedy Improv(e) troupe can get a gig at Poco’s?
    2010-10-21 20:47:27 UTC
  • @Alex__Butler Well, I tried to anticipate every scenario! #hcsmeu
    2010-10-21 20:44:38 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills Thanks.
    2010-10-21 20:34:53 UTC
  • @agbond Yeah, new Twitter sucks.com! #newtwitter
    2010-10-21 20:34:07 UTC
  • FDA should release it’s 1st round SM guidance on Oct 31 if will scare pharma, but on Dec 25 if it’s a present a present 4 pharma. #fdasm
    2010-10-21 20:33:30 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills The FDA image you are using (http://bit.ly/9xj1xX ) is from Pharma Marketing News: http://bit.ly/eN7E
    2010-10-21 20:24:21 UTC
  • Most docs don’t know how much $ they r making from pharma says ProPublica.org! Huh?
    2010-10-21 19:19:02 UTC
  • Listening to Dollars for Docs Conference Call. Quite a nice compilation of pharma payments 2 docs. See http://bit.ly/cmQSAE
    2010-10-21 19:15:30 UTC
  • @Ambiesue I tried 2 play role of pharma brand mgr at #digpharm & ask tough $ Qs but epatients dominated convo at “unconference.”
    2010-10-21 18:37:28 UTC
  • @rohal Ah, “relevant other” (RO) = wife. My biggest laundry prob is RO not able 2 distinguish my socks frm son’s. Shirts r no prob.
    2010-10-21 18:30:46 UTC
  • @rohal Whoa! Too much Twitterspeak! Can you rephrase that?
    2010-10-21 17:47:11 UTC
  • @wiltonbound You are a funny guy! I think u, me, and Jason Youner should team up for some Pharma Standup Comedy. #digpharm
    2010-10-21 15:21:51 UTC
  • Will UGC frm “Community Opinion Leaders” on phys SM sites replace peer-reviewed journals? DocCheck survey results: http://bit.ly/bOo9AM
    2010-10-21 15:18:34 UTC
  • @swoodruff Still need friends like you!
    2010-10-21 15:16:33 UTC
  • How to Capture & Report on HCP Spend to be compliant with Sunshine Act. Free Webinar, October 25, 2010, 2 PM ET. http://bit.ly/MTG667
    2010-10-21 15:05:27 UTC
  • @richmeyer I’m shaving my mustachio right now before Tea Party – ie, US Taliban – candidates spread that law to PA!
    2010-10-21 15:05:05 UTC
  • @lenstarnes Gr8 to see u too! Hope u enjoy ur new athletic shoes! #digpharm
    2010-10-21 15:03:15 UTC
  • @swoodruff Thanks for on-site photo documentation of my SM award presentation to @Alex__Butler. Who needs a publicist these days? #DigPharm
    2010-10-21 15:01:52 UTC
  • @gfry Unfortunately, I am not using WordPress, but I know that @SM_Intern uses it. See here: http://bit.ly/cvxvQF
    2010-10-21 15:00:52 UTC
  • not many docs in Germany using Twitter. DocCheck survey. call 1 (347) 996-5894 to listen to my live podcast.
    2010-10-21 14:40:47 UTC
  • Join me LIVE on my DocCheck Survey of Social Media Use by Phys show on #BlogTalkRadio at http://tobtr.com/s/1326012 or call 1 (347) 996-5894
    2010-10-21 14:35:31 UTC
  • Panel at Oct 25 Sampling Strategies Conf: The Future of Alternative Sampling is Now: Trends, Strategies and Challenges. http://bit.ly/aX8SG2
    2010-10-21 14:02:02 UTC
  • @Comprendia Unfortunately, I am under Google’s thumb and use blogger. WordPress seems too “techie” for me.
    2010-10-21 13:57:09 UTC
  • OMG! All the “Buy Viagra” spam blog comments I receive for moderation is making me consider abandoning blogging! Need a comment spam filter!
