Leveraging Multi-Channel Infographics for Patient Support: #DareTo Say SUDEP Case Study

In this article, Maureen Winigrad and John Griffith, principals at Centric Infographics, present the latest access data for two infographics campaigns spoonsored by the Epilepsy Foundation and Lunbeck Pharmaceuticals.

The Mobile Health Library™: Apps for Rx Adherence & Outcomes Support

Rob Dhoble, CEO of Adherent Health, is interviewed about his company's Mobile Health Library (MHL) mHealth platform, which is built specifically for the education and support of patients and caregivers. MHL offers many features for creating cost-effective mobile apps for Rx brand adherence and outcomes support.

Pharma Marketing Buzzwords: The Good, the Bad, & the Just Plain Useless!

All the negative buzz about pharma buzzwords inspired the creation of the Pharma Marketing Buzzword Bingo Card (shown here) and the Pharma Marketing News 'Pharma Buzzword Survey,' which asked respondents to grade a list of buzzwords commonly heard at conferences and marketing meetings within pharmaceutical companies. This article summarizes the results of that survey.

PharmaPhobia & What to Do About It: Tom Stossel Attempts to Debunk the Conflict-of-Interest...

Will Tom Stossel's new book title PHARMAPHOBIA, which ends with a section on 'What is to be done,' turn the tide as he hopes it will? This article reviews some of Stossel's main arguments. You be the judge.

The Patients Included Initiative & Pharma: Pharma Should Offer Continuing Patient Education Grants

One of the guidelines of the Patients Included charter requires scholarships for patient to attend medical and pharma industry conferences. But who will pay the way for patients to attend and how will the scholarships be administered? This article discusses that issue and suggests that the pharmaceutical industry, which claims to be 'patient centric,' can play a role by sponsoring Patients Included scholarships similar to how they sponsor physician continuing medical education programs for physicians.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 14, No. 4: May 2015

Welcome to Vol. 14, Issue No. 4 (MAY 2015) of Pharma Marketing News. Pharma's image is the theme of this issue. Marketing buzzwords, critics claim, erode patient and healthcare professional trust. Pharma phobia is aided and abetted by the conflict-of-interest movement. And patients are demanding to have access inside the tent of health conferences--including pharma marketing conferences--that claim to represent patient interests but do not have patients included.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 14, No. 3: April 2015

Welcome to Vol. 14, Issue No. 3 (APRIL 2015) of Pharma Marketing News. Patient centricity, direct-to-consumer advertising, and key opinion leaders are the focus of this issue. All are related in the sense that each area has seen major changes & shifts in thinking with more to come.

The Debut of the Chief Patient Officer: Is It Just a Passing Fad or...

This article summarizes the roles of Chief Patient Officers in bringing the patient perspective into their company's work. Sanofi is used as a case study.

DTC Ad Spending Rises From the Grave: Pfizer Leads the Ghoulish Pack

This article presents the data and discusses Pfizer's leading role in the DTC ad resurgence, especially in regard to TV advertising, which accounts for almost 70% of all DTC advertising dollars.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 14, No. 2: February 2015

Welcome to Vol. 14, Issue No. 2 (FEBRUARY 2015) of Pharma Marketing News. The FDA is a hot topic in this issue. Specifically, it's new thinking on presenting risk information in direct-to-consumer print ads. Are the new guidelines relevant for online advertising?
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