The Pharma Digital Health Accelerator Club Companies Leading the Way Implementing Disruptive Innovations
According to Fard Johnmar, founder and president of Enspektos, pharmaceutical executives are flooded with digital health opportunities and executives and leaders at these firms are having trouble triaging these innovations to determine which ones will meet key organizational, business and health goals.

Nevertheless, many drug and device companies are establishing internal innovation groups that are responsible for locating, developing and supporting the integration of digital health technologies into their operations. These companies are form an exclusive “Pharma Digital Health Accelerator Club.”

This article features several examples of what the pharmaceutical industry is doing to implement disruptive digital innovations that help them manage clinical trials, improve their products, and support healthcare professionals and patients.

Contents (partial list):

  • Opportunities & Obstacles for Pharma’s Use of IoT
  • Novo Nordisk Develops Remote Digital Glucose Monitoring Tools
  • Top Pharma Companies Establish HCP Technology Standards
  • Apple Tightens Health App Rules
  • JNJ Innovation Aim: Develop Breakthrough Medical Devices
  • Takeda Awards $35K to Digital Startup App for Depression
  • JNJ Expands Membership in Digital Innovation Club
  • Takeda Joins Pharma Digital Innovation Club
  • Important Digital Health Incubators in Europe
  • GSK & MIT Test Flumoji – An App That May Provide RWE
  • Pfizer Shuns “Next Shiny Thing” When Developing mHealth Apps
  • The Potential of Apple’s ResearchKit in Clinical Trials
  • Google & GSK Team Up to Launch “Bioelectronics Medicine”

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