    2010-10-21 13:50:42 UTC
  • Join my BTR convo w DocCheck’s Dr. Frank Antwerpes 10:30 US ET 2day re physician use of SM survey results: http://bit.ly/bOo9AM #hcsmeu
    2010-10-21 12:34:29 UTC
  • PMN is a media partner for ExL’s 6th Multi-Channel Sampling Strategies Conference on Oct 25 in Philadelphia. http://bit.ly/aX8SG2
    2010-10-21 12:30:14 UTC
  • @rohal Suggestions 4 proper care of PGSMA Hawaiian shirt added at end of post here: http://bit.ly/btqK8X #hcsmeu
    2010-10-21 11:04:13 UTC
  • @richmeyer Perhaps, but what price is too high for ability to use coolest personal technology on Earth?
    2010-10-20 20:44:18 UTC
  • GOT to have the new MacBook Air!
    2010-10-20 20:37:12 UTC
  • @GaryMonk Yes, only 100 PGSMP lapel pins have been minted! Email pharmaguy@epharmapioneers.com where to send yours. #DigPharm
    2010-10-20 20:26:37 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills Hmmm… is there an off-the-shoulder Masters’ green jacket?
    2010-10-20 20:22:18 UTC
  • @Digitas_Health Nominate someone to receive the PGSMP Lapel Pin here: http://bit.ly/aFKcmc
    2010-10-20 20:20:29 UTC
  • If you think you deserve a Pharmaguy™ Social Media Pioneer Lapel Pin (http://yfrog.com/nbixrgj) send a stamped, self addressed env to…
    2010-10-20 20:10:02 UTC
  • @sarahmclellanny Yellow is even a better color than green to capture ppl’s attention? Wow am I a marketer or what?
    2010-10-20 20:07:53 UTC
  • Just wrote a Sidewiki entry on “AstraZeneca And Doctor Speakers Programs – AZ Health Connections” http://bit.ly/aoKAUP
    2010-10-20 20:06:05 UTC
  • PHARMA Co Patient Opinion Leader Programs. Inspired by AZ Health Connections. http://bit.ly/bhZ1wd #digpharm #hcsm, #socpahrm
    2010-10-20 20:03:26 UTC
  • It may not be everyone’s choice of colour, but it is certainly noticeable, which is precisely why it was introduced in the first place.
    2010-10-20 19:29:07 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills NO ALTERING Hawaiian shirt! Would Woods or Mickleson alter the green jacket? #digpharm
    2010-10-20 19:28:47 UTC
  • @amyjdean The new era #digpharm seems to be ushering in is the era of the paid patient opinion leader 2 replace physician KOL.
    2010-10-20 19:16:56 UTC
  • Pharmaguy™’s Hawaiian shirt is the Master’s green jacket of SocPharm! Enopy it for 1 yr @Alex__Butler! http://bit.ly/btqK8X #digpharm #hcsmeu
    2010-10-20 19:06:15 UTC
  • E-Sampling — Responding to the Dramatic Shifts in Prescriber’s Preference for Online Resources at Oct 25 conf: http://bit.ly/aX8SG2
    2010-10-20 17:30:38 UTC
  • Oct 25 Panel: Preparing 4 Sampling Practices Transparency & Compliance on a Federal and State-Wide Level: http://bit.ly/aX8SG2
    2010-10-20 15:30:22 UTC
  • Takeda will speak on evaluating the differences between educational & promotional continuing medical education: http://bit.ly/MTG617
    2010-10-20 13:30:18 UTC
  • Webinar, Thurs, Oct 28: Marketing Globally, Locally and Regionally in a Regulatory Environment http://conta.cc/9CQGw4
    2010-10-20 12:45:49 UTC
  • @PeteDTweets COL v KOL: it’s just a trend I see as pharma moves away from phys consultants to consumer consultants in this new SM age! #hcsm
    2010-10-20 10:42:53 UTC
  • @JNJComm Maybe I can visit New Brunswick HQ soon& catchup with what J&J is doing viz-a-viz SM. Will bring a few #PGSMA lapel pins!
