Owning the Prescription Pad Driving Brand Decisions in a Multi-Influence World

RX Pad InfluencersThe security of a controlled environment for pharma marketing communication is giving way to the complexities of a dynamic environment with more empowered players, including patients who have more influence than ever before over which products make it to market and which are prescribed.

“Brands face dynamic environments with many influencers,” said Jonathan Kay,Global Practice Head, Brand and Communications at TNS Healthcare, A Kantar Health Company. “Brand managers need to observe, gauge and seek to influence those influencers. Therefore, we need a new model that helps us make sense of a complex world of communications.”This article summarizes that model as presented at a recent TNS/Sudler & Hennessey webinar.

Topic headings include:

  • Rethinking Communications in the Digital Age
  • World of Influence 3.0
  • Identifying the Influence Drivers
  • Diversity and Complexity of Influencers
  • The Influencers That Matter Most to Physicians
  • The Power of Peer Influence
  • The Influence of Sales Representatives
  • Social Media: Increasing Access to Information
  • Mapping the Health Influence Ecosystem
  • Online Social Networks Add to the Complexity
  • Who or What Drives the Prescription?
  • Health Influence Ecosystem Map

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 7: August 2009
Word Count: 4455

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