Pharma Paid Celebrity Best Practices Should Pharma Disclose Payments to Celebrity Spokespeople?
Celebrity Survey HeaderPharma marketers in the U.S. sometimes use celebrities as spokespeople for their branded drugs or for non-branded campaigns. Such celebrities include TV personalities, athletes, movie stars and others who have thousands or millions of fans, Twitter followers, etc.

Given the power of of celebrities to influence people, should pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies disclose the details of payments made to celebrities like like they are required to do for physician payments?

Survey Results
That’s just one of the questions Pharma Marketing News asked in its “Use of Paid Celebrity Speokespeople” survey. The survey specifically asked respondents to indicate how strongly they agreed or disagreed with the following statements regarding the use celebrities as pharma-paid spokespeople.:

  • Celebrities should NOT be paid to promote branded drugs.
  • It’s OK to pay celebrities to participate in unbranded disease awareness campaigns.
  • Celebrity spokespeople provide a good return on marketing investment (ie, increase sales) for certain Rx drugs.
  • Each pharmaceutical company should be required by law to publicly disclose how much money it pays every celebrity for being a spokesperson.

The results are summarized in the full text version of this article.

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Issue: Vol. 11, No. 8: September 2012

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