    2010-10-20 10:39:25 UTC
  • I am going to McGillins Olde Ale House on Drury Street at about 7 pm with @Alex__Butler etc. #digpharm
    2010-10-19 21:44:03 UTC
  • @Jeff_Greene Cart b4 horse: PHARMA is afraid of SM because AE reporting (FTE-wise) is a big deal. #digpharm
    2010-10-19 21:33:59 UTC
  • @missuspaterson COL = Consumer Opinion Leader. #digpharm
    2010-10-19 21:02:57 UTC
  • Ppl on SM act more like HS students than like ppl at cocktail parties. U just can’t listen then join discussion. #digpharm
    2010-10-19 19:56:22 UTC
  • @jnjcomm I have an official Pharmaguy™ SM Pioneer lapel pin 4 u that I hope u can wear with pride!
    2010-10-19 19:49:54 UTC
  • COLs r replacing KOLs at pharma $ trough? #digpharm
    2010-10-19 19:40:35 UTC
  • Where is @alex__butler? Let’s meet at pixels & pills for video interview. #digpharm
    2010-10-19 18:39:06 UTC
  • RT @ChristianeTrue Pfizer leads in terms of sheer followers, according to @whydotpharma. #digpharm probably mostly employees
    2010-10-19 18:10:39 UTC
  • Empower charts re SM brand discussions look interesting, but impossible 2 read. TMI! Is this what Mktrs have 2 wade through? #digpharm
    2010-10-19 18:01:26 UTC
  • @steinerm If I help u get more followers can I get a copy of ur white paper about future of PHARMA & effect on execs? #digpharm
    2010-10-19 17:53:36 UTC
  • @Ambiesue Thanks. Visit Pharma Marketing Blog tomorrow for a followup to my Pharma SM Pioneer Award “unceremony” at #digpharm
    2010-10-19 17:49:18 UTC
  • @pharmagossip who’s your mole here at #digpharm?
    2010-10-19 17:33:43 UTC
  • WHO is @AZHelps A real person or just an automaton? http://bit.ly/9JkwZy
    2010-10-19 16:04:04 UTC
  • Vermont Asst AG on recently passed VT law re Disclosure & Reporting Process for All Rx Samples Disseminated in Vermont: http://bit.ly/aX8SG2
    2010-10-19 15:30:45 UTC
  • @impactiviti Where’s @nalts? #digpharm
    2010-10-19 15:07:46 UTC
  • We’re going to struggle to apply Searls vision to today’s world of PHARMA marketing. #digpharm
    2010-10-19 13:56:39 UTC
  • @Digitas_Health only one e in Searls. #digpharm
    2010-10-19 13:53:44 UTC
  • Retweet of Christiane Truelove (ChristianeTrue)
    @dsearls Free market = your choice of captor. #digpharm
    2010-10-19 13:52:22 UTC
  • I bet NOBODY has read Cluetrain Manifesto from beginning to end. Same w Bible! #digpharm
    2010-10-19 13:45:48 UTC
  • What exactly is Talmage thinking about when he’s talking about “competitive mischief” in SM channels? #digpharm
    2010-10-19 13:28:25 UTC
  • @Alex__Butler r u here at #digpharm?
    2010-10-19 13:26:45 UTC
  • If you r a pharma SM Pioneer at #digpharm, come see me & get ur Pharmaguy™ SM Pioneer lapel pin.
    2010-10-19 13:10:51 UTC
  • @Berci great to meet you today at #digpharm
    2010-10-19 13:08:16 UTC
  • No stinkin’ power strip needed 4 my iPad! RT @ChristianeTrue @pharmaguy and I are here at #digpharm. And I have an extra power strip.
