Online e-Patient & Celebrity Patient Video Testimonials: Anecdotal Experience Marketing

This article asks the question: Can anecdotal 'evidence'/experiences mentioned in patient videos -- even unbranded videos -- cause unnecessary visits to the doctor's office and over prescribing of drugs with serious side effects?

More FDA Guidance on Distribution of Reprints: Presenting “New Risk Information” About Drugs

This reviews FDA's recommendations for distributing reprints that convey 'new risk information' for approved drugs.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 13, No. 7: August 2014

Welcome to Volume 13, Issue #7 (AUGUST 2014) of Pharma Marketing News.

Patient Activists Demand Higher Quality Mobile Health Apps: Pharma Must Listen, Respond, and Optimize!

Sooner or later Congress, perhaps urged on by patient advocates or some mhealth app adverse event, may investigate the mobile health app industry -- including the drug industry -- to see if further oversight, not just FDA regulations, is required. Before that happens and to ensure that mobile health apps developed by pharma are of the highest quality, the industry should differentiate itself from "wild west" developers by being pro-active in developing and abiding by a set of 'Guiding Principles for Mobile Health Apps.'

Patient Storytelling Marketing: Creativity vs. Truth in Pharma Advertising

These days, patient storytelling is all the rage. More often than not, however, patient stories told by pharma marketers are not 'providing truth' in the sense that they are real patient stories.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 13, No. 6: June 2014

Welcome to Volume 13, Issue #6 (June 2014) of Pharma Marketing News.

PMN1306-01Issue: Vol. 13, No. 6: June 2014Find other articles in related Topic Areas: eMarketing and ePromotionDirect-to-Consumer (DTC) Advertising & MarketingRegulatory Compliance

FDA Sets Up a Roadblock for Branded Rx Promotional Tweets: Are There Any Useful...

This article reviews the FDA's guidance on how pharma marketers must present both benefit and risk information within a

FDA Opens Window for Pharma to Correct Misinformation Online: Wikipedia is at the Top...

This article reviews the FDA's guidance on how pharmaceutical companies can respond to misinformation related to a firm's own FDA-approved or -cleared products when that information is created or disseminated by independent third parties on the Internet or through social media, regardless of whether that misinformation appears on a firm's own forum or an independent third-party forum or website.

How to Host a Successful Pharma TweetChat: Tips from Boehringer Ingelheim

This article reviews BI's 'playbook' -- titled 'How pharma TweetChats can drive healthcare innovation' -- which provides detailed insights for planning and delivering successful pharma TweetChats. The authors of the playbook -- Patricia Alves, Social Media Community Manager, and Jaclyn Fonteyne, Social Media Specialist, at BI -- were also interviewed for this article.
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