3 Ways Video Keeps Reps and HCPs Connected and Engaged


Fast-tracking digital communication is now the new normal across many industries. The healthcare industry is no exception, and for pharma sales reps engaging with healthcare professionals, human connection is key. But today, communication between your reps and HCPs may be limited, or even embargoed altogether.

Yet there are still a number of opportunities for engagement, and using video is one that offers various ways to maintain these connections. The video creation ideas below can be immediately executed and could potentially make a huge difference for your sales team and between your reps and HCPs. When direct communications isn’t possible, video has the power to keep the human connection active within the team and with the HCP community at large. Let’s dive into three ways video can be used to bring you closer to HCPs.

  1. Provide Team Video Updates

This is a great option for managers to easily and quickly create video updates that can be viewed at the rep’s convenience (rather than having to schedule a real-time video or phone conference call). Seeing your manager will help maintain the human connection while you’re isolated.*

  1. Thank HCPs on the Front Line

We all need to take a moment to extend our gratitude to the frontline staff. Give your staff, reps, and other KOLs the chance to create personalized videos to thank local HCPs, nurses, and others on the front line of the coronavirus crisis. They are risking their lives and those of their families to keep others safe. These videos can be shared with individuals via email, or posted on the intranet or social media for greater visibility, if appropriate.

  1. Sales Rep Support, Coaching, and Coping-Tips

Having the ability to allow reps and managers to share best practices is crucial, and video platforms like ours can keep this connection strong. Using a modified version of our platform, reps could share ideas on how to cope, and managers could coach on how to navigate through these trying times.

Re-Engaging Directly with HCPs

As we navigate out of the immediate COVID crisis, some in-person meetings might be possible, but are still limited. Some of the ways that Pharma companies have been using video to bridge the gap in the service of the Rep/HCP conversation include:

  • HCP Peer-to-Peer Thought Leadership

HCPs create peer-to-peer videos that sales reps share as part of their eDetailing content.

  • HCP Patient Education

HCPs create patient education videos that reps can then share.

  • Personalized Videos from Reps to HCPs

Reps create short (1-5 minutes) personalized videos to share with HCPs, as appropriate. This allows HCPs to watch at their convenience, and the rep still gets “face time” with the HCP, even if they can’t be there in person.

We’ve also seen the video platform used by medical device, pharma companies, and KOLs to:

  • Share best practices and launch new sales methodologies
  • Help teams remain mentally positive in these challenging times
  • Address new drug indications and concerns

Videos can be used in many other ways to stay connected and platforms like Storyvine can create higher levels of engagement.

 The Power to Scale

While the use of video is attractive and potentially powerful, the ability to scale video production across an organization remains a daunting challenge without the help of automated platforms such as Storyvine. Here’s how the technology helps:

  1. Structured storytelling. Guided Video templates lead users to answer specific, but open-ended questions. This means participants don’t have to be expert storytellers, they just have to follow the prompts in their own words, and a story is stitched together in minutes. This is especially helpful with healthcare-focused videos since these narrative guardrails improve the quality and consistency of the videos, which regulatory teams expect.
  2.  Capture any story, at any time, from any location as long as the participant has a smartphone. For the heavily-regulated healthcare industry, these platforms help maintain compliance with built-in processes and tools to ensure proper permissions are granted at each stage. Once a video has been approved and compliant, it is ready to share.

The Bottom Line

Experiment with video and see what works best for your organization. Compelling video stories will drive human connection. And when you create the kind of video that works, make more!


*Storyvine has released a free Video Update template that can be used to explore this idea with your team. Visit www.storyvine.com for more information.