    2010-10-19 11:57:43 UTC
  • I am planning a “costume malfunction” during lunch 2day at #digpharm with help from @sarahmclellanny
    2010-10-19 11:55:09 UTC
  • RT @charlesornstein: ProPublica has built an amazing user interface for Dollars for Docs: http://bit.ly/cmQSAE #digpharm #ccckeystone
    2010-10-19 11:41:09 UTC
  • How’d I miss you at #pharmup?
    2010-10-19 01:33:46 UTC
  • @philbaumann What about me? Great to see you at #digpharm
    2010-10-19 01:33:08 UTC
  • @ambremorley Hello, Ambre! Nice to hear from you again. As for my phone, I’m waiting for iPhone from Verizon.
    2010-10-18 20:32:21 UTC
  • Allergan to pay $350 million fine, but gets BOTOX approved for Migraine, worth $1Bn per yr. U do the math! http://bit.ly/bEh1cI
    2010-10-18 20:18:16 UTC
  • My Verizon DROID 2 phone is blinking — haven’t got a clue what it means. Hate this thing!
    2010-10-18 20:14:56 UTC
  • @wiltonbound I will be at #pharmup tonight!
    2010-10-18 20:12:07 UTC
  • PMN is a media partner for ExL’s 6th Multi-Channel Sampling Strategies Conference on Oct 25 in Philadelphia. http://bit.ly/aX8SG2
    2010-10-18 15:30:38 UTC
  • You shouldn’t miss this: The Hawaiian Shirt Off Pharmaguy™’s Back! http://bit.ly/dyEWOy #digpharm #fdasm #hcsmeu
    2010-10-18 15:10:44 UTC
  • Some Social Media Patient Opinion Leaders Want to be Paid Pharma Professionals. Do you? http://bit.ly/9rivTZ #mcpm #fdasm #hcsm
    2010-10-18 13:46:36 UTC
  • Hear from Novartis on interpreting the Sunshine Act and the impact on physician meeting conduct & spend: http://bit.ly/MTG617
    2010-10-18 13:30:37 UTC
  • @sarahmclellanny Follow me so I can DM you about my Pioneer Award “unceremony” plans 4 #digpharm on Oct 19
    2010-10-16 13:13:09 UTC
  • Retweet of Shwen Gwee (shwen)
    #plan PharmUp @ Digital Pharma East (Hyatt at the Bellevue) Mon, Oct 18, 2010 http://planca.st/EUk
    2010-10-16 12:18:29 UTC
  • @PJ_medigital Glad you saw it & liked it! I’ll give you a version u can upload or print 4 ur own use.
    2010-10-15 21:51:18 UTC
  • DigitalPharma: Digital Pharma East starts Monday! Get a 15% discount with code. Details here: http://bit.ly/bSlFPX
    2010-10-15 20:33:09 UTC
  • @amblass Nice meeting you yesterday. I assume ALL pharmacos are “hip” to ALL regs. I wasn’t sure about bloggers though.
    2010-10-15 17:44:33 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing News: Issue 9.8, Part 2 — October, 2010 is available. http://conta.cc/cVkG1C
    2010-10-15 17:31:15 UTC
  • @pharma411 I have contacted Bill Drummy for the source of the pharma sales rep time-spent data I tweeted about yesterday. #mcpm
    2010-10-15 14:10:56 UTC
  • Just received 100 Pharmaguy™ Social Media Pioneer lapel pins! Who will get one? http://yfrog.com/jmjeuhj
    2010-10-15 13:26:06 UTC
  • “who’s running Pfizer? Borat?” – Trombetta regarding ceding OTC market lead to J&J. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 19:11:43 UTC
  • @shelleypetersen It was about FDA’s #fdasm guidelines release process, not drug approval process. Maybe new gls around Halloween?
    2010-10-14 19:02:10 UTC
  • @pharmagossip Reps r able 2 walk and chew gum at same time … Eg, cater and detail. Or at least they used to be able!
    2010-10-14 18:52:35 UTC
  • @healthyjack Great to see you again. Hope we can meet up in Boston soon.
