The Next FDA Commissioner Will Be… Industry Pundits Think It’s a Shoe-In. Do You?
FDA Commish ContendersIt’s official! Margaret (Peggy) Hamburg, MD, will step down as the commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this March. She has been on the job since March, 2009.

Since her announcement, there has been much praise and criticism of Hamburg’s job.

Hamburg wasn’t on anybody’s radar when Pharma Marketing News surveyed readers about who the next FDA Commissioner would be back in the fall of 2008. This time, there is only ONE person on the radar of most industry pundits: Robert Califf, M.D., Professor of Cardiology at the Duke University School of Medicine.

In a new survey, Pharma Marketing News asks your opinion about who should be the next FDA commissioner. The survey has been seeded with the candidates mentioned in this article. You can choose one of these or enter your own choice.

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  • Praise & Criticism
  • Who’s on the Industry Pundit Radar?
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Issue: Vol. 14, No. 2: February 2015

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