The 3 D’s of Pharma Digital Marketing Discover, Design, Deliver
Pharma 3DAccording to McKinsey research, companies with advanced digital capabilities grow revenues twice as fast as peers and deliver 25% greater total returns to shareholders annually. According to the authors of a new e-book, “today’s commercial mix should reflect the fact that people are now viewing digital channels close to 50% of the time, and, even more importantly, that those people seek real engagement in regards to their care.

This article is a review of the e-book entitled Pharma 3D: Rewriting the script for marketing in the digital age. The book notes that while the world has experienced an “explosion of health-oriented digital activity,” there has been a simultaneous decline in pharma growth. The authors hope that most leaders of pharmaceutical companies can find new insights and approaches in their book.

Topics (partial list):

  • Pharma’s Digital Quotient
  • Out-of-Sync Pharma Marketing?
  • Be More Engaging
  • Think in 3D
  • Test and Learn

Download the full article (PDF file) here:

Podcast Interview: Pharma 3D – A Script for Marketing in the Digital Age

Issue: Vol. 15, No. 3: June 2016

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