    2010-10-14 18:48:49 UTC
  • Pharma rep av day: 13 min detailing, 180 driving, 287 waiting. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 18:42:36 UTC
  • Retweet of healthyjack (healthyjack)
    @bradatpharma u were my best practice for pharma: be a real person on twitter at #mcpm today
    2010-10-14 18:39:23 UTC
  • @shelleypetersen What approval process r you referring to?
    2010-10-14 18:37:48 UTC
  • Trombetta says medical device reps r from Mars, drug sales reps r from Venus. But device guys r in bed w docs! #mcpm
    2010-10-14 18:35:01 UTC
  • RT @Palio_Saratoga John Mack gives us a teaser of next week’s Social Media Pioneer Awards: http://bit.ly/bXtadr #mcpm
    2010-10-14 18:25:59 UTC
  • @shelleypetersen @davidsworlduk I am just a bystander as Drummy & Onieal do all the hard work. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 18:07:57 UTC
  • Who needs an app 4 what 2 cook 4 dinner on your way home from work when u just need 2 call ur wife – if this were 1960 that is. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 18:04:05 UTC
  • @shelleypetersen @davidsworlduk I will have to post my Hippie pic to compete with it on Google.
    2010-10-14 17:59:41 UTC
  • @shelleypetersen @davidsworlduk Funny. My grandma used to say I looked like Jesus in my Hippie days when I DID have LOTS of hair!
    2010-10-14 17:54:16 UTC
  • @matthewherper Steve Jobs mind is best crowd source for consumer technology. Where’s the Steve Jobs of the PHARMA industry? #mcpm
    2010-10-14 17:43:57 UTC
  • @davidsworlduk @shelleypetersen what hair?
    2010-10-14 17:41:57 UTC
  • Will Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) become the NEW PHARMA sales reps? #mcpm
    2010-10-14 17:40:24 UTC
  • Rookies @ Risk Program by Medtera Improves Patient Adherence http://conta.cc/aakCW0
    2010-10-14 17:36:31 UTC
  • @marijnkraakman social media are conversational web sites, apps, etc. 2-way, not 1-way.
    2010-10-14 17:03:38 UTC
  • IMHO, ALL web sites should be SM sites. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 15:58:11 UTC
  • Retweet of David Harlow (healthblawg)
    RT @pharmaguy: Allison, diabetes blogger talking abt getting free stuff fr PHARMA. #FTC position on this? #mcpm | Cf > http://bit.ly/cOVPO7
    2010-10-14 15:53:46 UTC
  • Apple creates the iPod while Pfizer creates the insulin “bong” (failure). PHARMA needs to crowd source bfore launching prod. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 15:37:43 UTC
  • Allison – diabetes blogger – talking about getting free stuff from PHARMA. What’s FTC’s position on this? #mcpm
    2010-10-14 15:30:00 UTC
  • Allison thinks of Todd at Roche, not Roche after being invited to Roche SM Summit for diabetes. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 15:19:08 UTC
  • It will be interesting to compare highlights from patient panel vs physician panel, now divided by wall at #mcpm
    2010-10-14 15:16:48 UTC
  • @amblass @freemybrain are “patient self advocates.” A new label I heard today at #mcpm
    2010-10-14 15:13:56 UTC
  • Retweet of brent rose (bwrose6846)
    panelists @amblass @freemybrain visiting #mcpm
    2010-10-14 15:11:10 UTC
  • Megan Oltman, health activist of “Free my brain from migraine pain” on patient panel. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 15:10:44 UTC
  • 11of top 20 web sites are social media sites. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 15:05:16 UTC
  • The first event totally focused on the specialty market http://conta.cc/cuhElo
    2010-10-14 14:11:20 UTC
  • FDA has little-known power to put marketers in jail for off-label promotion. http://bit.ly/aCJHkN
    2010-10-14 13:54:14 UTC
  • “Thank you for contacting the Death Notices Advertising Department of the Washington Post” Premature email spam!
