Risk Mitigation and Its Impact on Pharma Marketing: Appropriate Use Benefits After Launch

Risk management, REMS, danger management of your product's life cycle, whatever you call it, all are crucial to brand managers and marketing executives. This article summarizes Fetterman's ideas about how to develop a REMS that can be a win-win-win situation for you, your product, and the patient.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 8, #8

Welcome to the September 2009 issue of Pharma Marketing News.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 8, #8

Welcome to the September 2009 issue of Pharma Marketing News.

What If There Were No Rules in Pharma Marketing?

What If There Were No Rules in Pharma Marketing? There's no FDA, no DDMAC, no FTC. Your company guidelines and rules don't exist and your regulatory and legal teams have been disbanded. It's a free-for-all and there are no rules. The question is: what would you do?

Pharma-Sponsored Medical Ghostwriting

Pharma Marketing News surveyed readers to determine if medical journal articles sponsored and ghostwritten by drug companies are a legitimate part of marketing to physicians and to get opinions on various other issues raised in the press about ghostwriting.

Pharmaguy’s Twitter Followers

No matter what people say, your Twitter strategy must include building a large and qualified Twitter following. This article summarizes the findings of a survey of over 400 of @pharmaguy's followers. The results will give you a better idea why people who are interested in the pharmaceutical industry use Twitter and what they expect to get out of it.

Owning the Prescription Pad: Driving Brand Decisions in a Multi-Influence World

The security of a controlled environment for pharma marketing communication is giving way to the complexities of a dynamic environment with more empowered players, including patients who have more influence than ever before over which products make it to market and which are prescribed. Brand managers need to observe, gauge and seek to influence those influencers. Therefore, we need a new model that helps us make sense of a complex world of communications. This article presents such a model developed by TNS Healthcare, A Kantar Health Company.

Social Communications in Healthcare: Summary of Roundtable Discussions

An excellent gauge of the state of social communications in healthcare may be had from summaries of the roundtable discussions at the Social Communications in Healthcare conference hosted by the Business Development Institute in NYC on July 23, 2009. This article provides several summaries written by the roundtable discussion leaders themselves.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 8, #7

Welcome to the August 2009 issue of Pharma Marketing News.

Waning Pharma Support of CME: The Plight of For-Profit MECCs

Recent headlines pulled from traditional media as well as from the blogo-sphere paint a bleak picture of the future of commercial support for continuing medical education (CME). Is the pharmaceutical industry getting out of the business of supporting CME? This article summaries Congressional testimony, ACCME data, and results of a reader survey on this topic.
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