    2010-10-14 13:40:38 UTC
  • @richmeyer Is PHARMA doing more online cuz consumers trust online info more than DTC ads? Or vice versa? #mcpm
    2010-10-14 13:12:44 UTC
  • Why do consumers seem to trust PHARMA info/links online more than they seem to trust PHARMA overall? #mcpm
    2010-10-14 13:02:46 UTC
  • Stults says submit ur testing data to FDA with ad creative for reg advice prior to running ad. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 12:58:05 UTC
  • Retweet of Tom Hillhouse (majawat)
    DDMAC targeting verbal statements by reps, most violations in omission of risk, overstatement of efficacy. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 12:48:43 UTC
  • @pixelsandpills sure. I will find ur guy here.
    2010-10-14 12:45:41 UTC
  • Some ppl may call FDA’s “Bad Ad Program” a “Bad Ass” program! 200 complaints so far. #mcpm
    2010-10-14 12:42:08 UTC
  • DDMAC’s budget could be cut in half if DTC were eliminated. FDA vested interest? #fdasm #mcpm
    2010-10-14 12:39:14 UTC
  • Sara Stults – BMS – says “we are not used to current volume of Regulatory letters coming from FDA” #mcpm
    2010-10-14 12:33:10 UTC
  • I am chairing the multi-channel PHARMA marketing event today. Fist up: regulatory update. #fdasm #mcpm
    2010-10-14 11:45:50 UTC
  • Digital Pharma East is Almost Sold Out! Reserve your spot Today! See me there on Oct 19! http://conta.cc/cq3IWw #fdasm
    2010-10-13 14:26:17 UTC
  • Sunshine Law – How to Capture and Report on HCP Spend for Meetings. FREE Webinar/white paper. http://conta.cc/cYVQ04
    2010-10-13 12:31:30 UTC
  • @WendyBlackburn WOW! That’s one annoying Web site! A case of over-videoing!
    2010-10-13 12:21:33 UTC
  • Can some1 remind me where I can find #digipharm EU presentations online? I think they are on Slideshare?
    2010-10-13 11:46:42 UTC
  • Growing numbers of Americans with health insurance are walking away from their prescriptions: http://bit.ly/abRdEW
    2010-10-13 10:29:11 UTC
  • Pharma Marketing News: Issue 9.8, Part 1 — October, 2010 http://conta.cc/dgYhbB
    2010-10-12 17:46:21 UTC
  • @Gr8rex It’s the end of one era, but the beginning of a new one! It would be gr8 if coincidental with FDA guidelines! #fdasm
    2010-10-12 15:17:46 UTC
  • @Alex__Butler I will be giving away the Hawaiian shirt off my back at DIgitalPharma East on Oct 19.
    2010-10-12 13:01:43 UTC
  • Webinar: Using Social Media (for Marketing) in a FDA Compliant Manner. Oct 20, 2010, 2 PM Eastern US http://conta.cc/9aBCKT #fdasm
    2010-10-12 12:20:55 UTC
  • Has ur fav Rx brand been taken off market by FDA? Try “dietary supplements” 2 get the active (maybe) ingredient: http://bit.ly/d3x4D6
    2010-10-12 11:28:07 UTC
  • @pfanderson FDASM.COM is taking a long 3-day Columbus Day vacation! Looks like @skypen is too (he’s Italian 😉
    2010-10-11 19:12:56 UTC
  • @shwen You go fdasm.com! I feel I am a traitor to my Italian brethren: I and my websites are all working on Columbus day!
    2010-10-11 16:36:13 UTC
  • Pre-Emptive Medication Adherence. Is Pre-Emptive DTC Next? Pharma Marketing Blog post: http://bit.ly/bzuRoJ
    2010-10-11 15:19:51 UTC
  • Integrating Custom Media into the Marketing Mix. ADA Makes It Easy! http://conta.cc/aCA3ps
    2010-10-11 15:04:29 UTC
  • No recession ahead for gloabal pharma industry. Pharmerging Markets to Continue Strong Growth, says IMS: http://bit.ly/bTcbPP
    2010-10-11 13:57:36 UTC
  • I am looking forward 2 meeting up with @Alex__Butler at Digital Pharma East conf next week in Philly. Go Phillies! http://bit.ly/aVR0sN
    2010-10-11 13:30:38 UTC
  • @richmeyer Boehringer Ingelhein
    2010-10-08 20:48:12 UTC
  • @richmeyer What happened to ur post about BI and women’s low libido? What was the Twitter acct?
    2010-10-08 20:29:51 UTC
  • @richmeyer When insurance cos reimburse electronic communications between phys & pat, it will be irrelevant to us – we’ll be outta here!
    2010-10-08 19:56:11 UTC
  • CU lawyers forced me to black out the rating symbols on this chart: http://bit.ly/dijO9m Poor, confused consumers.
    2010-10-08 19:52:08 UTC
  • @richmeyer That would also eliminate 11% to 30% of doctors’ income, no?
    2010-10-08 19:39:29 UTC
  • The Pharmaguy™ Social Media Pioneer Lapel Pin. Who will get one? http://yfrog.com/jmjeuhj See me in Philly Oct 19 http://bit.ly/bcpR1N
    2010-10-08 18:44:24 UTC
  • Be sure to meet me ExL Pharma East Oct 19 during the Pharmaguy™ Social Media Pioneer Award “unceremony.” http://bit.ly/aVR0sN
    2010-10-08 18:06:44 UTC
  • Social Media Can’t Fix This Limitation of Disease Awareness Campaigns. http://bit.ly/bs5xwd
    2010-10-08 13:25:15 UTC
  • @boehringerus what did I think that you were sorry about??? U don’t follow me so I can’t DM you.
    2010-10-08 09:36:34 UTC
  • @jscotthypnosis If you are pharma in social media you should make friends with Pharmaguy™! ~ #fdasm Proverb #quote
    2010-10-07 17:41:04 UTC
  • I think my convo w “Doc” Searls at 2 PM will be interesting. U’ll also get 2 learn more about my past! Listen live: http://bit.ly/cQRT3A
    2010-10-07 17:21:58 UTC
  • @nalts R U going to be at Digital Pharma East on Oct 19? If so, catch me in and out of my Hawaiian shirt!
    2010-10-07 16:10:43 UTC
  • @soulflsepulcher If u hv probs seeing my tweets prior to Oct 2009, see archive here: http://bit.ly/cimdHw
    2010-10-07 16:09:11 UTC
  • Good one, Nalts! U must hv read my blog. RT @nalts: How lawyers suck the mojo from Rx advertising http://bit.ly/WhyRxMarketingSucks
    2010-10-07 16:04:54 UTC
  • @soulflsepulcher Sorry, I follow you but don’t follow you re tweets.
    2010-10-07 15:58:06 UTC
  • @WriteWithStan You mean beefcake, don’t you? As in: http://bit.ly/cdWLlb
    2010-10-07 15:30:45 UTC
  • Markets as Conversations: Can You Have a Discussion with “Psoriasis 360” on Facebook? http://bit.ly/dDbKve #fdasm #socpharm #hcsmeu
    2010-10-07 15:19:11 UTC
  • I’m losing wt & getting buffed up 2 give away this shirt off my back at Digital Pharma East on Oct 19: http://bit.ly/bcpR1N #fdasm #socpharm
    2010-10-07 14:24:06 UTC
  • @Alex__Butler re P360 FB page: remove those sidebar ads. See http://bit.ly/9DnYf3
    2010-10-07 14:10:00 UTC
  • What do u think of Psoriasis 360 FB page just launched by Janssen? http://on.fb.me/c3hn6k #fdasm #scopharm #hcsmeu
    2010-10-07 14:07:58 UTC
  • @PR_in_Pink That’s me! work 25 hours/day & don’t give a damn abt job security or adverse PR!
    2010-10-07 14:04:35 UTC
  • HealthPrize Motivates Consumers to Fill and Stay on Their Rx Meds. It’s more than just rewards. http://conta.cc/cFNLgV
    2010-10-07 13:51:33 UTC
  • Relevance of Cluetrain Manifesto 4 pharma in today’s SM world. Listen & enagage w Doc Searls 2day at 2 PM: http://bit.ly/cQRT3A #socpharm
    2010-10-07 13:15:01 UTC
  • The 10th Anniversary ePharma Summit brochure is now available. Hope to see you there! http://conta.cc/awkB3w #fdasm #socpharm #epharma
    2010-10-06 13:31:32 UTC
  • The downside of awareness campaigns. LA Times/Dr. Susan Love vs. AZ viz-a-viz nat’l breast cancer awareness month. http://bit.ly/cOJJ6b
    2010-10-05 19:02:05 UTC
  • Want to keep up with pharma conference newsfeeds, tweets, & blog posts? Visit this PMN forum area: http://bit.ly/bie2Ae
    2010-10-05 17:24:39 UTC
  • I interview Doc Searls this Thurs: http://bit.ly/cQRT3A “The Relevance of the Cluetrain Manifesto in a Social Media World”
    2010-10-05 14:58:57 UTC
  • I just updated the Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar. http://bit.ly/FKfP1 What’s missing?
    2010-10-05 14:31:21 UTC
  • @MaverickNY You call that sun? It may be up, but it’s hiding here in Philly.
    2010-10-05 12:36:47 UTC
  • Here’s an example of how the Internet and direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising empowers consumers. http://bit.ly/dijO9m
    2010-10-05 12:30:00 UTC
  • @Sellingsickness OK. Will look for #ssadam 4 tweets from “Selling Sickness” Conf
    2010-10-05 11:07:19 UTC
  • @rohal r u tweeting during “Selling Sickness” con? If so, what’s the hash tag?
    2010-10-05 10:54:13 UTC
  • @blogaceutics I like this picture better: http://bit.ly/d7LWm4 #digipharm #hcsmeu
    2010-10-04 21:03:43 UTC
  • Lilly vs. AstraZeneca on Covering the Medicare “Doughnut Hole” Gap. Who is speaking to whom? http://bit.ly/c41shX
    2010-10-04 17:42:51 UTC
  • @pharmaguapa It was just the first photo that I saw on your FB page that included both u and Sam. #hcsmeu #digipharm
    2010-10-04 16:55:02 UTC
  • @WriteWithStan Thanks for following. Sorry, Twitter won’t allow me to follow back at this time. 🙁
    2010-10-04 15:07:40 UTC
  • @CatchTheBaby When Twitter says you have 0 followers, it makes you feel small, like a baby again!
    2010-10-04 15:03:34 UTC
  • @Alliandre Hi. Glad to hear from Italy! I will be in Milan in January, presenting at http://bit.ly/96P6t9
    2010-10-04 15:02:41 UTC
  • @davidsworlduk I would attack Twitter, but it’s having an API attack right now, else I would follow you!
    2010-10-04 14:54:54 UTC
  • @DarcyKelley But Big Pharma “loves” me! At least @boehringer does… @boehringerus not so much 🙁 http://bit.ly/aKtsom
    2010-10-04 14:53:36 UTC
  • @A_Schoenmaker Thanks for confirming I have at least ONE follower!
    2010-10-04 14:50:51 UTC
  • Twitter says I have “0” followers! Is that true?
    2010-10-04 14:47:59 UTC
  • Enhance the patient-provider dialogue to achieve ROE @ #MCPME http://bit.ly/alwHLh
    2010-10-04 14:30:39 UTC
  • Pharma Brands Benefit from “Mack Attacks” Say Attendees at DigiPharma EU. http://bit.ly/aKtsom #digipharm #hcsmeu #fdasm
    2010-10-04 14:07:07 UTC
  • eFocus for pharma — Chance to win free tickets. http://conta.cc/ason9Q via #constantcontact
    2010-10-04 13:46:22 UTC